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Super Bowl Birthday!

It's Super Bowl Sunday and also my cute hubby's birthday!!

Luke was sad that his team the New York Giants weren't in the Super Bowl and thought that would have been the perfect gift. I guess Eli Manning didn't get the memo. Maybe next year babe!

He is 26 years old and is on the "downward" slide of his twenties. I probably shouldn't remind him because it really stresses him out.

Because his birthday fell on Super Bowl Sunday we knew we would have to be at the church for a gathering so we decided to celebrate his birthday on a later date.

However all of our friends still made the day special for him.

Our friends Stephanie and Todd got Luke the cutest little (well I say little it was HUGE) cake.

Luke with his cake:
Close up of the cake:
They also brought him a gift his favorite cookies:

My sister Kati came down to spend the night with us and of course brought the cutest little guy with her.

He spent his time during the Super Bowl doing lots of this:

And here he is cheesing it up before bed:
It was a great day and I hope that my husband had a great birthday! (even though I didn't give him his present today, I ordered it off line and it still isn't here, aren't I a horrible wife?!?)

In jewelry news....

Last week I mentioned that I had a Stella and Dot jewelry party and I had a couple of friends that wanted to see the cute jewelry I got and I am happy to share.

First off I had my eye on two necklaces, I couldn't decide which one to get but went with this beauty. It is absolutely gorgeous in person, so shiny.
You can wear it several different ways. Here it is again, please PLEASE ignore my camo shirt, I don't normally wear camo.
I also got this chunky bracelet. I have been all about bracelets lately and this one is fabulous.
And last but not least I got a set of three rings:
I tried to get a good shot of them but it was hard.
I don't sell Stella and Dot I just really like their stuff. Very cute and good quality.

So that was our Super Bowl Sunday. I honestly didn't watch 5 minutes of the game and I am ok with that! I will catch the commercials online!

Hope you had a great weekend!


  1. Happy birthday to Luke!

    Great rings!

  2. Happy Birthday Luke!

    Love the jewelry...especially the bracelet and rings!

  3. Happy Birthday to your Hubby! It was my birthday too! Aquarians are good people! ;0) Thankfully my Hubbs traded in the Super Bowl for a Romantic dinner @ the Seattle Space Needle! Luke's cake was super cute!

  4. Love the jewelry you picked out! I've never heard of Stella and Dot...maybe I need to look into it for here?

    And happy birthday Luke! I love the cake :)

  5. Ahh the jewelry is gorgeous!!

    Those rings are so pretty!!

    And mmm that cake looks SO YUMMY!!

    P.S. I will think of you today while shopping for my snowed-in kit (for the second time in a week). And I'm looking for sour balls even though I don't think they sell them around here.

  6. Happy Birthday to your hubs! My husband turned 26 today.

  7. Happy Birthday Luke! The cake is perfect. I am in love with those rings!! dang being responsible. :)

  8. Happy Birthday to Luke! That cake is so cute, so sweet of your friends! Maxton is adorable! and I love those rings!

  9. Happy Birthday to Luke!!

    That cake is amazing!

    And, um....... yeah, I turned 26 in August and I'm still stressed about it. Like, really stressed.

  10. So fun….. and love Luke’s cake and LOVE the jewelry!!! :)

  11. Happy Birthday to Luke! Love that jewelery! So Fun!

  12. Glad you had a great weekend! That cake is so fun! Happy birthday to your man! Miss hearing from you blog world! glad you got a ticket to atlanta, that will be so much fun!

  13. Love the jewelery you picked out! And happy birthday to Luke!

  14. Hope Luke had an awesome birthday!! What a great cake, and I love your new treats from Stella and Dot!

  15. Hahaha Maxton looks like the's doing the robot in that bedtime pic!

    I think I need those rings. My supervisor has the same ones and I've been eyeing them but didn't know they were Stella and Dot until now!

    Happy (late) Birthday, Luke!

  16. You're not a bad wife for not having his birthday present on his actual birthday day - it's in the mail! :)

    And BTW, I absolutely love those rings! How neat.

  17. Hope Luke had a great birthday! That cake is awesome!

  18. I love the jewelry - all their stuff is just amazing :-) so cute!

  19. Happy Birthday to Luke.

    Love your jewelry.

  20. Happy Birthday Luke!

    Okay, Megs, so I rarely freak out about my age. Very rarely. I truly believe that people stay young so much longer, and you're only as old as you feel, yadda yadda yadda ... but I'm not going to lie. When I read "he is 26 years old and is on the "downward" slide of his twenties ... well, I may have hyperventilated. Just a little. I'm 27!! That means I'm further down the slide. Is this really how you think of us? We're still young. We're still hip. {Do hip people say hip}. Haha.

    Love the new jewelry! Sorry I couldn't make the party!

  21. The cake is so cute! Oh my, I want to have a Stella & Dot jewelry party!!! I love their stuff....I could buy their entire website!!! Cute purchases!

  22. That is the cutest cake!!!!! Love it!! And I love all your jewelry!!! Those rings are beautiful!!!

  23. Hope he had a happy birthday!! LOVE the jewelry! I forgot to pick something to order. Cohen is getting most of my money these days!!

  24. Happy birthday to your husband, Luke. He had a great birthday's cake.

  25. I'm loving the jewelry! That necklace is too cute.


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