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February Funk

I have decided that I am suffering from a little something called February Funk.

I like to diagnose myself with random things and act like its a really big deal and then never talk about it again.

Anybody remember the Quarter Life Crisis? Well right now it's the February Funk.

And I completely made up February Funk, but I'm digging it.

Lately I have just feeling blah. Now don't get me wrong, life is good, I am blessed beyond what I deserve, but I'm allowed to feel a bit blah from time to time right?

Last night I decided to see what I blogged about in February 2009.

Guess what? I wrote about how I was in a funk.

So then I ventured on to see what I blogged about in February 2008 (isn't an online journal just the coolest?) and in that month I blogged all about how I am so ready for Spring.

I'm thinking that February is the month that winter starts to become redundant and I crave warm weather.

It's supposed to be cold during Christmas. Christmas is over. Bring on the warm weather.

Another reason for the 2010 February Funk could be because this happens to be a year when the sun disappeared.

Seriously, does anybody remember what it looks like? I seem to vaguely remember something shiny in the sky but I could be wrong.

Omigosh, see? I'm such a complainer these days.

That also made me think of going out in elementary school on the playground with weird glasses on to look at the sun. Did anybody else do that?

Did I dream that?

Anyways, I have been in such a funk I didn't even jog this week. Which is sort of driving me crazy.

I tend to have an obsessive personality (Twilight, Ryan Seacrest, Titanic, to name a few) so the fact that I became obsessed with completing my 5K was no surprise.

But I've decided this week that I don't want to be obsessed about it, I just want to do it to do it. So I am ok with taking a break off. As long as I stay disciplined.

It's all about discipline people.

Speaking of discipline I have this rule that I won't buy new soda until I have finished drinking all the soda that is in our refrigerator.

Well last week in a weird random moment I was craving Dr. Pepper, so I went out that moment and bought a 12 pack.

Word to the wise, if you are craving something that you normally despise do not buy a 12 pack.

It was the worst impulse buy since my black stretchy gaucho pants my sophomore year of college.

I shutter thinking of how tight those flimsy little pants were on my buttox.

Anyways, I have been choking down this nasty Dr. Pepper so that I can finally go buy some diet coke.

It has been torture, and I blame the February Funk.

So thats all I have for now.

I know I haven't finished the questions from my Q&A post and I fully intend to do that.

I just need to finish my February Funk and the nasty Dr. Pepper.

I just had a thought, I wonder if my funk has anything to do with the swamp water I am consuming also known as Dr. Pepper?

Something to think about.

Can anybody relate to the feeling blah right now?!?


  1. I soooo can relate. In fact, I'm trying to talk the husband into moving to California... as if that's the answer!

  2. I could help you out with the dr pepper if you'd like. Oh, and I lol'd when you mentioned the stretchy gaucho pants from college. I, too, am guilty of that horrible purchase. February will be over before we know it!

  3. I don't know reader Taylor, but I absolutely LOVE her solution. I try to convince my fiance of that very same thing! I think it is absolutely the solution.

    But Megs, if you can't move to California (and let's get serious, how many of us are really packing our boxes right now?) Allison is completely right ... February will be over before we know it. Today is the 10th, which means 14 days of love is almost over ... which means the 14th is almost here ... and the fourteen is the middle of the month ... and once you reach the middle it's all downhill from there to March ... right?

    So maybe my reasoning isn't the best ... either way, here's to hoping you escape the February Funk.

  4. I totally feel you!! I have cried everyday this week and for no real apparent reason.. Just have felt ugh lately! I even cried on Monday when it was snowing!! Iusually love snow! You are not alone my friend!!! Muah

  5. Yes, I'm with you. I tried to talk to Alex about my funky-self tonight and he just stared at me. Like I was speaking another language. Which I wasn't.

    I'm thinking I need to start tanning. A tan always makes me feel better.

  6. I know what you mean! Lots of ladies I know are going through the same thing.

    For me, part of it was also that the holidays were over & people reverted to their usual grumpy selves.

  7. I can definitely relate with the February funk! Oh, and please feel free to throw a few Dr Peppers my way seeing as its super hard to find them here! :-p

  8. ME! I feel SO BLAH! Which is why I think of you often. Because I am consuming candy.

    I definitely don't think my recently-acquired spare tire is helping me deal with this funk at all.

