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Ice Storm Necessities

For over a week now the news has been warning us of an ice/snow storm that is headed our way.

So today, Thursday, right on time the ice started coming down and the University I work at closed down at noon.

I try not to doubt the not-always-correct-weather-men, but I was mildly surprised when the ice actually showed up at the predicted time.

On my way home I decided I would to go to the grocery story. Everybody goes to the store to stock up on food during an ice storm right? It only seemed like the natural thing to do.

It was the moment that I stepped inside the store that I realized I had no idea what I even needed.

I was simply going to the store because everybody else was.

If everybody was jumping off the cliff I was right there with them.

I walked around for about a good 10 minutes before I even remembered to get a basket to put food in.

It was like I had never grocery shopped before. The ice storm was completely throwing off my A-game.

I then called Luke to find out what we needed during the Ice Storm of 2010. I figured if I couldn't think of any food we needed, Luke, the boy who loves to eat could definitely think of something.

So I called and asked if we needed any necessities for the big storm

To which he replied: Yes, please go check the TV's and see how much they are and maybe get one.

Um....excuse me what?

He then proceeded to explain that during ice storms he likes to play video games on the big TV in the living room but I like to watch TV on the very same TV, so getting a new television would solve our dilemma for the ice storm.

Hm....I was thinking something more along the lines of: bread, milk, a heat generator....not A NEW TV.

Silly me.

Between me and you I didn't even go look at the TV's. Seriously, who buys a TV in the middle of an ice storm?

However, I did get the necessary food items:
I mean, it would be horrible if we found ourselves trapped in an ice storm without Sour Patch Kids or Spicy Munchies.

That would almost be wore than being trapped inside with just one TV in the living room.

Oh the horror.


  1. I am SO jealous of you right now. Really. You have no idea how much I wish I could stay home and eat spicy munchies while watching LOST!

    One small problem though, WHERE are your teddy grahams and icing?? :)

  2. I'm pleasantly surprised at the lack of ice that has shown up so far! I hope it stays this way ... because I didn't go to the grocery store to get ANYTHING!

  3. What? You didn't think the t.v. was the most PERFECT idea?! lol
    Crack me up Luke!
    Looks like you guys are all prepared. I hope the storm isn't that bad!

  4. We at least you have the Lucky Charms to keep you warm!

    I'm crossing my fingers your power isn't out!

  5. Lucky Charms -- check
    Chocolate Chip Cookies, of the Famous variety -- check
    Sour Patch Kids -- got 'em
    Diet Coke -- totally check
    Did I forget anything? Oh yeah, A TV ~~ HONEY YOU FORGOT THE TV. Oh yeah, and that!! heehee

    Totally cracking me up this morning!!

    I thought about ya all day.

    Our storm hasn't been nearly as bad as they said. Still expecting more snow today though.

    Have a Blessed, snuggly =) day,

  6. HILARIOUS. And you JUST gave a tv away? Doh.

  7. Mmmm Lucky Charms are my fav!!

    I'm new to your blog, found you through a friends blog. Can't wait to read more!

  8. how do you stay so thin is what I want to know? haha...good luck with the ice storm!

  9. This is why we are friends. You crack me up big time.

    Loved all your tweets last night about what you were eating. I'm also a huge fan of air heads!

    and ummm Luke saying you should get a new tv is priceless.

  10. Hilarious post! Love that your hubby wanted you to look at tv's. Never mind that the power could go out!

    Hope you stay safe and have a nice, cozy weekend!

  11. HA! I would take the SPKs and the Spinach and Artichoke dip too. YUMMY!!

  12. Love this...the weathermen actually predicted 6-12 in of snow...unfortunately we're now probably only going to get about snow day for me! ;o( But enjoy your day off and your Sour Patch Kids!

  13. It WOULD be horrible to not have diet coke. Seriously.

  14. The ice is here as well. I went to the store last night and stocked up on the "necessities." Ya know, like powdered donuts and fritos.

    Have fun fighting over the tv! :)

  15. Sour Patch Kids are def a necessity!

  16. haha too funny. When that last hurricane came to Texas, I went to the store just like you because thats just what you do and I walked out with 2 bottles of wine and a box of cheerios. HAHA. I asked my hubby what we needed and he said nothing just get some wine. LOL

  17. I see you got Diet Coke.. that's all I need to survive! :)

  18. Your blog posts can be the highlight of my day. I love reading you! And good luck with the ice storm

  19. ha ha wow. Did you get a TV?

    I love me some famous amos, and that spinach artichoke dip looks good as well.


  20. haha you crack me up! we didnt get it too bad over here, but north got lots of snow! hope yall are staying warm

  21. Hey girl, go to

    That's where I edit all of my photos, add text, etc. It's free. I pay a small fee and get some upgrades, but you get quite a bit through the free program as well. :)

  22. haha this totally cracked me up - and I definitely would consider sour patch kids a necessity for every ice storm. Or every day. Whichever.

  23. Lol Sour Patch Kids and Diet Coke are essential! :)

  24. Im' the same clue what to buy! As long as you've got blankets and something to eat that doesn't require electricity- you'll be good to go!

  25. Hahaha hilarious!! Those are totally essentials!

  26. so funny! especially since you just blogged recently about getting rid of a tv :)

  27. We are stuck south of Norman with no power. (Using a generator, not sure if I should have the computer/internet hooked to it or not) :-( Anyways, yes you can't be stuck in an ice storm without all of those things and my husband would have said the tv too! I've learned to not even ask!!

  28. I love that sour patch kids was a necessary food item! :)

  29. Hi Megan!
    Been meaning to comment that I love, love your new background! We had an ice/sleet/snow storm. My hubs came home with stuff to make cookies, brownies, and chili and 2 DVDs to watch.
    And we lost power for 10 hours!! LOL..
    No electricity means No cookies, no brownies, no chili, no movies.

    Oh, weel we are stocked for next weekend!

    I am having a giveaway for Ariat boots. Come by and enter!! It ends to morrow night so spread the word!

    Hope you weekend was great. New T.V. or not!

  30. I like the way you think =) great essentials! and the tv, I've actually been the one pushing for a new one lately, haha! athough Hubby wants one too, (darn budget) we have an old CRT, not that we watch that much tv though, hahaha ;-)

  31. I love your ice storm essentials!! Especially the sour patch kids and the dip!!! Sour patch kids take me back to my days in high schools and movie concessions!

  32. I see nothing wrong with that photo...that is the perfect snow food. :)

  33. Looks pretty much like our hurricane necessities! ah ha ha


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