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Project 365 - Week Six

This week for my Project 365 the days of the week are written in PINK in honor Valentine's week.

Don't try and stop this creativity. It is never-ending!

Sunday February 7th:
Luke's birthday!!! My sister and nephew came on Sunday and we hung out and then headed up to the church for the Super Bowl Party. Here is that cute little nephew. We LOVE when he comes to visit us!
Monday February 8th:
My sister spent the night and we woke up to SNOW. Seriously when did I move to Antarctica?!?! It was hard to decide if my sister should go ahead and drive home in the snow or take the risk of getting snowed in. She ended up driving back and I worried about her the WHOLE time. I could hardly get any work done I was so so worried. But she and Maxton made it safe and sound!
Tuesday February 9th:
I am lucky enough to have an uncle who is a professional video person. I really don't know what his title is and I don't want to give him the wrong title but he does video and edits it and probably lots of other stuff that I wouldn't understand. Anyways, he did our wedding video for us FOR FREE and this week he was finishing it up, so I went over to take a look at it and give any suggestions I had. We are SO thankful that he did this for us. Here he id in his editing room.
Wednesday February 10th:
I made this delicious Southwestern Pot Pie. It was amazing!!! I had to take a picture. It was like a pot pie but southwestern style.
Thursday February 11th:
This night I was craving chocolate like nobody's business. I braved the cold weather (which I NEVER do) to go out in search of some chocolate. I bought myself an overpriced heart full of chocolatey delights.
Friday January 12th:
Valentine date night with the hubster. Our sweet treats:
Saturday January 13th:
We went furniture shopping all day and then went to a local high school play. This is a bad picture but I didn't want to pull out my big camera, I was too embarrassed.


  1. Might have to drive an extra 10 minutes to the Cheesecake Factory to pick up some cheesecake for myself. That's how much your picture makes me want cheesecake.

  2. A wonderful week! I want that pot pie recipe...looks yummy!!

  3. oh my your nephew is ridiculously cute! :-) And I love the snow, but I must say I am ready for WARM weather!!

  4. Now, did you share that chocolate with the hubby or keep it all for yourself?? :)

  5. Um, that pot pie looks delicious.... would you mind sharing the recipe?

  6. Definitely going to need the recipe for that southwestern pot pie!

  7. Sounds like it was a great week. Any chance you want to give out the recipe to your pot pie.. sounds interesting! xoxo

  8. what a cute little nephew! love these recaps!

  9. Oh, that little Maxton is such a doll!

    And, I think I need that Southwestern Pot Pie recipe....pretty please!!

  10. More snow? It's never ending I tell ya!
    Love all the pictures :)

  11. You really need to share the southwestern pot pie recipe!!!!

  12. More snow for you huh?

    I live in Arizona so no snow for us.

    I like your pics!

  13. I like the rounded edges on your photos. What program do you use for edit?

  14. How cute is that little heart cheesecake (it is cheesecake, right?)!!
    I like the photo idea, very cool :)

  15. Please share the recipe! It looks perfect.

  16. I think I may have already told you this but I am truly enjoying your 365.

    I'm having fun doing mine as well. :)


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