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How I Spent My New Year's Eve

Sometime in about mid November I decided that I wanted to do something really fun for New Year's Eve.

I have never done anything fun for New Years Eve.

Well that sounds a little harsh. I have done fun things, but I have never done anything where you get all dressed up and go out on the town.

So I decided that was exactly how I wanted to ring in 2010.

I also made sure to declare that I wanted to do something that required wearing a sequin dress.

I think sequin dresses are very pretty and they seem to be all the rage right now so why not wear one on New Year's Eve?

So a fun night in a sequin dress was headed my way.

Before I go any further I should point out that I have never been the 'going out' type.

I am the type of person who will most definitely always choose a night at home with pizza and games opposed to a night on the town with crazies.

BUT I decided that on NYE 2009/2010 I would be a new woman. I would go out on the town and wear a sequin dress and face the crazies.

It was my time.

As December 31st readily approached I started to get stressed out that there were no NYE plans in our future, and no NYE plans meant no sequin dress.

The horror.

After lots of discussion we finally decided that we would go downtown for NYE with some of our friends.


Outside-freezing cold

Freezing cold=no exposed skin for Megan

So I came to peace with the fact that a sequin dress was not in the cards for me this year and headed downtown with Luke and some friends. I wore a sweater, turtleneck and jeans tucked into boots (this information will be important shortly)

Somewhere in the night we decided to go to a bar to watch our friend’s band play.

Now, I'm not your typical bar-hopper. In fact I think I may have been to one bar in my life. And that includes New Years Eve 2009/2010.

So we got to the bar, payed our cover charge – which while we are on the topic why do you have to PAY to go INSIDE a building to STAND? Just wondering.

Anyways, we entered the bar and I took a good look around.

It took me about .2 seconds before I realized I was not wearing the appropriate bar attire.

I am pretty sure I am the first person to go in a bar in a turtleneck. Ever.

I had on more clothes than most groups of girls combined, and during a visit to the bathroom I came into direct contact with the "Woo Girls" (for my How I Met Your Mother friends).

These particular girls were SUPER excited that one of their own had decided to go bra-less for the night.

The fact that they were excited about this made my turtle neck and boots-to-my-knees look like a Habit that a Nun wears.

I felt like the mom that somebody invited to the party and nobody wanted her there.

I was desperate for my sequin dress.

But alas I had no sequin dress, and hiding in the bathroom stall all night would not make me seem any “cooler”.

So I sucked it up and rocked my turtleneck in a bar.

It was a very fun night and I just have to say:

Turtlenecks are the NEW sequin dresses.

I’m just saying.

All in all it was a really fun night and we made some HILARIOUS memories!

And next year I think I will just stick with my games and pizza.

But I might do it while wearing a sequin dress.

Some pics from the night


  1. I'm sorry you didn't get to rock the sequin dress... if it makes you feel any better I didn't get to rock any sequins either. I rocked leggings and the exact same sweater your friend in the 2nd pic is wearing - how funny is that?

    Here's to rocking sequins for NYE 2011!!

  2. WOOOOOOO! Love the HIMYM reference :)

    And forget those silly girls, you looked fabulous in that turtleneck! Next year you rock the sequin dress at home over some pizza and board games! That's my kind of night!

  3. First I just have to say....I love How I Met Your Mother and I'm so not a Woo Girl. :)

    I'm more like you. I often laugh at myself when I go to the movies during the summer. There are all these girls there with barely any clothes on and then there is me in my long sleeves. I'm cold natured and I know I will freeze. I would rather be comfortable and enjoy the movie than barely clothed and freezing. :)

    You rock that turtle neck girl!

  4. I think you look super cute and classy! that's what counts :) Glad you guys had a good time!!!

  5. Even thought it wasn't sequins, I think your outfit was cute!!

  6. I know exactly how you feel! I was extrememly surprised at how little clothes some girls wore out last night in Denver. We're talking skirts below the butt and halters. Brrrr...
    I fit in your category and I say rock on the turtleneck!

  7. your hair looks like it's had a serious growth spurt!

  8. Megan,
    These pics are so cute ~~ I LOVE the hat!! I am a hat girl.


  9. haha, funny story! You looked gorgeous! and next year you go get you a sequin dress!

  10. I liked the turtle neck - you looked super cute. And, I don't see anything wrong with a sequin dress and game night. Or, even a wedding dress and game night really. I think I am going to start that tradition. Every new years, I break out the wedding dress. So, next year while you're in the sequin dress think of me in my wedding dress and take comfort.

  11. I totally should have accompanied you. I would be so out of my element it wouldn't EVEN be funny.

  12. This is too funny! And exactly why I don't go out to clubs/bars...

  13. I think you look stinkin' cute!
    Great story... and nothing wrong with the turtle neck AT. ALL.
    Happy New Year :)

  14. Im the girl who actually enjoys staying home... we went out this year and I actually missed my home... and I also think the turtle neck rocked! :)
    Best wishes for 2010!

  15. I always want to dress up on NYE - whether I'm spending it at home or going out to dinner. It's one of the FEW times that I have an excuse to dress up. The husband doesn't understand my need.

    This post made me LOL. My favorite part...."Turtlenecks are the NEW sequin dresses." HA!

    Looking forward to reading what 2010 brings for you and Luke! :)

  16. haha something similar has happened to me before. How are we to know you're supposed to wear skimpy clothes when it's below freezing -- all to pay and go stand somewhere. Seems smart.

  17. Too funny! I love the "Woo Girls" comment. Happy New Year, and I'm hoping you get that sequin dress this year.

  18. Hopefully the girls at the bar saw you can look hot & not show all your skin at the same time! You were an example!

  19. For what it's worth, I think your outfit is cute!

  20. I, too, wanted to celebrate New Years somewhere swanky in a sequined dress...but I eneded up with pizza, movies, and games. Oh well:) You still looked hot rocking your turtle neck!

  21. lol....The infamous "Woo Girls", I love that episode. I always laugh at girls when I see them dressed like hoochies when it's like 3 below..I might be wearing jeans and boots but they are the ones that look like fools. :)

  22. I love your outfit! It sounds like you had a good time-even though there wasn't a sequin dress. My NYE usually involves my friends and I getting all dressed up (it's NYE after all, pretty dresses are a necessity), going out to dinner and then back to someone's house to watch the ball drop. Fancy plans are too much work. This way you get the sequin dress and a fun night of hanging out.

    Happy 2010!

  23. I always end up staying in for NYE, but I think I might need to wear a sequin dress at home next year. :) Any excuse to buy a pretty dress.

  24. Ha ha, you make me laugh. You looked hot rocking your turtleneck!

  25. Yes, I have also had the "sequin dress" thought. Nevermind that I don't wear dresses...except to church...sometimes, when it's not cold.

    And no, I've never worn it.

    Maybe next year! :)

  26. Your hair is actually growing way faster than mine. From your wedding pics, it was foreverly long!!

  27. Your so fun Megan!! I haven't seen sequins in forever!! Sorry it didn't work out, but you look hot as usual!

  28. How funny, but at least you had fun and I think you looked cute!

  29. What a fun New Years!!! :) Sounds like a blast!!! Happy 2010.

  30. HAHA, loved the HIMYM reference.... oh those woo girls.
    Really though, they are the ones with the issues with attire...


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