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Moving Week

Hello my lovely blogging friends.

It's moving week!!

I might be a little MIA this week. Of course I have said that in the past and then I ended up blogging everyday so ya never know!

However I have been and will continue to be and packing, packing, packing.

Oh and looking at lots and lots of home decorating blogs.

I know my blog friends are practically SHOUTING at me through their computer screens to not worry about the decorating part until I get into the home, but I don't function like that.

That would be considered normal. I am everything BUT normal.

In fact today I sat in my office almost in tears when I realized that I had no room in the home for a baby.

I'm not pregnant, and don't intend on becoming pregnant anytime soon but it still worried me.

You see, when Luke and I got married he came with baggage.

And this baggage was in the form of music-ness. He has musical instruments, amps, a giant computer that houses his music "stuff", and have I mentioned that he has talked about padding the walls in his music room in our new home for better sound when recording his music.

The man has baggage.

It's funny to me because Luke's musical talent is one of the first things that attracted me to him.

The boy could sing, play a guitar and had some crazy-wild hair going on, I was sold from the moment he cut his hair.

I had no idea that my love for that guitar would come back in bite me in later years.

When I was young and in love I never pictured my future home with instruments strewn across the room with foam padding on the wall.

But I do recognize the fact that it's those same instruments that bring in the bacon, so I've learned to respect the instruments.

Just not the padded walls. That is a gigantic N.O.

So thats what I'm up to this week. Oh and posing for pictures on top of our piles of boxes. There is another mountain in the living room. This is just the one in our computer room.

The discussion about me being a hoarder will be saved for another day.

Luke said this picture proves I am a giant nerd.
Then I reminded him that he wanted to pad our walls.

End of argument.

P.S. the mountain of boxes is a lot worse than it looks.


  1. Girl if you are a hoarder then I have no clue what that makes me. Scary.

  2. oh my word, that picture is awesome! good luck with packing week!!!! so exciting! praying for a smoothe transition my funny friend!!

  3. That mountain of boxes makes me have a slight panic attack.... it reminds me of the huge wall of boxes that came from my childhood bedroom (and is STILL in my parents' garage).

    Good luck with the move!

  4. Congrats on the new house and moving! Moving sucks but having a home that is all your own is the fun part! You'll decorate and then redecorate over and over again too. We haven't lived here two years and I have redone my bedroom twice (paint colors and comforters and all)....HAVE FUN!

  5. I am just so happy for you and Luke! I know you will put your touch on everything and make it look wonderful!!! And wow, that's a lot of boxes! :)

  6. i love that pic of you! too funny.

  7. Good luck with all of the packing! I have to get packing soon because we are moving in three and a half weeks! Ahhhhh! Won't it be nice to be in a nice new home! :)

  8. Good luck with the move!

    I totally understand husbands and guitars. If our house was on fire I am not sure who my husband would save first - the Les Paul or me!

    come see me at

  9. I love the photo :) Packing is so miserable, you would have never have found a picture of me with a big smile and all those boxes when we moved!

    I am so excited for you! And if you want to think about decorating, go for it!! It's your new house!!

  10. I think that photo is so cute! Good luck with everything this week! I know how stressful moving can be, so I just hope everything goes seamlessly for ya'll!

  11. haha you're so cute :-) and I'm definitely a worse hoarder than you are!! -- I cant wait to see your new place - good luck with the move this week . . . let's just hope/pray I'll be moving soon too!

  12. Happy Moving Week!

    Love the pic. Can't wait to see more pics of the house.

  13. Good luck with the move... and the padded walls debate =)

  14. Happy packing-up-boxes-and-moving week!!!

  15. Love the photo and girlfriend you are a hoarder. How did all that fit into your apartment. Can't wait to see pics of the new house :)

  16. Cute picture!! Good luck moving!! Being a home-owner is amazing but hard work!! (we bought our first house a year and a half ago, and just had our first "disaster"!!)

    I just started reading your blog about a month ago, and you make me laugh in every post!!

  17. good luck with the move? are you in the okc metro area? or did you buy a house in the greatest town in ok... norman!? :)

  18. You know I was the same way....dreaming and obsessing over websites about decorating. But you know what, we moved in the house on Halloween, and we still don't have living room furniture. Don't fret, we have a den with furniture to watch tv. And it's now almost April, and our living room is empty. Haha. But it's okay. It will come with time. And, like your house, it will come with time:)

  19. Hillarious. Just don't be calling me to help you move all those boxes. haha, jk. No wait, I'm serious. :-)

  20. Megan,
    I am just giddy for you!!! (Does that fact that I used the word giddy make me old?...probably...)

    This pic of you is SO STINKIN' CUTE!! You pack right on with your bad self and show us more pics =)

    Have a Blessed week,

  21. That's a great picture!!! However, can't imagine what it is really like b/c it looks pretty overwhelming! Good luck w/ the move!

  22. dang spamers!!! I hope the move is going good!

  23. I got an award for you. Do visit my blog

  24. you are adorable!! hope the moving is going well!

  25. You're the only person I know who could stand on a tower of boxes and still looke beautiful!

    Btw, I was so excited that you had 136 comments on this post, but then I saw the spammers. Ugh. Rude.

  26. Hooray for moving week. I am so excited for you guys!

    And boo on the Asian spammer comments.


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