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Weekly Weekend Update

Well, I figured out some of my computer issues. It turned out they weren't that difficult. Sometimes things just require time and patience.

Imagine that.

Every year our group of college friends gets together for a fun filled reunion weekend.

I look forward to it all year. Luke and I get together with several of these people throughout the year, but it is hard to get us all together at once. So this weekend is always a special one.

Some of us kicked off the night on Friday night with dinner and cupcakes. I proceeded to "stick my foot in my mouth" during dinner. This happens often and is just a way of life at this point.

Regardless it was so much fun. I don't think I have laughed that hard in awhile!

Here are the girlies:
Can we talk about my hair for one moment? THIS is why I don't wear it wavy very often. It is bad. Real. Bad.

The next day Saturday we just hung out all day and consumed a ton of cheese in the form of queso. What is a good party without leaving feeling like you just consumed 10 lbs of cheese?

The whole gang. We had a few less people this year, but still had such a great time.

And the yearly girls picture:
Such a fun time. I am thankful for good friends.


  1. I ADORE the yearly girl picture - I have one of my friends and I going back to middle school - LOVE IT!

  2. This makes me miss my college friends! It's so hard to get everyone in one place. Good for you guys!

    PS...I like the wavy hair look on you! You don't know what you're talking about!

  3. how fun! and your hair is always so cute!

  4. Oh how fun!!! I love the Live, Love Laugh in your kitchen ~~ so cute!! You are such a cutie.

    Have a Blessed day,

  5. Looks like fun...I love time spent with friends like this! It makes me look forward to my weekend with friends. :)

  6. Gorgeous lady.... and your hair really isn't that bad missy!!
    Glad you were able to figure out your computer!!

  7. It's such a small world that you're friends with Jamie. We went to high school together, and then I met Tambra through Falls Creek stuff and found out they were roomies. And then I meet you and realize you know them too! It's just a small small world!!
    Oh, and atleast you have options with your hair. Mine is either straight as a board or...well...straight as a board.
    When are The Trees coming over for dinner???????

  8. SO fun!! I love, love, love girls' weekend and I look forward to them for months. Looks like you girls had a blast!

  9. Love those pics! and how wonderful to still keep in touch with such good friends!

  10. girl weekends are the best! :-) looks like fun!

  11. oh what fun!! i bet it's a blast!!
    love your scarf!! super cute!

  12. how fun!! i love weekends with old friends!

  13. I live for my reunions with my girls. The last chicka from our group is getting married in Feb. It's going to be one heckuva occasion. LOVE your pics!

  14. I love your yearly pic of all you pretty girls!! So fun! Sounds like you all has a great weekend.

    BTW, I know I said this before but I really your blog makeover! The colors are just so happy and perfect :)

  15. Ahh it took me forever to get used to using a mac, too. Now I can't use a PC and everyone at work makes fun of me because I look like an idiot half of the time!!

  16. What a fun weekend! I so value my girl weekends...much needed and very appreciated!


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