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Lovely Blogging Friends

Can I refer to you all as "My Lovely Blogging Friends" from now on? Cause I kind of, sort of, love it.

I am glad that my whining could entertain some of you for some 57 seconds of your life. I'm not sure my whining has ever entertained Luke for any seconds of his life. Or my parents.

I was debating whether to post the video but a good friend encouraged me to go ahead and do it. She doesn't live everyday with my whining, she was unbiased.

But I'm glad that I could make some of you laugh.

Laughing is the best.

And now that I know how to make videos I just might get carried away. It was the easiest thing ever now that I have my awesome Mac. Really, the video-making has the potential to get out of control

Now that you are all my lovely blogging friends I feel like I need to warn you about something.

A couple of weeks ago I posted about how much I love my humidifier.

But now I have to warn you. If you own a humidifier, please, Never, EVER open your humidifier and look inside of it.

I did this today and almost passed out.

Well I don't know if I almost passed out from what I saw, or from the amounts of screaming and running in place and shaking my hands out of disgust that I did.

Let's back up. I noticed last week that our humidifier wasn't working as well as it had in the past. So I did the natural thing, I left it alone.

Then today at lunch, for some strange reason I will never understand, I decided to take apart the humidifier to see if I could problem solve in the 10 minutes I had left of my lunch hour.

Um, there was ALL SORTS OF NASTY going on in that there humidifier.

So I went and dug out the ole handy dandy humidifier manual.

I save all manuals for everything. It's a great fire hazard.

The handbook informed me that I am supposed to clean the humidifier after EACH USE.

I've had it for a year and never cleaned it once.

I could actually probably say that about a lot of items (and clothes) in my apartment, but thats another story for another day. Or not.

Now, my first reaction was to throw it away, I cannot handle things of that nature.

Blood and guts? I can handle that.
Dissecting pigs in 7th grade science class? I can handle that.
Mold of any form? I want to scream and cry. And most times I do.

But being the Woman that I am trying to become I decided to read the manual front to back.

Currently my humidifier is in about five different pieces resting in white vinegar, and I am resisting every urge in my body to just chunk the nasty thing and start over.

But I promise, I'm not whining about it.


  1. I didn't know you were suppose to clean them at all. I did know they turned yucky though because I too took ours apart. So gross.
    Do you love your Mac now?

  2. Hahaha silly girl - warm water and warm air is a recipe for mold!

    And also, I now want to wash my brain with bleach - thank goodness you didn't post a picture.

    Some mommyblogger posted a photo of her front loading washer's mold and I didn't think my brain would ever come clean.

    I hope you get it clean and I seriously need to find our humidifier. It's missing and I don't think we threw it away.


    I'm not whining either.

  3. Just curious - what type of humidifier do you have? I have a crappy one from walgreens and am looking for a better one.

  4. It is so gross, I agree! Nick is in charge of cleaning and refilling it (he loves his humidifier!) so he keeps it up but if he lets it go just a few days it is crazy the stuff that builds up in there.

  5. Lesson learned, clean humidifier, haha!! :)

  6. Yuck! Humidifiers can certainly become quite disgusting after a while!

  7. So funny :)

    What kind do you have?
    I've been thinking that we need one but I don't know anything about them? What kind is yours?

  8. That is funny! I had no idea, good to know!

  9. I didn't know you were supposed to clean them either!! Gross...I might need to find someone to do that for me.

    And I LOVE your outtakes video! You need to do more of these. :)

  10. LOL Luckily, Alex reads EVERY manual and cleans ours every night before use. It can cause you to get sick if you don't clean it...or so he read. :)

    Yes, please...MORE VIDEOS!! I kept watching it over and over. Alex kept saying, "WHAT IS SO FUNNY!??" Outtakes are awesome.

  11. First of all, my crazy husband has a plastic box where he saves EVERY manual that we get. We have manuals for everything from hairdryers to his CD player he got for Christmas in '99. Sadly, this isn't a joke.

    Secondly....EWWWW! Mold makes me totally freak out and squirm. Like Sarah said, thank you SO much for not posting a picture. If you had taken one, the awful sight may have ruined your new camera!

  12. I agree with everyone asking you to never post such a picture! I am sure that i would have lost my dinner from last night since I have skipped breakfast!

  13. I feel like looking in your humidifier is like looking in your vacuum cleaner. Only do it if you want to feel like you're living in filth. Not fun!

  14. Exactly the reason I quit using ours, it was such a pain to clean every day. But with so much static in the air I dug it out again and won't work because I need a new filter. But I'm not whining either ;)

    PS Word verification was "swaygas" ... interesting...

  15. EWwww... I didn't know you had to clean them after every use?! I don't have one... but I am with you. I am not good at THAT kind of gross stuff. Yucko!

    I was inspired and was going to try my hand at a video blog. Um yah, deleted. I looked retarded. Maybe next week. Maybe!

  16. this happened to me..I threw it away and bought a new one and remembered to clean it!!

  17. You are I are peas in a pod...I totally would have chunked it!! And definitely wouldn't have thought to clean it!

  18. Hey! I've never commented on your blog, but I do enjoy reading it! I love your video outakes on the previous funny! :)

  19. We were talking about getting a humidifier the other day. Now I know I have to clean it regularly! :)


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