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Random Catch-up

  • December is the fastest month ever
  • I have not seen my husband before 8:00pm once this week
  • I'm not complaining - Luke has been busy getting ready for our big Christmas service at church
  • God is really moving in our church and I am anxious to see what He is up to
  • I am on Week SIX of my Couch to 5K
  • I did not run today, it was my first day to miss on a weekday (I have missed a couple of Saturday's)
  • I do not want to fall behind during the Holiday's
  • I am off of work until January 4th. Hello sleeping in. I have missed you.
  • I finally saw The Blind Side. It was great!!
  • Right now I am thankful for my Christmas tree because our ceiling light has gone out and nobody has taken the time to change the light bulb
  • I believe this is a man's job. My husband hasn't been home much this week, therefore the glow of my tree is my light this week
  • I mean that literally not figuratively
  • I am in the process of labeling all of my blogs (to fill that space on the left that says "Pick a Topic". After going through all my blogs I have to say: I blog about some weird stuff. I can't believe anybody reads this thing, I mean I'm glad, but just surprised.
  • Did I mention I'm on Christmas break?!?! I love my job, but we all need a break from time to time. Can I get an Amen?!?!


  1. Happy Holiday Break!!!
    That was a great list... and I don't think there is anything wrong with using the Christmas lights as a makeshift ceiling light :)
    Have a great holiday my dear!

  2. I feel the exact same way about my blog - why does anybody read this junk?!

    I am SO impressed with your couch to 5K progress - you go girl!!

  3. I hope you slept in late this morning, and then you lounge around in your pajamas for half the morning :)

    I'm so jealous that you're already out! I can't wait for my break!

  4. Good job on sticking with the couch to 5K training! I enjoy reading your blogs about weird stuff, it makes me laugh!

  5. YAY for Christmas Break!!! Enjoy your sleeping in! :) I love reading your blog, random or not!!!! :)

  6. Have a fabulous break, Megan!!!!! :)

  7. Happy vacation! You deserve it! And congrats on being on week 6, you are rockin' it!

  8. Amen...well, you asked!! Loved your list!

  9. I'm SO SAD December is passing SO quickly!! It NEEDS to be a 60 day month!!

    Lucky you don't go back to work till the 4th! That's my bday :)

  10. I love using the Christmas lights to light the house. It's so pretty and so calming. I say don't change the light until January. :)

  11. Love that list & enjoy your time off...and as for labeling your blog--good luck! And also know that it's those weird, random things that make us all love you!

  12. I saw the Blindside yesterday! It was fantastic!

  13. Oh my goodness! Labeling all of your blogs! What an undertaking. Lucky for you you're on Christmas Vacation!!! =) Enjoy it girl.

  14. I'm fighting bitter jealousy right this very moment that you still get a Christmas Break!! :) I haven't had a Christmas Break in 11 years now!!

    I am dying to see the Blindside!!

  15. Enjoy your break girlie!!! You deserve it!!

  16. December really has been the fastest month ever. Hope you had a good weekend!! :)


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