    Also, I drank a Diet Dr Pepper last weekend and I thought I was going to puke I felt so weird afterwards. BARF!

    February can go bye bye any day now...

  9. Feelin the funk. Unfortunately, it means Chris and I have been angry at each other for no good reason for a week. Boo.

    Love Dr. Pepper, but when I lived in Ireland, that was one thing they always commented on. How Americans were crazy if they thought Dr. Pepper tasted good.

  10. I agree- I think it's just the weather and the dark. Can't wait until it's light out when I wake up and light much later into the evening!

  11. Girl, it’s not the February funk, it’s the winter funk…. And you are not the only one feeling it!! :)

  12. Ugh I have the February Funk, too!! I got in bed at 6:30 last night and my husband had to beg me to "come sit at the table for dinner" haha!

    Hopefully spring makes its appearance sooner rather than later...

  13. I think we're all in a February Funk. It's not fun.

    Dr. Pepper....... I'm not much of a fan, but my brother LIVES on that stuff. He will drink it warm, too (which is disgusting).

  14. I am totally with night the weather is so gross you just want to sit and do nothing but then I get bored just sitting & doing nothing. Ughh...such a vicious cycle!

  15. I feel blah lately too! i think its the lack of sun and the cold weather! BOOO!!

  16. Totally there. But February only has 17 more days left, we'll make it!!

  17. Yes! There's no reason for it but I have just been lately and it's driving me crazy because I'm normally an upbeat person. Ready for spring!

  18. Hubby seriously talks everyday about moving back out west, with clear sunny skies every single day! every day! the sun came out today here, I hope it comes out by you too! =)

  19. There is something up with this month... I am totally feeling blah right now and was going to take a blogging break... :(
    Can't wait for the spring. CAN'T WAIT!

  20. Totally with you on this one. I'm so very ready for spring and warmer weather. I cannot even believe I used to call myself a cold weather person! Goodness. Right now, I'm praying for a warm wedding day-hope I get it!

  21. I totally agree...I'm ready for spring and nice weather again. And to actually have it light out so I can have the blinds and windows open when I get home from work. Come on summer!

    I've never tried Dr that weird?

  22. Oh to see the sun again.. I want a tropical vacation so bad it hurts! :)

  23. Hey,
    Yes I'm with you, it seems as if this winter is never ending!
    I can't wait for real sunshine and I can't really complain because I don't live in an area that gets snowed in (all it does is rain here and even then, we have green grass, flowers blooming).

    I am finding though that as the days gets longer I'm coming out of the funk... December was brutal!

  24. This describes me right now too. Good to know it has a name.

  25. Hey Megan!
    when is your 5k? i'm aiming to do the one the end of April here in Oklahoma.
    And i agree with the others....tanning is the solution! I've never felt so pale!!

  26. Girl, I hear you! I have seasonal affective disorder (but, who doesn't right) can be so gloomy sometimes! =( I hope some sunshine finds its way into your life! xoe

  27. Hope you get out of your funk girly...this weather will do it to you.

  28. This comment has been removed by the author.

  29. I am so blah! And it is snowing again today :( I am so over it!!!! You did make me laugh thinking about those glasses in elementary school.

  30. I believe in the February funk! I think I'm in the same rut. Check out my latest blog post for a little something to brighten your day!

  31. Megan, you seriously don't like dr. pepper?!?! Oh my word, that is my FAVE and I miss it so much now that I don't drink caffeine anymore.

    You are so funny and yes, I can relate to the February funk. So ready for spring!!

  32. Just go ahead and ship that Dr. Pepper on over to me.

  33. haha I feel the same way right now. And I like it when you write random posts too :-) makes me feel better about mine!

  34. I SO know what you mean. I think it's really hard this time of year, when you are so over the weather, and everything is the same!

    And I couldn't agree more about gaucho pants. Ugh.

  35. Definitely feeling that February Funk.

  36. Apparently lots of peeps are in the Feb Dr. Pepper funk...not me though. But I hope you get out of it soon! Maybe switch to Pepsi? WTF do I know?

  37. I'm feeling the same way. It's got to be this ridiculous weather.

    I would totally drink those Dr. Pepper's for you.


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