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Welcome Home!

1 moving trailer + 1 billion boxes + 4 parents + a 24 hour stomach bug + 100 bags of trash = Welcome HOME!!

Luke and I are in our new home and cannot stop thanking God for his provision. We love our new home and cannot believe that it is ours!

When we first got married we spent the first month saying "omigosh we are M.A.R.R.I.E.D!!!" or "WHOA! you are my Husband!!"

This past weekend we have found ourselves saying "omigosh we are homeowners!!" or "WHOA this is our HOME."

Obviously with all of the moving and the fact that my husband had our internet disconnected last Wednesday I haven't had any time to blog, or read blogs, or do anything other than packing packing, and unpacking, unpacking.

Soooo I hope you haven't given up on me, I'm still here!!!!

I have missed blogging and I am hoping to get back into the blogging swing of things.

I am really tired, and I feel like I can't formulate proper sentences or say anything that is mildly witty, so before I bore you any longer I will just post some picture. Everybody loves pictures.

This is what our apartment looked like last week. Everything packed up. Goodbye apartment 4506 we will miss you.

Saturday was the official moving day. Both of our parents met us at our apartment to get everything to the new house.

The following picture completely cracks me up. If you notice at the top of the stairs my mom is carrying something that appears to be very heavy, further down the stairs Luke looks like he is straining with that large chair, a little bit further down is Megan with those heavy rolls of WRAPPING PAPER. Please darling don't strain yourself. And notice I am the only one posing for the camera.
And again. These were not set up. Look at my face. I seriously think that I am helping out by moving the wrapping paper. Poor girl. And poor Luke still looks like he is struggling back there.
The sea of hair ties underneath my bed:
Me driving Luke's car with my entire closet behind me. Every moment is a photo-opp.
After a long day of helping us my parents headed back home so we took this pic first. (in our new home!! eek!!)
I don't have a picture of us with Luke's parents but we are so grateful that our parent's came to help us. We couldn't have done it without them!!

Sunday we went back to our apartment to say a final goodbye and turn in our keys. Telling 4506 goodbye:
I told Luke to show me how sad he is. I'm not sure if this means he wasn't sad, or if he just doesn't listen to me. It could be a little of both.
One last picture in front of that dented, faded marroonish door.
We worked hard all weekend and got almost all of the boxes unpacked. There are still a few floating boxes that need to be tended to, also, no decorating has been done. That may take awhile. I'm just not sure where I want to hang things yet, and then I start to stress about the fact that I have no idea how to decorate and I'm not good at it and I will never have a decorating blog so then I don't touch anything.

It's a vicious cycle.

Here are all of the decorations just hanging out in the floor:

And our bedroom still full of boxes
One day I will give a tour of the house, I just want to make sure and have everything nice and decorated. So maybe next summer I will do a bloggy home tour.

I'm not even kidding.

Until then I will be busy shopping at TJ Maxx and Hobby Lobby, doing my best to avoid the hubs when he asks for my receipts.

And also working on my giant muscles. Somebody's gotta move the wrapping paper.


Moving Week

Hello my lovely blogging friends.

It's moving week!!

I might be a little MIA this week. Of course I have said that in the past and then I ended up blogging everyday so ya never know!

However I have been and will continue to be and packing, packing, packing.

Oh and looking at lots and lots of home decorating blogs.

I know my blog friends are practically SHOUTING at me through their computer screens to not worry about the decorating part until I get into the home, but I don't function like that.

That would be considered normal. I am everything BUT normal.

In fact today I sat in my office almost in tears when I realized that I had no room in the home for a baby.

I'm not pregnant, and don't intend on becoming pregnant anytime soon but it still worried me.

You see, when Luke and I got married he came with baggage.

And this baggage was in the form of music-ness. He has musical instruments, amps, a giant computer that houses his music "stuff", and have I mentioned that he has talked about padding the walls in his music room in our new home for better sound when recording his music.

The man has baggage.

It's funny to me because Luke's musical talent is one of the first things that attracted me to him.

