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Second Most Wonderful Time

I am so glad you all loved the notecards. I fell in love with them and figured that all of my lovely blogger friends would love them also!

I will be drawing the winner on Sunday, so if you haven't entered the giveaway you can do it here.

In other news it is the 2nd most wonderful time of the year.

Christmas is the 1st

Girl Scout Cookie time is the 2nd.

I was a Girl Scout once but I dropped out because I heard a rumor that the older kids were beating up the younger girl scouts.

It was a dirty rumor and not true.

But I was never really good at that whole "doing good deeds to earn a patch" thing so I wouldn't have lasted much longer anyways.

BUT my un-committed ways to Girl Scouts have nothing to do with my love for their cookies.

I probably love them a little too much.

Last night my sweet little cousin called and asked if I would like to buy some cookies.

I put her on hold and asked Luke, how many boxes of Samoas should I get, 6 or 7?

Apparently the fact that I said 6 or 7 was the funniest thing he had heard all day long.

All I know is that we only order about 3 boxes every year and then make mad dashes around town looking for girls selling cookies.

In fact last year in a fit of fury looking for cookies, Luke called me and said "well I've just walked around all of Wal-Mart looking for those little girls but I couldn't find any, I will have to try again tomorrow".

Those cookies make us go crazy.

I'm not even going to tell you how many cookies I ordered, but last night while laying in bed I told Luke that I felt like we made a mistake and needed to order more.

I worry about the important things in life.

Like older kids beating me up and cookies.

Well I need to go now, I have some questions to answer. And I told Luke that he has to answer all the questions about why we can't find a house because I can sum it up in three words. It's his fault. Love him.

Oh and I need to make a call to order some more cookies.

Have a good weekend!!!


  1. I have mine ordered already! Yum - can't wait until they arrive.

  2. I am so glad you posted this!

    I had NO idea Girl Scout cookies were already available for order!!!!!

    Samoas are the most amazing cookie on the face of the planet. To everyone who claims that Thin Mints are the best..... Pffftttt.

    I tried being a Daisy, but I heard a nasty rumor that they made you camp. That rumor WAS true and I wanted no part of that ridiculousness.

  3. Alex called me last week to ask how many boxes of cookies should he order.

    We almost divorced last year because he didn't even tell me that there was girl scout's daddy whom he worked with. We didn't get How on earth are you asked if you want to order girl scout cookies and not order any!??

    Needless to say, he learned his lesson and we are happily married, waiting on our boxes of tagalongs.

    The End.

  4. This post is too funny! I love the part about him looking for the girls at Walmart and having to go back tomorrow. Too funny!!!

  5. I am dying laughing, I just read it out loud to my husband! The funny thing is, our girl scout came around to the office today and I sent Mr. an email today saying "I want a box of thin mints and a box of carmel delites. What do you want?" And he said "Shortbread, but that sounds like too many boxes." I'm like "THREE?! THREE is TOO MANY?!?"

    I'm glad I am not alone!!

  6. There is nothing weird about Luke looking for little girls in Wal Mart :)

    I would be lying if I said I bought less than boxes from girls at school. That's all I'll admit about Samoa and Thin Mint addiction!

    (And I'm so glad you call 'em Samoas...I hate when people start calling them caramel delites!)

  7. Girl, you are tempting me. I need to STEP AWAY from the Girl Scout Cookies.

    Just say no.

  8. I agree! I get giddy when it's Girl Scout cookie time :)

  9. You two crack me up! I purposefully resisted getting samoas this time. I have zero self control. I had to choose between samoas and thin mints. Life is hard.

  10. LOVE girl scout cookies! I've already got mine ordered!

  11. Preston wants to order some cookies so bad but I'm saying no becuase I will eat a whole box of them. I just can't tempt myself.

  12. HAHAHA that cracks me up - I always am desperate for Samoas too and if i see the girl scouts somewhere i yell at adam to pull over so i can get some :-)

  13. Megan,
    Just when I thought I couldn't love Girl Scout Cookies more, they go and put them in Dairy Queen Blizzards. OH BE STILL ME HEART!!! Thin Mints in ice cream ~~ Oh my stars!! Yep gonna have to find me a girl scout cookie selling patched up girl!!! Thanks for letting me know it's the season!!!!!

    Have a Blessed weekend,

  14. Oh man, this post makes me want some gs cookies now.. YUM!!!! Enjoy them! :)

  15. Yum! I love gs cookies- too bad they aren't weight watchers friendly (at least not by the sleeve like i eat them0!

  16. Hi Megan. I found your blog from Jessica Turner's.

    Don't feel bad about the cookies, we have ordered twice this year! They were selling in the fall and now! It's great!

  17. Hahahaha. this post crcked me up.

    And I love this time of year. I stalked down someone to order some girl scout cookies.

  18. Call me! Call me! I'm selling cookies:) Wait, I take that back. My 6 year old is selling cookies, which means I am selling cookies. Her goal is 200 boxes, and I just heard my husband tell her after she's done selling, we'll buy the rest to get to 200. Yeah right.

  19. I may have had my arm twisted (okay fine, I didn't, I jumped at the chance) into buying 8 boxes from a lady in my office. Crap.

    I just love those overpriced yums!!

  20. I am right there with you! Thin mints are my weakness and for some stupid reason we only got two boxes of them this year... and they're already gone!!

  21. Girl, I absolutely love the thin Mint girl scout cookies! I could eat a whole book. They are so sinfully good!! :)

  22. Confession: If I don't get Girl Scout cookies each year I don't die. I know I'm THE only person who acts like this.


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