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Linky Love

Whenever I switched to my new blog layout I erased all of my links on the left so I could start over fresh and add all of the blogs I love to read.

And then I never did it.

This is sadly the story for many things in my life. Slowly but surely I am taking care of the one task at a time.

First I started with my name change, now it is time to conquer the link list.

I don't have it completed yet but the other day my friend Becca shared a list of links on her blog of posts that really touched her that week. Because Becca is completely awesome I am going to copy her. She really is awesome you should go to her blog and tell her so.

So here are a couple of posts that I wanted to share with you. Check them out.
You need to read this post, for no other reason than it made me smile and maybe even tear up a bit. I wonder if I would have the guts to ask a stranger if I could simply "take their picture."

My friend Megan really needs your prayers right now. I ask that you would committ to praying for her, her husband and her unborn baby Cohen. You can read what is going on here.

Go to Angie Smith's blog and watch this video. What is it about a group of people signing together for a cause that makes me cry?

With his press conference this week everybody seems to be talking about Tiger Woods. I read this post about this person's opinion this week, I think you should read it too.

Well that was kinda fun, I might do it every week!


  1. Oh Man! I am doing this to this week!!!!

    I think I might include you on the who do I read and why this week, too. Even though we aren't personal friends or anything.

    I think your sense of humor is really funny and you remind me SO much of my sister Jessica!

  2. You have the best post! These links are great

  3. I had planned to do a post about this this very week... until I killed my laptop with all of my links. So for now I'll just read all the posts you like.

  4. I find myself praying for Megan, her husband, and baby Cohen at the most random times of the day. What a sweet girl she is.

  5. I love your links. For some reason I'm getting weirdly addicted to doing link posts. I have to try and limit myself to once a week . . .

  6. I LOVE me some linky love... I need to go over my list too :)


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