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Our First Home

For the past several months Luke and I have been on the great house hunt. Searching for that "perfect" home that met both his needs and both my needs.

This task proved to be harder than I once predicted and became a long journey.

A looooooooooooong journey.

As the house hunt continued to grow in length my unhappiness with our current apartment continued to grow. and grow. and grow.

However, after many months of searching, many prayers over finding our home, and quite a few arguments, we finally both fell in love with a home and we're moving out of our apartment at the end of the month.

And I am slightly freaking out.

No one is more surprised than I am to discover that I am so, so, so, sad to be leaving our little ole apartment.

I honestly cannot believe I am sad to leave this place, but I am.

This itty, bitty, teeny, tiny, very worn out apartment has found a special place in my heart.

Luke moved into this apartment 2 months before we got married and I can clearly remember the first day I came over to check it out. We were so giddy and practically jumping up and down with excitement knowing that this would be our very first home.

When I first walked into the apartment I was filled with so many emotions and knew that it would be the first place that Luke and I would ever live together. This would be the place that we would come back to as man and wife after our wedding. This was the place where we would spend our newlywed life and where we would begin building the roots for our marriage.

I saw past the worn out carpet, the standard bright white walls, the leaky window, and the linoleum floor in the tiny kitchen.

Instead I saw walls where wedding pictures would hang, a floor where my husband would lay and play Xbox, and and a kitchen where I would learn to cook meals.

It didn't matter to me that I had to climb a flight of stairs everyday. That my car would be freezing in the morning during the winter because it didn't have a garage to go into at night.

The one sink in the bathroom didn't bother me and the fact that I now had the smallest closet I had ever had in my life and I had to share it with a BOY didn't worry me at all.

I was going to be married to the man I loved and that was all that mattered.

So now as we prepare to leave this apartment and begin packing up all of our belongings my heart aches a little.

Yes, we are moving into a bigger space. Yes, we are moving to our very own home with our very own YARD, and yes we are moving forward in our marriage.

But this little ole apartment will always hold a special place in my heart. It will always be the place where we spent our first year a half of marriage together and where we shared many laughs, arguments, tears (just me), fun times, and fell more in love with each other.

We never let the size of this apartment stop us. Last Easter my family stayed the night with us and we had seven people sleeping in these 900 square feet at one time. It was so fun! We have had many gatherings of friends here, held our weekly bible study here, and learned that the lady below us didn't like it when Luke played his guitar past 11:00pm.

We knew our time here was temporary and we strived to enjoy every moment of it. Sometimes the wait for a house would take over and we would find ourselves complaining, but for the most part we enjoyed our time here.

Before long this apartment that frustrated me so many times will be nothing but a distant memory, and honestly it brings tears to my eyes.

I feel sorry for Luke these next two weeks. He doesn't understand how I can complain about this apartment for so long and then bawl as we pack up our belongings.

I am a very complex soul, I've never claimed to be anything else.

Although there will be tears I am so excited to move to our home and the next step in our journey in this life together!

But I will always fondly remember our first apartment. It was more than just a small used apartment to me. It was our very first home.

A pic of us when we first moved into our apartment:
Us at our new house this past weekend:


  1. This makes me think back to our first "home"...which brings fond memories and many smiles to my face. :)

    A very sweet post.

    Looking forward to hearing more about your new home. Congrats!

  2. Wow! Congratulations on the new house. I totally get the emotions too. Any big change like that is scary adn emotional.

  3. Congrats on the new house!!!
    I felt the same way when Big Man and I left our first apartment. It held alot of great and first memories for us!

  4. There really is nothing like the first place you call home together :) But this is going to be a whole new adventure for you two! Enjoy!!

  5. I'm not gonna lie - I totally burst into tears when I read this. I don't get it seeing as how I don't have a first married home yet... but I totally know where you're coming from.

    Yay for a NEW HOUSE with a YARD!!

  6. You so have me tearing up! When we moved out of our crappy apartment to our current home last December, I sort of had the same feelings. As much as I hated that place, I did feel a small piece of pain in leaving it behind. It makes that newlywed phase feel like it's over!

    But your new house!!! I am so happy for you. I know the road has been long. I can't wait to see more pictures :) You have a whole house to decorate!!

  7. Oh how I remember our first small, beautiful trailer. I fondly remember it and even miss it and it's simpler times, sometimes. It was small, quaint and just completely lovely. I think of it fondly.

    Congratulations on your new home!! How exciting!!! New walls to decorate, a garage to park your car into and a beautiful kitchen to prepare those meals that help to make your new house a home. Oh yes the memories you will make.

    Congratulations dear one,

  8. I'm so excited for y'all! Can't wait to see more pics of your new home =)

  9. congratulations on your new house! how exciting to be moving into the next chapter, can't wait to see more pics of your new house :)

  10. Congrats on finding a house! It is such a task to find the "right" home...starts out fun and exciting and quickly gets overwhelming! I'm so glad you had so many wonderful memories in that apartment...just think how many wonderful ones you'll make in your new home!

  11. This made me a little teary.

    I'm emotional and sentimental, too. I would totally be complaining about the small apartment and then be crying as we're leaving.

    I'm really excited for you guys and your new home, though!!

  12. I can just imagine what you're going through. My husband and I have been renting a house for over 2 years now and are currently looking for our very first home. I can definitely sense that my emotions will be the same as yours are right this very minute when we leave. It was where we got our start :)

  13. I know EXACTLY how you feel. I hated our apartment when we lived there because it was so small, but cried my eyes out to day we moved out into our first home.
    There were so many memories and I went a little crazy with all the picture taking.
    So excited to see pictures of the new house!