The boy could sing, play a guitar and had some crazy-wild hair going on, I was sold from the moment he cut his hair.

I had no idea that my love for that guitar would come back in bite me in later years.

When I was young and in love I never pictured my future home with instruments strewn across the room with foam padding on the wall.

But I do recognize the fact that it's those same instruments that bring in the bacon, so I've learned to respect the instruments.

Just not the padded walls. That is a gigantic N.O.

So thats what I'm up to this week. Oh and posing for pictures on top of our piles of boxes. There is another mountain in the living room. This is just the one in our computer room.

The discussion about me being a hoarder will be saved for another day.

Luke said this picture proves I am a giant nerd.
Then I reminded him that he wanted to pad our walls.

End of argument.

P.S. the mountain of boxes is a lot worse than it looks.


Home Decorating Blogs

Today I was off work for Spring Break and it was glorious. Today was such a beautiful day and I spent it shopping with two friends.

I am trying not to buy anything as everything just goes straight into a box to get ready to move, but I found some picture frames today that were half off so I had to get them.

Hobby Lobby is the best store ever. I could spend hours in there.

Anyways, I haven't been blogging the past couple of days because I have spent every free moment looking at home decorating blogs.

Seriously, if you have a home decorating blog and you have a person from Oklahoma that spent hours on your blog, don't get scared. It was me.

I am starting to freak out about decorating a home. I have NO idea how to decorate and pretty soon I will have a home. That needs to be decorated.

I have never been very stylish/creative when it comes to clothing and decorating. So having a home to my very own name stresses me out to no end.

So if you have a favorite decorating blog that you like to read I would love it if you would share it with me. I need ALL the help I can get.

I think it stresses me out because I can visualize in my head what I want, and I have lots of ideas but I just can't seem to bring them to fruition.

Its like that little thing in your brain that makes your thoughts go to your hands is missing in my life. Does that make any sense?

Also, has anybody purchased furniture from Sam's? I found a couple of things that I really like on their website, but I'm a little leery or purchasing it without seeing it in person.

Anybody have any thoughts on this?

This was the most boring post ever. I apologize.


Project 365 - Week Ten

Project Life Week Ten!

I have to tell you, I'm not sure if I can keep this up for a year. It seems like it would get easier and easier but it is actually getting harder and harder. Just remembering to take pictures, and sometimes I will be with a group of people and will want to take a picture but then I don't want to bother them.

Sunday March 7th:
This was the first day that we were back from our cruise and I spent the day doing laundry. This is a weird picture of our the laundry area in our apartment but I realized I have never taken a picture of it, and since we are in our last days in this apartment I want to capture every detail. As weird as it may be. Usually the laundry is all nice and neat in our laundry basket, but Sunday I just threw it all in there and started sorting.
Monday March 8th:
Not really an exciting day. I spent the evening still doing laundry and reading the book "The Last Song". It started out really slow but started to pick up about mid way through. Not sure how I am going to feel about Miley in this role. Not a big fan of her and her slouching.
Tuesday March 9th:
My friend Jayma and her boyfriend Randy came over to watch Lost with us. I fixed Chicken Spaghetti and Cherry Dump Cake. We are all Lost fanatics and everyone knew that you only talk during commercials! It was a great time! Me and Jayma:
Wednesday March 10th:
Every other Wednesday I meet with a group of women from my church. We are going through this book and I really love it. It is over the book of Ruth and is so interesting. I look forward to every other Wednesday!
Thursday March 11th:
For the first time in over a week I went jogging. This is my little apartment gym that I use every other day. I am going to miss it so much. Those treadmills have helped turn me into a little jogger. I know it is much different on pavement and I will soon find out when we move into our neighborhood. I haven't talked Luke into buying me a treadmill just yet.
Friday March 12th:
Sunday (the 14th) was my birthday and Luke and I decided to celebrate my birthday on Friday. Saturday nights are hard for Luke because he likes to get in bed early to be ready for Sunday morning and Sunday evening we had plans with the staff at our church, so Friday night it was. I told Luke not to buy me anything, I mean I am getting a house in a couple of days so I figure that's a big enough gift in itself. But when I got home Friday Luke had set out these Tom's shoes. He is just so cute. Then he took me out to eat. It was a great 26th (eek) birthday!
Saturday March 13th:
My mom came and spent the day with me for my birthday (even though it was the day before). We went to lunch, did a bit of shopping and then took her by our house. She loved it. It was a great day and I'm glad she came to spend it with me. She brought this cute little cake. I look weird in this picture and my hair is attacking my neck. Oh well.


