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Question and Answer Part Three

The third set of answers. I promise I am announcing the winner of the notecards on Wednesday. For now here are these:

Food, Food Food.

What is your favorite recipe to make?
Hm.. I have lots of favorites, but right now it would have to be this amazing Chicken Enchilada Recipe that my friend Stephanie shared with me. SO YUMMY.

How many days a week do you cook dinner?
I cook dinner almost every week night and at least one weekend night, so usually around 6 a week. Sometimes less, never more :-)

Valentines Day Plans?
Still not sure, we are not big on Valentine's dates. I LOVE the day, but we usually just go out somewhere kind of like usual. Nothing big.

What is the best thing you have eaten? What is the worst?
Best thing would be queso. There is nothing better than God's Pure Queso.
Worst, hm.. I'm not really a picky eater, so this is tough but I have to say peas. Peas are SICK.

So now that you are a coffee drinker what is your favorite way to drink it?
Well before Christmas I would either drink it black, or with a big of Coffee Mate in it. Now that we have a Keurig coffee maker I love to drink a breakfast blend every morning.

If you could eat something everyday and not gain any weight what would it be?
Pizza and brownies. No ifs, ands, or buts about it.

Did you ever try all the Starbuck's drinks from your post?
I still have not yet tried them all, but I do plan to do a follow up post after I have tried a majority of them. I need to wait until after it gets warm and I have tried Iced Coffee drinks. I have to say anything Skinny, is just gross.


Where is your dream vacation spot?
Hm.. So many places, but I would have to say Hawaii

Where did you stay for your honeymoon and would you stay there again?
We stayed at El Dorado in Playa Del Carmen and we loved it. It was an all inclusive resort and was the perfect getaway for our honeymoon. I would recommend it to anyone planning a trip to a resort.

Some random questions:

What was your favorite book growing up?
When I was young my parents got me this book "My Sister Katie the Pest" and because my sister's name is Kati I absolutely loved it. I read it several times. I don't even remember what it was about though!

What is your favorite book?
Redeeming Love

What piece of jewelry are you lusting over on the Stella & Dot site?
I recently went to a Stella & Dot jewelry party and fell in love with their jewelry. Seriously adorable stuff. I had a party tonight and I am excited to order my stuff. This is currently the piece I am lusting over. Adorable.
Who would be your Grey's BFF? Meredith or Christina?
Definitely Christina. I couldn't handle Meredith during the whole with Derek, not with Derek, hate Derek, love Derek, weird post it wedding. Too. Much.

What make you laugh really hard?
My husband. He makes me laugh all. the time. He is seriously funny, even when he doesn't try. Is that called laughing at him or with him?? Either way he is hilarious!

What is your favorite movie of all time?
Titanic of course.

Did you get the shelf in your closet fixed yet?
Haha, yes we did, and hopefully it stays up this time. At least until we move, then I don't care if it falls.

If you tried out for American Idol what would you sing?
Before he Cheats by Carrie Underwood. And I would request that I be able to audition from my car because I sound really good when I'm in there.


  1. Glad to see someone else cooks as much as I do but never more of course! That would be great if you could audition from your car cause then I'd audition too!

  2. I cook about six days a week too, and I think that it helps, because we are able to save so much money that way! :)

  3. Ok so seriously were we separated at birth? Pizza ~~ fav ~~ brownies ~~ fav ~~ Titanic ~~ fav!!!!! Yep separated at birth I tell ya =)

    Love your answers!!!

    Have a Super day,

  4. I normally cook about 5 nights a week...I actually love to cook so I don't mind. Thanks for the recipe, those chicken enchiladas look fantastic!

  5. OMG I almost spit my coffee out when I read your best/worst foods. I TOTALLY agree!! Queso is like the nector of the gods and peas are like the poop.

    'nuf said.

  6. OMG! I HATE peas too. YUCK, they are so gross. Any kind of pea...I hate it. You are now making me want a Keurig REALLY BAD! I have been lusting over one quite some time. I need one ASAP! lol. Love your Q&A post.

  7. I have loved reading these posts!!

  8. YOU make me laugh! But then I know I have said that many many times! I love your answers... and I agree - if I were to try out for AI I would definitely ask to sing from my car. I sound GREAT there!

  9. Love the American Idol question/ funny! And, I'm impressed with how often you cook during the week...I wanna be like you when I grow up!

  10. Wow you cook a lot during the week!! Do you normally plan ahead your meals? I am horrible at that.

  11. Love all of your Q&As- so fun! I am still laughing about the American Idol one. I think you'd get on TV just by insisting that the judges follow you out to your car!

  12. We should eat together because peas are nasty and I love queso. Love it.

  13. I think peas are gross too! And I love queso too! I think we may have to have Chelino's tonight now!!

  14. Oh I love Titanic too! I was so excited to hear James Cameron was making another movie. Then I saw the preview and I was very dissapointed. Avatar just doesn't seem like it will hold up very well to Titanic. I still haven't decided if I'm going to see it or not. Did you see it? Do you have thoughts?

  15. Love the Stella & Dot piece you picked! I have a good feeling we are going to get you that necklace FOR FREE!!!

  16. Pizza and brownies, yummy yum yum!

  17. Given all the crazy AI contestants, I don't actually see asking that your audition take place in your car is all that weird.
    They'd probably welcome getting away from that desk for a while.

    Hey, so if you were to pick one guest judge to have on your AI panel from the guest judges so far this season, who would you pick?

    I'd pick either Shania ('cause she actually gave constructive comments) or Katy Perry just to hear her comments to Kara.


  18. I think that it helps, because we are able to save so much money that way! :)

    Work from home India

  19. Wow, maybe I need to start appreciating my breakfast blend more. Been drinking it at work for awhile, but still crave Dunkin Donuts. It IS pretty good...

  20. I love belting out Before He Cheats in my car...the best!


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