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My Top Referrers

I saw this on another blog and really liked the idea of listing my top 10 referrers in the blog world.

I use google analytics to track visitors to my blog (that just sounds kinds of creepy, its not really creepy). I have used this for over a year so a have a good list of stats for my blog in the past year.

One of my favorite things to look at is to see what blogs lead people to my blog. Meaning, somewhere on this person's site they have linked my blog and people have found my blog because of this blog.

The following are my top 10 referrers beginning in March 2009 and ending now:

So those are my top 10 referrers for the past year. IF for some crazy reason you don't read any of these blogs you need to go check them out asap. I love all of these girls!

I also like to check my google analytics to see what people have "googled" to find my blog. This is a list of my favorite phases people have searched to find my blog. My commentary is in italics below.

1. Jesus Skateboards

I'm not sure there were skateboards around when Jesus walked the earth, however I totally think He would love skating. He could even skateboard on water.

2. Why do people misjudge me all the time?

I have no idea why sweetie, but I feel your pain.

3. How to make food pillows

Food pillows are the best and you don't have to make one. Simply take an old pillow you don't use anymore, put your plate of food on it and BOOM you've got a food pillow.

4. Not a girl not yet a woman Britney swimsuit

I sometimes feel that awkwardness that is not being a girl but also not being a woman (although I'm 25 I'm pretty sure I should feel like a woman) but I'm not really sure what that has to do with Britney in a swimsuit or why that would bring you to my blog?? There are definitely no pics of Spears in a swimsuit on this blog.

5. Closet fell on girl

My closet did fall. It did not fall on me though. That would have been bad, almost as bad as my ENTIRE closet falling towards the ground in one loud crash.

6. Dating for awhile, not calling for awhile ok

This phrase really doesn't even make sense to me, but I have to say if you have to search online to see if it is ok that your boyfriend hasn't called you back I think you have a problem. And it the problem might not be your boyfriend, maybe you are overanalyzing the situation and you just need to wait it out. Give it some time, us girls tend to rush things.

7. Steps to becoming a girly girl

You won't find those steps here, I'm still looking for them!

8. Wrong way to wear leggings

There is no wrong way, wear them and wear them proudly!

9. Why do I get sick to my stomach after jogging outside

I have no idea why, and I don't have this problem but I would be interested to see why that happens. Have you tried Webmd?

10. Ugly summer feet

I feel your pain sister, I truly truly do.


  1. haha love this post :-) you crack me up!

  2. Great post! Can't wait to check these out!


  3. Ha, you are so funny. I use the same tracker I should look to see who references my blog!

  4. I love the last part of your blog. That is so neat that you can see what they were searching for when they came to your blog. You will have to share those details with me.

    I love the commentary too!

  5. Um...hilarious! I love your commentary! It cracks me up to see what people google to get my blog too. Thanks for the shout out!

  6. I can't seem to figure out Google Analytics...maybe I need a tutorial or something.
    Regardles, you are hilarious and your commentary is great. :)

  7. haha this is great!! the searches!!!

    you are so sweet! love you too!

  8. Too funny :)

    Like Rachel, I too need a Google Analytics tutorial. I tried to figure it out but I'm definitely not doing something right!

  9. Great post! I just might have laughed out loud at the "closet fell on girl" commentary. This story makes me laugh every time!

  10. Bahahaha I loved this post! I have the google search function disabled, so I don't really pop up in google searches. Safer for my job, boring because I can't giggle at the weird ways people found me :)

    I love the Top 10 referral list! I just went and looked at mine on Analytics...and um, there are two blogs that I have NEVER ever heard of, they have never commented/followed, so WEIRD!

  11. Haha, too funny!

    What is this Google Analytics, and how do you use it?

  12. LOVE this! The phrases are hilarious and your commentary is even better.

    I did the "top refferers" a while back too. So fun.

    I read 9/10 of your refferers on regular basis and just added the 10th to my reading list :)

  13. Hilarious! I love the 'Jesus skateboards' one! Google analytics is a great source for a few laughs!

  14. You had me cracking up with your commentary!!! I haven't read your blog in a bit so I just caught up on the last couple of posts. Good Luck in the last stages of buying your home! Yay!

  15. Hilarious! I can't stop laughing!

  16. the list of google searches that lead to your blog are so dang funny! what in the world?!! crazy stuff. :-)

    hope you're having a great week!!!!

  17. This cracks me up! Thanks for the sweet mention of my blog. I need to check out a couple of those that I have never read.

  18. ahh love this blog post!! so fun!! i miss you!

  19. LOL! that's hilarious - my favorite is the "how to make food pillows" awesome.

  20. So funny!! Look at your with all the best blogs out there to read, I happen to think your blog is pretty great too.

  21. Hey Megan, I found your blog the other day and you crack me up! And I just have to say...I use a food pillow, too! It makes so much sense! :)

  22. How fun that I'm a top referrer! Yay! Love you and your bloggie!

  23. so on the analytics thing, do you just have to copy that tracking code into one of the blog posts? Or do you have to put it somewhere special on the blog home page?



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