Our First Home

For the past several months Luke and I have been on the great house hunt. Searching for that "perfect" home that met both his needs and both my needs.

This task proved to be harder than I once predicted and became a long journey.

A looooooooooooong journey.

As the house hunt continued to grow in length my unhappiness with our current apartment continued to grow. and grow. and grow.

However, after many months of searching, many prayers over finding our home, and quite a few arguments, we finally both fell in love with a home and we're moving out of our apartment at the end of the month.

And I am slightly freaking out.

No one is more surprised than I am to discover that I am so, so, so, sad to be leaving our little ole apartment.

I honestly cannot believe I am sad to leave this place, but I am.

This itty, bitty, teeny, tiny, very worn out apartment has found a special place in my heart.

Luke moved into this apartment 2 months before we got married and I can clearly remember the first day I came over to check it out. We were so giddy and practically jumping up and down with excitement knowing that this would be our very first home.

When I first walked into the apartment I was filled with so many emotions and knew that it would be the first place that Luke and I would ever live together. This would be the place that we would come back to as man and wife after our wedding. This was the place where we would spend our newlywed life and where we would begin building the roots for our marriage.

I saw past the worn out carpet, the standard bright white walls, the leaky window, and the linoleum floor in the tiny kitchen.

Instead I saw walls where wedding pictures would hang, a floor where my husband would lay and play Xbox, and and a kitchen where I would learn to cook meals.

It didn't matter to me that I had to climb a flight of stairs everyday. That my car would be freezing in the morning during the winter because it didn't have a garage to go into at night.

The one sink in the bathroom didn't bother me and the fact that I now had the smallest closet I had ever had in my life and I had to share it with a BOY didn't worry me at all.

I was going to be married to the man I loved and that was all that mattered.

So now as we prepare to leave this apartment and begin packing up all of our belongings my heart aches a little.

Yes, we are moving into a bigger space. Yes, we are moving to our very own home with our very own YARD, and yes we are moving forward in our marriage.

But this little ole apartment will always hold a special place in my heart. It will always be the place where we spent our first year a half of marriage together and where we shared many laughs, arguments, tears (just me), fun times, and fell more in love with each other.

We never let the size of this apartment stop us. Last Easter my family stayed the night with us and we had seven people sleeping in these 900 square feet at one time. It was so fun! We have had many gatherings of friends here, held our weekly bible study here, and learned that the lady below us didn't like it when Luke played his guitar past 11:00pm.

We knew our time here was temporary and we strived to enjoy every moment of it. Sometimes the wait for a house would take over and we would find ourselves complaining, but for the most part we enjoyed our time here.

Before long this apartment that frustrated me so many times will be nothing but a distant memory, and honestly it brings tears to my eyes.

I feel sorry for Luke these next two weeks. He doesn't understand how I can complain about this apartment for so long and then bawl as we pack up our belongings.

I am a very complex soul, I've never claimed to be anything else.

Although there will be tears I am so excited to move to our home and the next step in our journey in this life together!

But I will always fondly remember our first apartment. It was more than just a small used apartment to me. It was our very first home.

A pic of us when we first moved into our apartment:
Us at our new house this past weekend:


Everything is Better in List Form

1. My husband has decided that we don't need to use the heater for our last few weeks in our apartment. I think this might be the dumbest idea ever, and I'm afraid my toes might be frostbitten.

