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Question and Answer Part Four

Sorry it is taking me so long to do these questions! I hope to have them done this week.

All about Luke

Since Luke is in a band and loves singing so much has he ever considered trying out for American Idol?
I would love for Luke to try out for American Idol next year, I think we all know I would love to meet Ry Ry.

How did you meet Luke?
I met Luke at college through a friend my sophomore year.

What are three things you love about Luke?
1. His heart
2. His patience
3. His humor

What is the most interesting thing you have learned from your husband about his heritage?
Nothing that I can think of. He's only a quarter Indian, although he looks full. Or sometimes people think he is Mexican, Asian, or Hawaiian.

Completely Random

How many scarves do you have?

What do you like to do in your free time?
Hm.. well read blogs of course, and read books and spend time with the hubs and lets not forget my good friend TV that Luke says I watch waaaaay too much of.

If you had a million dollars what would you spend it on?
Pay off our families debt and then put the rest into savings until I can think of something resourceful to do with it. I would use some of it to furnish a home.

What extracurricular activities did you participate in high school?
I was in band for several years but managed to keep it a secret from most people. I was weird. Now I am proud of the fact that I can play a musical instrument (well 2 including the piano). I did things here and there with some organizations through high school but I wasn't really involved in anything. I went to a huge high school and if you didn't get involved in activities early it was hard to get involved by the time you hit high school, if I could go back I would get involved more

If you could have dinner with one living person who would it be?I
I think this changes with different seasons of my life, but right now it would be Leonardo Dicaprio, so random I know.

What is something that we as your readers don't know about you?
Hm.. I'm not sure if I have ever talked about the fact that I play the piano. Well I say that like I'm good, I probably would have been good if I stuck with it, I played for about 5 years and then quit. My mom begged me not to quit but alas I did. What is that saying about "mothers always know best"??? I REALLY wish I wouldn't have quit. When Luke and I get a home we are going to get my piano from my parent's home and my goal is to re-teach myself.

Do you think your husband looks like Taylor Lautner and your sister looks like Elizabeth Hassleback?
I think my husband looks like Taylor Lautner, but nobody else does, so if you do that makes two of us.
And I don't see Elizabeth Hassleback in my sister, but I have been told that also.

What is your favorite childhood memory?
Well this is kind of hard because I have so many great memories, like when my youngest sister was born (I don't really remember when my first sister was born), or going to Disney world for the first time, but I think I will just go with the first thing that popped into my head and that was when we get our first dog. We were living in St. Louis at the time and we got her on my birthday, but she wasn't necessarily a birthday present. I can remember bringing her back to our home and just playing with her in our backyard. I just loved her to pieces.

What are three things you can tell me about yourself that would give me an idea of who you are?
1. I am a Christ follower
2. Family is extremely important to me
3. I don't take myself too seriously

What are you most looking forward to about Spring? What is your favorite season?
Hopefully being in a house in Spring and getting to spend time barefoot in our yard. I haven't had a yard in SEVEN YEARS. As soon as I get a yard I just want to run around in the yard barefoot.

What's a day in your life like? Give us your daily routine.
Well I wake up everyday, shower and go to work. I am one of those people that has to wash my hair everyday so I do that every morning. Not that anybody really cares. That was weird.
Then Monday and Wednesday I go jogging after work.
Tuesday and Thursday I just come home and start cooking.
Monday and Wednesdays I also have a small group, so I come home after jogging, cook real fast and then have small group. Now that I think about it I should change my jogging days to Tuesday and Thursday. Hm...

How are you so skinny when you talk about hating to work out?
Well I really don't hate to work out, but I've just never done it alot. I just try to eat in moderation. It's all about moderation and listening to your cravings, if you crave brownies eat them, then you won't crave them anymore. Thats my motto.

What Twitter App do you use on your phone?
EchoFon and I have liked it so far.

What do you like most about your Mac, do you miss anything about your PC?
Easy answer, EVERYTHING and NO.
In fact I still have to use a PC at work and now I hate it. Once you go Mac you never go back.

If you could have dinner with your BFF Ryan what would you talk about?
Oh just life and if he is or isn't........I think he would tell me. And for the record I don't think he is.

Do you collect anything?
I collect Christmas Ornaments of the different places we go on vacation and also coffee mugs

Tomorrow should wrap us up with House and baby talk.

OH and a question that I got asked yesterday is who is my favorite character on Lost.
Sawyer, I love Sawyer. I think he is funny, and the island has been the best for him, and he has grown as a person yet stayed true to character. Love him.


  1. If you love Sawyer now then just wait he gets better!

  2. Oh I'm a Sawyer girl too for sure! Although I do really like Sayid as well!

  3. AMEN SISTER...Mac's are awesome! Are you using your quick keys? Apple + [ is "back" and I use that one more than anything when surfing the web!

  4. aww I love reading all of your answers! yes, that is so true about Sawyer, love all his nicknames for everybody too (I always used to have fun nicknames for my kids when I taught=))!

  5. I feel the same way about my mac!!! I hate my PC at school now.

    Also...what you said about Sawyer is SO true. Loooooove him :)

  6. Sawyer's my favorite too! :-) he cracks me up - his sarcasm is just my kind of humor :-)

  7. I collect Christmas ornaments too! How random!

    And I'm jealous of your piano skills... I quit about a week into lessons. Oops!

    And does eating in moderation include entire bags of candy and junk food? I hope so. Cause we're getting an ice storm tomorrow and I've GOT to be prepared!!

  8. Combining two answers: WISH I could walk barefoot around my yard, but I'm not good enough about cleaning up after our you don't want to relive your childhood memory and get a dog quite yet. ;)

  9. I have a random question. In some of your pictures you are wearing a cross necklace. I love it. Where did you get it? Ha, random I know!

  10. I collect Christmas ornaments from all our vaca spots, too!
    I cannot wait to walk barefoot on our lawn.....

  11. Loved ALL your answers!
    I’m completely so out of the loop. What is all the hype about Lost? I haven’t seen one episode of that show, ha!

  12. Oh Meagan, I love reading your answers! You are just too cute!! I know we would/will have a blast if/when we go on our Braum's social :)

    P.S. Thank you for your sweet comment on the blog...I love how supportive everyone is in blogger land!

  13. Love reading all about you! Especially about you & Luke, it's so refreshing to see a relationship so full of fun & love!

  14. Love these questions and your answers are GREAT! Enjoying getting to know you better! I hope Luke tries out for AI, I have been watching and wondering if you and Luke will show up on screen!

  15. I think you and Luke will have BEAUTIFUL babies!!! :) Can't wait to read your next post! Hopefully you guys can find a house soon! Too bad you're not moving to NWA, I'd help ya find one that you both love! :)

  16. I wish my mom would have put me in piano lessons...and ballet lessons, but that one is kind of random in relation to this post.

  17. Love the q&a about Ryan. I don't think he is either. Or is he???

    This has been fun =)

  18. SO glad your in love with your MAC now :)

    love your Q&A!


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