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Weekly Weekend Update

After I started doing the Project 365 I stopped doing a weekly weekend update every weekend.

I figured doing two recaps every week would become a bit redundant and I am really enjoying the Project 365 so my Weekly Weekend Updates took a little back seat.

However I still want to do them on special weekends, and Valentine's weekend was a pretty special one!

I love Valentine's day and especially Valentine's week but we have never been big into celebrating the day, so we had a Valentine's weekend!

Friday night we went to our favorite restaurant. Here we are headed out the door:
Note to self, if taking pictures in your mirror CLEAN IT FIRST. Thank you.

Before we left we decided to not pick up our phones on our date. No texting, no twitter, no playing Risk (thats for Luke) just us, no phones.

Then we got to restaurant and it was an hour and a half wait. So we went to the car and did this:

To be fair I was reading questions from The Great Date Experiment.

Luke would look up from his game of Risk every now and then to talk with me.
The questions were really fun and a great conversation starter.

After dinner we came home and my sweet hubby gave me my gift. We decided not to do gifts so of course Luke got me a little something. Here is my new mug, with the very pretty card that he gave me and some YUMMY cheesecake.
Saturday we went furniture shopping ALL DAY. I usually love furniture shopping but lately I can't find anything that I like. I have started to become very picky about furniture. I am really attracted to antique type furniture but I don't know if I have the skills to hunt out antiques and then fix them up. I wish I was born with that creative niche in my brain but I wasn't. Bummer.

Saturday night we went to a play at a local high school. A boy from our church had a lead role in the play so we went to support him. The play was My Fair Lady, which I have never seen but now want to rent. It was a very good production, it made me wish that I could sing and act.

I just realized that in the last two paragraphs I have wished that I could:
  • find antique furniture
  • be more creative
  • sing
  • act
Apparently I need to break out my new book So Long Insecurity (which is amazing by the way).

Sunday after church we went shopping to buy Luke some new summer clothes. We are going on our cruise soon and Luke needed some new shorts and stuff.

It is SO hard to get that boy to buy clothes. First of all he NEVER wants to spend money, secondly if he does spend money he only wants to buy music "stuff."

I will never pay full price for clothes and Express was having a big sale, so we went equipped with my coupons and got some great deals on some clothes for him. It made him feel better when I showed him how much money we saved. I wish I could learn how to save money grocery shopping like I do with my clothes shopping.

I'm sure there are many people who can relate to having a hubby who does not enjoy shopping.

So that was pretty much our weekend.

I hope you had a FABULOUS Valentine's weekend!!

Christmas is over, Valentine's Day is over, BRING ON THE WARM WEATHER.

Sorry I get passionate about warm weather.


  1. Your hair looks so gorgeous in that first picture! Well, actually it pretty much looks gorgeous all the time:)

    I hear ya on the furniture shopping! I want a sectional so bad, but can't find what I'm looking for. My husband doesn't understand at all because he seems to think all sectionals look exactly the same. Ugh.

  2. Yay for the WWU: Special Vday edition!

    Loved seeing all the pics - so glad ya'll had a great Valentine's weekend! Ya'll are too cute.

  3. You guys are so cute!! I love all the pics! We do the same thing (most of the time=)) with phones on dates, but if he goes to the bathroom, I'll take a quick peak;) We so need to go furniture shopping too, and yes my Hubby does not like clothes shopping and his shopping stamina in general lasts maybe 30 minutes=) (but he goes and goes for longer anyway, sweet Hubby=)).

  4. Sounds like you guys had a great weekend! Bring on the warm weather, I bought 3 pairs of sandals this weekend. THREE. I may have a problem.

  5. That cheesecake looks SO so delicious. Am jealous.

  6. Glad you had a great Valentine's together! That cheesecake looks delish! :)

  7. Happy Valentine's Day to you both :)

    I sat here looking at the mug Luke gave you and it took me a minute or two to figure out why it had an "R" on it. I'm dumb.

    Also, I love My Fair Lady! We saw it in DC the day we got engaged :)

  8. I hear ya, I am dying for Spring!!

    Sounds like a great little weekend!

  9. what a great time...I was able to cash in on that Express sale as well! Woohoo!

  10. That is the cutest outfit you have on!

    And I am so with you. I am over the cold weather. Bring on the sunshine!

  11. You're doing the Great Date Experiment, too? We had Great Date #1 last night and had a blast. They're fun!

  12. As the actor, I'm going to comment on the fact that you supported a kid from Church! I bet that meant the world to him to have you attend the show. And as the lead, I'm sure he was super nervous!

    If you've never seen My Fair Lady with Audrey Hepburn and Rex Harrison, it's a MUST rent. Such a great show!

  13. I am really picky about furniture, too. if it wasn't so expensive maybe I wouldn't be. But least when I finally do decide on something, it's something I really like.


  14. What a GREAT V-Day!! :)
    I just picked up my book yesterday and can’t wait to dig in!!

  15. I've been a follower of your blog for a few months crack me up!! That cheesecake looks AMAZING, so jealous. Swing by my blog when you get a chance, I left you a present :)

  16. Love that picture of you two from your date---you always look so pretty!!!

    And shopping. The bane of my existence. It is sooo frustrating!

  17. Sounds like a wonderful weekend!! You two are stinkin' cute... and now I need to look into that book So Long Insecurity... I definitely need a lesson on that :)

    Hope you're having a great Monday!

  18. you crack me up on your phones - of course, we totally do the same thing :-) and adam and I did that date experiment thing too - very fun :-) happy belated valentine's day!

  19. My Fair Lady is a wonderful movie. I hope you like it.
    You guys are adorable and it sounds like you had a wonderful weekend!

  20. you two are such a CUTE little couple! i just love it! :) happy valentines day girl!

  21. That cheesecake looks delish, what a great weekend.

  22. AMEN to warm weather. And again I say AMEN.

  23. Have you read So Long Insecurity? It's sitting here on my desk. I plan on starting it with the study group on Beth's blog this Thursday.

    Lucky you - cheesecake! (as if I NEED cheesecake, but yum...)

  24. you are so precious!!!! ok about the antique furniture. i love antiques or things that look antique. my trick is to check out auctions in the area or go to flee markets. some my dad has to redo for me and some come looking great!

    like my antique dining room table...$50....i love it. My buffet that my tv is on...$35!!! IT IS SO BEAUTIFUL AND PERFECT! They are in WONDERFUL condition and i saved so much money!!!!! don't get over takes time to collect ok!!!

  25. That mug is beautiful! Is it made by Roseanne? They have the best dishes.

  26. Valentine's day is my favorite!
    I am glad you guys had a wonderful time!
    Your date night looked just like mine... specially the waiting in the car part. ;-)


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