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Thursday Thoughts

1. Do you ever get in a rut with cooking? I feel like I have been doing the same recipes over and over and haven't branched out in awhile. I need to try some new recipes but I get so intimidated by them.

2. I am going to have a giveaway next week. Stay tuned!

3. I still haven't told the apartment 'fix-it' people that they need to fix my closet. I'm afraid that they are going to yell at me and tell me we had too many clothes hanging on the rod. I am trying to find a place to hide all of our clothes before they come. Seriously.

4. I am craving cheesecake like nobody's business.

5. I have seen this "Real Me" thing floating around the blog world. You are supposed to show a picture of the real you. Here is the real me. Right after jogging, all sweaty, no makeup. Elf ears. Me.

6. I need to get a bathing suit for our upcoming cruise. Bathing suits scare me.

7. I have been drinking more water everyday. The only change I have noticed is my amount of trips to the restroom.

8. The other day I looked under my bed and saw this:
Anybody need a hair tie?? Anybody need some dust? That is the real me.

9. There are lots of good shows on TV right now. But you ALL need to be watching Community. It is hilarious and I'm afraid there aren't enough people watching it. If it gets canceled I am going to cry and blame all of you.

10. I'm not sure what kind of socks my last post was about. I will ask and get back to you. But they are amazing.


  1. Very random, but funny!

  2. um i TOTALLY make chicken quesadillas ALL. THE. TIME. But, I luuurve them, and so does my boyfriend.
    But we are mexican food freaks.
    The rut, too, shall pass. ;)

  3. oh, and i watch community... i will cry with you if it gets cancelled.

  4. I have never even heard of Community!

    Ha- Your hair bands crack me up.. You must have a never ending supply!

  5. Your hairbands have me cracking up! What honesty :)

    And Megan, do NOT be intimidated by trying a new recipe. Worst case, it turns out bad, and you order a pizza. That's my mentality when I try something new!

  6. haha you crack me up! I find bobbypins everywhere!

  7. you should check out my blog..i always post recipes :)

  8. I found a bunch of hair ties behind my bed as well. I love Community! Do you watch The Office too? Funny stuff!

  9. My husband and I LOVE Community! It just keeps getting better.

  10. Ok so Community is hilarious. How about Jack Black this week? Totally cracked me up.

    and I think those hair ties look just like my stash. Except I have no idea where my stash is. They must be somewhere though.

    ps - you look entirely too pretty without any makeup - it's not even fair.

  11. Omg, you are hilarious!

    First off - I wish I looked as gorgeous as you with no makeup on!! You have such amazing skin and beautiful features!!

    I have tried 2 new recipes and I will share them when I finish. They're NOT scary recipes cause that totally freaks me out.

    Mmm.. cheesecake. Have you ever had the red velvet cheesecake from Cheesecake factory? Seriously.... it's heaven.

    I have that same hair tie prison near my bed. But I just pretend it doesn't exist.

    Love our BF Joel McHale. Yum.

  12. This post made my morning! There are tons of bathing suits at target right now. They are scary. I might buy one and duct tape it to my fridge as a friendly reminder.

  13. Okay the real you is adorable! Seriously...

    And I'm with you, bathing suits freak me out and I totally need a new menu plan. We eat the same 4 things over and over again... just changing out the sides. Blah. ;)

  14. I can help you with some recipes and if none of mine interest you, I have a list of awesome blogs you should take a look at. You'll definitely find some great things there!

  15. I think my hair ties must be in that stack because mine keep disappearing!!

    And I've been in a cooking rut since.. oh, forever. Is that bad?!

  16. I've been drinking more water too and while the bathroom trips have increased tremendously :s I also have WAY more energy!

  17. What cruise are you going on? We're trying to decide out summer vacation and I think we're leaning towards a cruise too, only we're not sure what line to go with.

  18. That picture of the hair bands cracked me up! It looks like that is where old hairbands go to die, ha!

  19. You make my day each morning when I come to work! Thanks for always giving me a good laugh...and I promise, I'm not laughing at you, I'm laughing with you.

    Cheesecake, seriously...did you have to mention that? I need some RIGHT now!

  20. I have hair ties all over the place too! I always lose them and instead of looking for one I get a new one.

  21. You kill me!
    I know I say that every single time I read one of your posts... but you make me laugh.
    Funniest blog I read... not even joking :)
    Happy Friday my friend!

  22. Well I'm watching Community so don't blame me :) I agree, one of the funniest shows on TV. Did you see Jack Black last night?!

    I can't even imagine what would happen if I posted a picture of myself after working out, with no makeup. It would probably give people nightmares. You don't look bad!

  23. Ok, random recipe from a random person b/c it's one of our favorites and SOOOOO easy and quick.

    Spinach and Black Bean Enchiladas

    - Package frozen creamed spinach
    - Can black beans
    - Salsa
    - Cheese
    - Low-fat sour cream
    - Tortillas

    Heat the spinach & mix with 1/2 cup of sour cream. Heat black beans and mix with a little salsa. Put some of each mixture in a tortilla shell, roll it up, put in a casserole dish. Once you've assembled as many as you want, sprinkle with cheese, and put in the oven at 350 until bubbly (it's 10 minutes?). Delicious, quick, and remotely healthy. I have created MANY addicts.

  24. Agh to #6. Is there anything worse than bathing suit shopping? Jeans shopping is a close second, at least for me.

    And the picture in #8 looks vaguely familiar... If I looked behind my bed right now, I'd see the same thing! :)

    P.S. Your blog always makes me smile!

  25. VS has a few cute bathing suits in the new catalog.

    I have ponytail holders ALL over my house. I find them in the most random places too.

  26. Hmmm...never heard of Community I need to look into that. I wonder if that's where all my hair ties end up at your apartment? Everytime I need one I never for the life of me can find one.

  27. oh so glad i'm not the only one with the hair tie issue. Although my collection also includes bobby pins.
    And along with the pile of a dozen or so that I have in the corner of my bedroom, I also find hair ties in other random places around my house.
    I clearly have a hair tie addiction.

  28. Your blog is cute, I love reading it!!! I think I am in the same rut as you, now my hubby wants to try a fast?!! I don't know how we are going to do it...

  29. Girl, you are gorgeous no matter what! Yay for a giveaway!!!

    Hope you and Luke have a great weekend!

  30. Tivo set for Community... so that it doesn't get cancelled... you know...


  31. I just posted a couple of new recipes, you should check them out, I think you will like one of them!!

  32. lol your hairbands remind me of me. except I have about 20 on my nightstand table, along with about 10 pairs of earrings....everything ends up there before I go to sleep!

  33. I would totally hide my clothes too!!!

  34. You look pretty great "real you"! :) The hair tie thing is funny...I'm the same way, except with bobby pins. I keep a pack of bobby pins in my purse at all times...on my bathroom counters...on my nightstand...dresser...floor...ahh.

  35. those hair tyes are hilarious! A CRUISE!? I'm jealous!!! I haven't seen The Community! Maybe we can try to squeeze it in to our ridic TV schedule, haha!

  36. I've been watching Community--hilarious! Do you watch Parks and Recreation? It comes on right after Community. I love it!


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