  14. I was totally, completely depressed when we moved out of our first apartment together. I was bummed for weeks before, and then on moving day I got to our new place and the AC flooded the bedroom and I was a TERROR! Seriously, I don't know if I've ever behaved worse than that day. I finally sorted through my feelings to realize that while I was very sad to leave the first place we'd lived, I was more sad to be leaving "home." Does that make sense? And once we had all of our stuff set up in our new home, I felt so much better! It's truly a case of home is where the heart is!

  15. awwwww such a nice tribute to your apartment! you'll never forget it!

    i feel the same way. i'm so ready for a different house that's better for babies and children, but i will boo hoo the day we leave this house. i love this house even though i complain about it every day.

    i can't wait to see the adventures that are ahead for you in your new home!

  16. Yay for new houses and good memories! Your feelings are completely understandable (at least to us girls ;)).

    My husband and I drive by our old (first) house probably 5 or 6 times a year just to see how the new owners are keeping it up, or not.

    The first place you live always holds a special place. But how fun is it to have another place to call home, decorate and really settle into. What a fun time you've got coming up!

  17. GREAT post! I couldn't have said it better myself. Congrats on the home... so exciting! It looks charming.

  18. I know EXACTLY how you feel! I had the same thoughts when were packing and moving out of our first apartment together. Unfortunately, it was just to another rental and not to a home of our own (don't know where we get to settle after law school just yet) but the feelings are the same. You'll always look back and just wonder how you could have POSSIBLY lived in such a space.

    Can't wait to see more photos of your new house! Congrats!

  19. What a sweet post, and I think I teared up a little. We lived in an apartment the first year of our marriage and then to a duplex for nearly 2 years. I seriously miss those days. It is scary moving from an apartment to a home. If something breaks you can't call your landlord to come fix it. But you get used to it and it is one of the best things ever getting to do whatever you want to your home! I seriously can't wait to see it!! YAY!!

  20. Great post! I can't wait to hear all of your fantastic stories of being a new homeowner. It's definitely so different from living in an apartment. With big change always comes a bit of sadness & reminiscing...enjoy these last few weeks in your 900 sq ft!

  21. I cried when we moved out of our first home into where we are at now too... its always hard to close the door on a place that holds all the memories.

    But be so excited at what memories that new home will hold!!!! Just always moving forward makes you miss the past...

    But in the wise words of Rose to Jack in Titantic "Never let go" haha!! You'll always have those memories tucked away... (now singing "My heart will go on" in your honor)

  22. Wonderful post, and what a great milestone to have gone through with your husband!
    I'm so excited for you both!!!

  23. I love this! You summed it up perfectly!!! Life is full of so many of these kind of excited for what is ahead...yet a little sad to leave the old behind. Congrats on the new house!!!! Maybe the heater won't blow cold air?!?!? Just sayin'! ha!

    How very exciting!

  25. Congrats! That's awesome! I want to see more photos!


  26. Oh Megan, I totally understand. I still remember our first apartment... and when we move out of our current house next year, I'm sure I'll cry too. It was our first house together and there are so many memories.

    Congrats on the house!!

  27. Congrats on the new exciting!

  28. Awww what precious memories you will have there! I cannot wait to see pics of the new place, though!

  29. what a great post and how exciting!!

  30. Congrats on the new home. As hard as it is to leave, there are so many new memories to be created in the new house. Cheers to you both!

  31. Congrats! And I love this post so much - what sweet memories y'all have together - I cant wait to see more of your new house! :-)

  32. You just wait until you have to leave the house that you brought your babies home to for the first time. Talks about a tearfest. I cried for days when we left our home in Fort Worth.

  33. I can see where you're coming from, and I think it's understandable!! Congrats on finally finding a wonderful new house!!

  34. I have some pretty fond memories of those apartments myself. :)
    I totally understand how you feel! I'm the worst with change of any kind....good or bad.
    You will always have these special memories of your first home. I think it's great that you guys started out smaller and can appreciate the next phase all the more.
    You'll love your new home!
    It looks very pretty by the way.
    I'm excited for you!
    Is it still in the OKC area?

  35. Aww...this post actually made me tear up!

    I have to admit I was so excited to see a picture that I scrolled to very bottom first before reading the post!

  36. awwww, we have such amazing memories of our first condo too! we had the same feelings, so excited for the new happenings in the new place but a little teary to leave our first place too :) A huge congratulations to you and Luke on your new house!! I can't wait to see all of the fun you guys will have in your new place!

  37. Girl, I am SO attached to our house, I don't know how we'll ever leave. I completely understand your feelings. Take lots of pictures and soak it all in now while you can. And remember, you'll make just as many good memories in your new home and you'll love the extra space!

  38. Such a sweet, sweet post. Congratulations on your new house! As just with the apartment, ya'll will make many more memories in this one! Best of luck! :)

  39. congratulations!! I can totally relate. We lived in 800 square feet for five years, and even though I complained all the time about it, the day we left, I was really sad! And of course, now I miss it when I'm cleaning three times that much space.

  40. what a sweet post! How exciting for your new house! enjoy this next stage!

  41. Yippeee!!! Congrats on the exciting new adventure of being a home owner!

  42. so so so so excited for you guys! I can't wait to hear and see more!

  43. This is so exciting! I'm dying to see more pics of the new house!! It's always bittersweet to leave the first place you guys lived as a married couple, but it's going to be so nice to get your own house!

  44. congrats on the new house! I am having the same problem. So ready to leave this apartment, but I know that I am so going to miss it when we finally do leave! This was our first place together as a married couple and as adults. Hope you find some good decorating blogs, it looks like you are off to a great start with what you have! Good luck!


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