2. It may have something to do with the fact that I kept the heat between 80 and 85 while he was out of town last month and he said our bill was "ridiculous"

3. I no longer watch American Idol. This was not a conscious decision, it was a combination of my DVR hating me, and well, that's pretty much it. I got too far behind and now I don't know who any of the contestants. I feel good about this decision.

4. This time next month Luke and I will be in our home. YAY!!!

5. I can't remember my 4th grade teacher's name but I can remember the name of the school nurse. What does that say about me?

6. Sometimes I want a baby right now, other times I don't know if I ever want one. Well I don't think I ever 100% don't want one, but the thought of taking care of another HUMAN BEING. is freaky.

7. I haven't run in two weeks and I am missing i t. I complained that it made me gain weight, but it still makes me feel better when I am jogging. I need to take full advantage of my apartment treadmill before we move.

8. Do you ever get offended by something that you totally know shouldn't offend you, yet you still allow it to? I had this happen yesterday. I still think its dumb that I got offended, but I'm still offended. I'm a complex soul.

9. The university I work at sent an email to students alerting them that Mexico is dangerous right now and if they are going there for spring break maybe they should change their plans. I just got back from Mexico. Maybe I am more adventurous than I once thought. Bring on adventure!

10. Easter candy has fully invaded my life. Nothing is better than those Reeses Eggs that are STUFFED FULL of peanut butter goodness. And those little sugary chicks and ducks are so appetizing.

11. Does anybody check books out from the library? Now that I am no longer banned I use our city library all the time, and sometimes people think this is funny. I thought using the library was a completely normal thing?!?!?

12. This week has flown by.

13. I went on a cruise, to a beach and didn't get a pedicure or attempt to take care of my toes. I am proud and embarrassed of this fact.

14. I wish I could do to Disney World once a year.


Time to become Adventurous

I have never been very adventurous.

Well to say "very adventurous" makes it sound some like part of me is adventurous.

I would like to state for the record, NO part of me is adventurous.
Not even a little, bitty, teeny, tiny, bit. Nada.

I do not have a rule breaking, wild child, bungee jumping, white water rafting, adventurous bone in my body.

I have been thinking about this lately and it has started to bother me.

It all started when we were in Cozumel and our friend Chris wanted us to each rent scooters to drive around the island on.


Those little death traps that go bzz bzz and could easily be smooshed flat in a second by a medium sized truck.
In Mexico.

No thank you.

I thought everybody would agree with me, but it seems that I was the only person who didn't want to rent a scooter.
I was astonished that when the word "scooter" was brought up that everybody else inthe group didn't instnatly imagine the above scenario (small scooter smooshed flat).

And this has brought me to my current line of thinking; I am not adventurous.

In fact I follow rules to a T. Sometimes too much.
The most adventurous thing I have done lately is cook raw chicken and only wash my hand five times instead of six.

My life is not split into two sections.

Before I cooked raw chicken and after.

And I'm only slightly joking.
Also on my last post a couple of people wanted to know where I got my dresses.
I got them ALL at Francesca's. I am so un-adventurous I can't event venture out of one store. I go to a store and get everything I want/need there.
I'm a boring little old lady trapped in a 25 year old's body.

So I have decided that I am going to try and push myself these next couple of months and do some things out of my comfort zone.
This doesn't mean I am going to be going over Niagra Falls in a small barrell anytime soon, but I want to more things in life to challenge myself.
Stepping out of my comfort zone is a good way to describe my new found lease on life.
Heck I might even cook chicken and only wash my hands four times.
Oh the endless possibilities.

Project 365 - Week Nine

Project Life Week Nine is a recap of our vacation so I will do a couple of pictures for each day. Let's just call this a make-up for my lack of pictures last week. I like to keep things even.

