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Movie and Seasons

Today was the first day of my Christmas break.

I woke up with good intentions for the day.

The plans involved lots of cleaning, lots of laundry, lots of dishes (well putting them in the dishwasher), and lots of last minute Christmas shopping.

I did none of the above.

I did however sort all of our laundry into about 5 different piles so they are scattered throughout our ole APT.

Be careful where you step.

I also got to watch You've Got Mail for the second time in the last 24 hours so I feel extra productive.

You've Got Mail is one of those movie that I LOVE to watch at Christmas time but its not necessarily a Christmas movie.

I thought I was the only person who did this until I read Big Mama's blog today and she mentioned that she loved to watch certain movies every Christmas although others might not consider them a Christmas movie.

So now that I know I'm not the only person who does this I want to pose this question to my readers:

Do you give get a good craving for a certain movie during certain seasons?

Here are mine:

Winter: You've Got Mail
Spring: Father of the Bride
Summer: Pearl Harbor
Fall: Back to the Future

There is no rhyme or reason for my movies with seasons, I just get the urge to watch these movies during these certain seasons.

Little side note: Back to the Future is my absolute favorite movie of all time. I watched it for the first time on TBS when I was in high school and it was as if somebody gave me a nugget of gold. I have been obsessed with them every since.

I own the trilogy and beg Luke to watch it with me every so often.

Does it freak anybody else out that the "future" in Back to the Future is 2015?

That is soon. Really soon.

Where is my Hover Board?


  1. I LOVE LOVE LOVE Back to the Future. I NEVER get sick of this movie. Jamin and I went to Universal Studios on our honeymoon and got to see the clock tower and take photos of it (it has since burned down). Also when we were on the tram we just saw the sign "Lyon Estates" sitting beside some random fence. We shouted "STOP THE TRAM!" and made them stop it so we could take a photo by it.

  2. haha i love it! and I love your movies for each season, so cute and fun! I love You've Got Mail too, love the setting, and everything it is so cute!

    I do the same thing with folding laundry, and usually it is more than one load at one time, and then I'm either too tired to put them all away, or one of the little people is sleeping and the clothes have to wait, and sometimes they wait for days=)

    yay for Christmas Break! You just take your time, relax, and enjoy yourself, that cleaning can wait a couple more days=)! hope you have a fabulous break!

  3. Your top two are on my list. I watch those two all of the time! I also watch Sleepless in Seattle and While You Were Sleeping a lot during the holidays. Alex loves Back to the Future...he knows that movie by heart! :)

    Enjoy your break!!

  4. Not gonna lie: none of your seasonal faves are on my list.

    I like to watch The Wizard of Oz once a year - and it's on at Christmas, Easter, & the 4th of July - I just saw it this weekend.

    Other than that, I really really enjoy seasonal movies: The HOliday, Love Actually, and (like I posted about today) It's a Wonderful Life. I'm all about the Christmas!

  5. Now I feel old! I saw Back To The Future in the movie theater in 1985!! Ha Ha. I love it too!

  6. I LOVE Back to the Future!!! I used to be able to recite the WHOLE MOVIE by heart, I swear!!! I need to watch that this week! I did NOT know that the future was 2015. WHAT?!?!?! My Mom and I talked about it, too, and a lunch date is DEFINITELY on schedule for this Spring when I come to OKC. It will probably be a 4-hour lunch because we will not be able to stop talking!!!!! :)

  7. I love You've Got Mail and Father of the Bride!

  8. I love Pearl Harbor. ABC airs it every year and I always watch.

  9. My Christmas movie that's not really a Christmas movie is Titanic - I think because it came out around Christmastime, so I always associate it with the holidays. I love all the movies you mentioned too!

  10. hahaha! Love this. I don't know that I really have seasonal movie favorites--but I certainly have lots of favorites.

  11. You are so funny!! No, I don't have favorite movies for the seasons. BTTF is one of my hubby's favorites, I think cause of Michael J. Fox.

  12. I don't have favs for the seasons except we love to watch ELF all the time around Christmas.

    I've never seen the Back to the Future movies. So weird that their future was 2015 tho, because hello, around the corner!

  13. I watched You've Got Mail yesterday too. I guess it is on a marathon. Everytime I turn the tv on it is playing.

  14. I like to watch Stepmom during the Fall!

  15. You've Got Mail is my absolute fav. I is a Christmas movie!

  16. I always want to watch "Jerry Maguire" (b/c of the Football I guess) in the Fall and "The Beach" in the Summer. Totally random movies, right?

    PS- Yeah that is freaky about Back the Future. I could use Hover Board too, let me know if you get one. :)

  17. Okay Megan,
    So this is a little sad, but thought I'd share it with you. Back to the Future is the last movie my first husband and I saw before he went to be with the Lord. This movie will always hold a special place in my heart. I love this movie.

    Love and hugs,

  18. Oh I really want to see you've got mail!! It looks cute

  19. December 21 is also a special day.


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