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This is what I've been doing

So I feel like a failure.

I said I would have more answers to my giveaway questions post but I don't.

At this rate I will be done with the questions around summer time.

And I have no excuse. Well actually I have an excuse but it's not a good one.

Unless you count me sitting on the couch for hours putting pictures of myself and Luke into to see who our celebrity look alike is.

Because that right there is my excuse, and apparently I'm not ashamed to admit it.

I remember this same thing going around at one point during my college career, and I'm sure I spent many hours avoiding a little thing called studying to sit and put my face into a website so that it could tell me that I supposedly look like some celebrity.

And I'm trying not to be to bitter towards this site but I have to say that I was never very pleased with the results.

First of all this is who it said Luke looked like:
Yes that is Raven Symone. The resemblance is uncanny.

After putting in the picture that I felt most accurately portrayed what I looked like this is who is said was my celebrity twin:
I will never look at Laura Bush the same.

I have to say that I wasn't too convinced that Mrs. Bush was my celebrity twin so I put in another picture.

About 20 more times.

And every time it gave me the picture of Mrs. Trump, apparently this is my celebrity look alike, minus the boobs
This blog is all about being honest and that is honestly why I don't have any answers tonight.

Well I did do one productive thing tonight, I made TWO dinners and froze one to eat next week. I pretty much consider myself a rock star after doing that.

A rock star who apparently resembles Laura Bush and is married to a man who resembles a young girl on a Disney show.

Ahhh, this is the life.

At one point the celebrity look alike indicator did tell me that I looked like Kate off of Lost but that could be because I put in about a billion pictures until it finally gave me somebody I wanted to look like.

I think Kate is absolutely beautiful.

The website was like, just give this poor girl somebody that she will like so she will stop importing 12847 thousand pictures.

So after I got her face I quit importing pictures. I realized I had become obsessed.

Oh and there might be a misunderstanding, I think I gave the impression that Luke and I are just now starting Lost, we have actually watched it since the beginning and we are rewatching the series.

Because we don't have anything better to do than to sit around and watch DVD's and try and get a website to validate that we are good-looking.

And now that this has become a long post about nothing other than my insecurities of not looking like Kate from Lost I need to sign off.

You should visit the site above and figure out who your celebrity look alike is!


  1. Raven?? I can't stop laughing :) And if it makes you feel any better, I've always thought Laura Bush was a very pretty woman! :)

  2. Girl, I'll validate you anyday!

    You so look like Kate from LOST!

    And not at all like Laura Bush.

    Although it IS kinda crazy that you're married to teen Disney's That's So Raven.


  3. Too funny! What a rockstar combo! I'm sure Raven and Laura always make sure to have extra dinners stored away in the freezer :)

  4. I did a post on this exact thing today! LOL

  5. Um I am so horrified and embarrassed that I haven't told anyone this...but it told me I look like MARTHA STEWART.


  6. Too stinkin hilarious! When I read your status on FB about Luke’s look alike, I busted out laughing! :)

  7. Oh my!! I'm not sure I trust that site enough to put my own pic in. LOL. Laura Bush?? That's insane!

  8. I have to say that I see the Trump resemblance! But, the Raven thing is really cracking me up! Hahahaha!!!

  9. Once again...laughing out loud at Luke's results!!!!! You DO NOT look like Laura Bush. HAHAHA!

  10. hahaha! I think I might be afraid to see what comes up for me if they think you look like Laura!

  11. HAHAHA this post CRACKED.ME.UP! Hysterical. You and your hubby are beautiful, celebrity look alike or not. Have a great weekend!

  12. Oh my gosh, Your husband's look alike is raven symone??? Whatever, your husband has WAY better hair than her! ;o)

    (And you are much hotter than Mrs. Trump, especially in the boob area. Hahaha! Ok that sounds weird because I haven't even seen your boobs. Great, now I sound like a stalker. I'll go now.)

  13. So funny!

    I haven't done that yet but I've seen so many people's look-alike on facebook.

    I think I might just be a little insecure about who I would get!

  14. Three out of four of my look-a-likes were MEN! NOT a joke.

  15. Ok, now I'm curious!!! Gonna have to check out this site!

  16. That's great! Sometimes we just need to be useless. I can understand the concept of doing ANYTHING to avoid studying. In fact, once I put my picture into a baby picture generator (you know, the ones that tell you what your kids will look like with your man, like How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days kinda creepy) well the bad part was I wasn't even dating anyone, so I just used celebrity photos. Now talk about lame! Hope that makes you feel better. :)

    PS~ I'm new to the blogger world, this is my first comment, I love your blog!

  17. I totally see the Melania thing. And while it may sound crazy I kinda see the Raven Simone thing. Also, where did they come up with the Laura Bush thing??

  18. Raven? Really? That's hilarious. Nice lookalikes! :)

  19. This sounds like fun!!! I definitely think you could def full off Mrs. Trump!

  20. LOL!
    Seriously, did you just we try it too. Who will be writting blog posts once we all get obsessed.


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