Sunday February 28th:
After church on Sunday we headed out to Houston to get ready to board our ship on Monday. Recently one of my besties got married and decided to move to Houston with her new husband which I thought was a horrible idea but nobody asked for my opinion. This however did give us a place to stay at on Sunday which worked out nicely. Me with our hostess Tambra:
Monday March 1st:
We woke up Monday morning and headed to Galveston. After standing in line for about 30 minutes I got a dreaded migraine. I get migraines that block of parts of my vision, so I was blind while standing in line and also for the first hour of the cruise. It was great. Sadly I am used to this and just continue on with life as usual. Me and Kelsey at dinner on Monday our first night on the cruise:
Tuesday March 2nd:
This was our first full day at the sea. It was rainy and cold so we spent in inside reading. I was al little bummed at first but then remembered this trip was all about relaxing so we took full advantage of it. Here is Luke and I from dinner that night:
Wednesday March 3rd:
Our first stop was in Progresso. We went straight to a beach and layed out all day. The weather was pretty warm and I spent a lot of time reading. What a peaceful and relaxing day!
I burned my legs pretty bad that day, this picture semi-shows how burned they were:Me with the cute hubs:
Thursday March 4th:
Our second stop was in Cozumel. I have been there a couple of other times but this time I did something I have never done before. We rented a jeep and drove it all around the island, stopping at the beach. It was so great and my favorite day!

At dinner that night:
Friday March 5th:
Our last full day on the ship was a sea day. We layed out for most of the morning and spent time finishing up our books. Can you tell we read a lot?? Then we got ready for our last dinner.

Saturday March 6th:

We woke up bright and early and discovered we were back in Texas. We were back on US soil for about .2 seconds before Luke picked up his cell phone and started doing work. Reality hit. On our way home we stopped to have lunch with Tambra and Brody and then drove 7 hours back home.

It was such a wonderful trip and I am so thankful that we had this opportunity and that we have such good friends that we can travel with, laugh with, and share life with. There was never a dull moment this past week and it is one that I will never forget!


Back to Reality

For the past week Luke and I have been living the good life on a moving ship in the middle of the ocean.

Last Sunday we met up with our good friends Chris and Kelsey and hit the road and headed to good ole Texas to get on our Carnival Cruise Ship.

Then we spent the next five days relaxing, relaxing and relaxing.

It was wonderful.

I was technology-less for those 5 days and at first I had the shakes and thought I was going to have to be committed, but then I got over it and just enjoyed the technology-free life.

I finished two books during that time. It was marvelous.

Due to the fact that I was technology-free I wasn't able to check my email and I have been working on going through my inbox today. So if you sent me an email last week I probably haven't gotten to it yet.

And I am having trouble getting back into the groove of life considering I can still feel the movement of the boat. Seriously, I keep asking Luke if he can feel the ship rocking and he looks at me like I am crazy.

If you see me walking like a crazy woman I am not drunk, I feel like I am on a moving ship.

I want to do a recap post soon, hopefully sometime this week. Hopefully I will be on solid ground by then.

Until then here is Luke and I enjoying a beach in Cozumel:


My Top Referrers

I saw this on another blog and really liked the idea of listing my top 10 referrers in the blog world.

I use google analytics to track visitors to my blog (that just sounds kinds of creepy, its not really creepy). I have used this for over a year so a have a good list of stats for my blog in the past year.

One of my favorite things to look at is to see what blogs lead people to my blog. Meaning, somewhere on this person's site they have linked my blog and people have found my blog because of this blog.

The following are my top 10 referrers beginning in March 2009 and ending now:

So those are my top 10 referrers for the past year. IF for some crazy reason you don't read any of these blogs you need to go check them out asap. I love all of these girls!

I also like to check my google analytics to see what people have "googled" to find my blog. This is a list of my favorite phases people have searched to find my blog. My commentary is in italics below.

1. Jesus Skateboards

I'm not sure there were skateboards around when Jesus walked the earth, however I totally think He would love skating. He could even skateboard on water.

2. Why do people misjudge me all the time?

I have no idea why sweetie, but I feel your pain.

3. How to make food pillows

Food pillows are the best and you don't have to make one. Simply take an old pillow you don't use anymore, put your plate of food on it and BOOM you've got a food pillow.

4. Not a girl not yet a woman Britney swimsuit

I sometimes feel that awkwardness that is not being a girl but also not being a woman (although I'm 25 I'm pretty sure I should feel like a woman) but I'm not really sure what that has to do with Britney in a swimsuit or why that would bring you to my blog?? There are definitely no pics of Spears in a swimsuit on this blog.

5. Closet fell on girl

My closet did fall. It did not fall on me though. That would have been bad, almost as bad as my ENTIRE closet falling towards the ground in one loud crash.

6. Dating for awhile, not calling for awhile ok

This phrase really doesn't even make sense to me, but I have to say if you have to search online to see if it is ok that your boyfriend hasn't called you back I think you have a problem. And it the problem might not be your boyfriend, maybe you are overanalyzing the situation and you just need to wait it out. Give it some time, us girls tend to rush things.

7. Steps to becoming a girly girl

You won't find those steps here, I'm still looking for them!

8. Wrong way to wear leggings

There is no wrong way, wear them and wear them proudly!

9. Why do I get sick to my stomach after jogging outside

I have no idea why, and I don't have this problem but I would be interested to see why that happens. Have you tried Webmd?

10. Ugly summer feet

I feel your pain sister, I truly truly do.


Question and Answer Part Six

House Hunting

What is one thing you are most looking forward to about living in a house?
A YARD. I have said it before I will say it again, as soon as we get into a house I am going to just sit in my yard, walk barefoot in my yard, run my toes through cool grass on a summer day. I haven't had my very own yard in so long and I cannot wait!!!

Do you want a new house or an older type home?
At first I only wanted a new home, then I only wanted an older type home. Then I just didn't care. I just wanted a home.

What does your dream home look like? What does your dream starter home look like?
My dream home would be a house on land. I am so ready for a house I don't have any specifics and honestly I don't know what I am "supposed" to look for in a house. I am just ready for a house!

You always say you and your hubby can't find a home, I'm curious as to why you can't find a house?
I know I have been vague in the whole house hunting process and it's because most of the time I was confused. Let's go back to the beginning (I will try and make this quick).
When Luke and I first got married and started talking about looking for a home we had two different "homes" in mind. I had a cute little new home, 3 bed 2 bath starter home in mind.
Luke had an "investment" in mind. Meaning, it didn't matter where the home was, what it looked like, or what condition it was in, if it was an investment (a good deal) he was going to buy it.
I have done a lot of whining around in this house hunting process because Luke has taken me to some very questionable and sometimes disgusting homes. I by no means think I am above any type of house, but one house we went into could have easily been torn down due to the smoke damage, cat pee, and mold. I was standing in this house trying not to pass out from the smell and my husband was standing next to me practically giddy with the thought of what a great investment this would be. Needless to say we weren't on the same page.
It has been an exhausting process. I understand what Luke was doing. He was working hard to make a good financial decision for us and for our future, which I love and respect, but sometimes I was so irritated with the whole process and was ready to just go buy a home regardless of the cost or financial toll it put on our future. Lucky for me my patient husband never grew tired of the process and kept looking for that home that would fit both of our needs. Him = investment
me = a clean, sturdy, non cat pee smelling home.
So that is why there was so much complaining about it on my part. I felt like I was stuck in the middle because I understood what Luke wanted and why he wanted it, but yet my fleshly, materialistic side kept saying forget the "smart financial decision" and just go out and buy your starter dream home!!! I felt like I was constantly battling the two and would daily try to find a healthy balance. This didn't always happen and it became a bit of a sour spot in our marriage which is never good, but we have since worked it out.

Phew, I hope that wasn't too long, but I did complain about the whole house hunting process many times, and I felt that I should give my friends a good explanation as to why I complained so much. A worrier I may be, but I complainer I try not to be.

I am happy to say that Luke and I are actually in the process of purchasing a home right now. Our offer was accepted, the house was inspected and came back clear so now we are moving forward with all of that. We found this home a couple of months ago and I can honestly say that God pretty much placed it in our laps. It fit Luke's needs, it fits my needs and even went above and beyond what we could have wanted or deserved.

So now we are moving forward in the process, praying that everything goes smoothly!

That is the end of all the questions. Thank you for everyone who participated in the Question and Answer giveaway! I had a lot of fun!!


Project 365 - Week Eight

I am sad to say that I only have 3 pictures from this past week for Project 365. Isn't that so sad? This week was pretty crazy busy and I just never got around to taking pictures. I debated whether to even participate this week but decided I didn't want to break my streak (even if I don't have all the pictures) so I would go ahead and do it.

Monday February 22
Luke was working on stuff on the computer so I took a picture. I'm sure he is sick of me randomly taking pictures of him doing the most mundane things for my P-365. HA.
Thursday February 25
My sister drove into town to stay the night with me and to do my hair ( I decided to go light thanks to everyone who gave their input!! The majority of people said light, so trust your opinion I did). So my sister of course brought my sweet little nephew with her. It was Luke's responsibility to watch Maxton while Kati did my hair. Here they are in their "fort"
Friday February 26
We had a volunteer banquet at church that night. It was a fun banquet and we did a karoke American Idol type thing. Luke was Simon and I was Paula. I tried to act like a crazy drunk lady as best as I could.
So those are my pitiful 3 pictures. I am so embarrassed and hope that next week I do a better job!!!


Question and Answer Part Five

Thank you for all of your sweet comments on the "why I love blogging" post. I seriously love blogging and all the sweet comments on that post proved why!!

I know you have been waiting in suspense so I am going to finish up all the questions from my Q&A post that I did like 6 months ago.

Probably not that long but it feels like it.

So here we got with the second-to-last set of questions:

Tell us more about your job. What exactly do you do?
I am an events planner for a specific office at a university. I have various other job duties outside of event planning, but planning events is my love.

What is the favorite thing about your job and how did you get into your career?
I don't know if I have one specific thing I love about my job more than any other. I LOVE working on a university campus and watching the happenings around me. I still live on an academic calendar, and refer to season of life as fall semester and spring semester. I'm not around a lot of students in my everyday job, but I still love the fact that I am on a campus that is growing and changing everyday.

I worked in the office I work in now when I was a student and then after I graduated I went away for a year (and had several jobs during that time) and then a full time job opened up in the office so I applied immediately. It was a huge blessing. I actually didn't start as the events planner but changed positions about a year after I started my job.

What is your dream job?
Hm...That is something that probably changes with different seasons of my life. At one point I wanted to be a wedding planner, at another point I wanted to be a photographer, sometimes I think I want to own a boutique. It is always changing.

However, if I had to pick a dream job I would pick something that Luke and I could do together and I could do from home. I don't even know what that looks like but I would love to work with my husband and own our own company.

Babies, Babies, Babies,
What is your favorite boy/girl name.
Well this changes often. Right now I love the name Eli for a boy and Anniston for a girl. It will change before I have kids though. Trust me.

Have you thought about when you have kids? Anything you want to do before then?
Luke and I have tossed around a few time periods of life when we think we would want to start trying for a baby, but that is subject to change, and to be honest it has changed several times. We of course want to travel more before we have a baby, but will also continue to travel after we have kids so thats not a huge must.

How many?
We would like to have four, but ask me that again after we have one.

You are stranded on an island and you can only have 3 items. What would they be.
Does the island have internet service? If so my iphone, bible, and chapstick

How did you first get into blogging, how does your hubby feel about it and your blog friends.
I got into blogging because I have always been a big fan of any sort of social networking, and I was reading a lot of blogs so I decided to start my own.
Luke likes the fact that I have a blog, but thinks that I sometime share a bit too much (he doesn't share anything with anybody). He calls my blog friends my "imaginary friends" which just cracks me up.
He does read every post and comment though, and refers to all of you by your blog name. As I have started becoming "real life" friends with bloggers I will ask him if I should refer to them by name or by their blog name when talking about them to him. He says it is best to call them by blog name. He was an english major so he correct my grammar alot. So when you see something grammatically wrong in my posts (which does happen) just know that I have already been made aware of this mistake.

OK we are almost done!! Only one set of questions left!