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Lasagna and Wrapping Paper

I just titled this post Lasagna and Wrapping Paper.

Clearly this is going to be one of the most exciting posts I've ever written.

First let's talk about the lasagna.

Today I was craving lasagna so I went to Pioneer Woman's website, found her super yummy, super easy lasagna recipe and decided that is what I would prepare for dinner.

After work, with the help of my cute hubby, we prepared this yummy lasagna. Luke claims he did it all the work because I just read the recipe off of the website and told him what to do. But I like to think of it as a team effort.

The recipe made a ton, so we will be eating on it for a few days, but it was the best lasagna I have ever had.

Definitely beats Stouffers!

However Luke is in this new 'kick' where he counts ALL of our calories.

He uses the Lose It application on his iphone and anytime I prepare a meal he stands over my shoulder entering EVERY calorie of EVERY ingredient of EVERY recipe into his phone.

It's not annoying. At. All.

I'm not a big fan of calorie counting.

I like to eat food blindly. If I know how many calories are in it, all the fun is taken out of eating.

So tonight before I was about to dive into that yummy lasagna Luke thought it would be the appropriate time to inform me that this meal contained more calories than any other meal I have prepared since he starting counting calories last spring.

I pretended I didn't hear that piece of knowledge and enjoyed every single bite.

After the lasagna I figured I would burn some calories and wrap some presents.

I was a little too excited when I opened up our wrapping paper and realized that the friendly wrapping paper manufacturers printed lines on the back of the paper for easy-straight cutting.

Look how cool:
I was sort of flipping out with excitement.

It made my wrapping paper experience much more enjoyable. I usually dread this part of Christmas.

Has anybody else mastered wrapping gifts? I am horrible at it and typically I'm embarrassed by my presents.

Also, I like to color coordinate my wrapping paper with my tree. Even though Luke and I are typically the only people who see our tree.

The ole APT doesn't fit too many people and when you add a tree space is limited.

Our tree is black, red and silver so our wrapping paper is black and white and red and white.

Here is a pretty bad pic of our tree. I will show more later but I wanted to give you the black,red, silver feel.
I took this picture from my phone while sitting on my couch.

That's just how many calories I'm burning tonight.

So that was our night in a nutshell. Lasagna and wrapping gifts.

We live a very exciting and on-the-go lifestyle.

I have become the person who color coordinates their wrapping paper with their tree and gets excited over a good lasagna recipe.

And oddly enough, thats ok with me!


  1. Beautiful tree... and now I am going to have to go and check out that lasagna recipe :) Woohooo!

  2. I must admit. I sorta got excited the first time I saw the guide lines on the back of the Hobby Lobby wrapping paper too. Pretty awesome!!

  3. You know, if you watched Biggest Loser, I hear you lose calories just from sitting there and watching.... :)

    I need to try PW's lasagna. And don't tell me how many calories are in it. I'll become very discouraged!

  4. I've not mastered wrapping, but I do love to look at all the cool wrapping paper. I heart wrapping paper.

  5. Oh gosh I can so relate to Luke, I'm counting calories like crazy lately and it is driving Garth nuts!

  6. There was a feature in the paper this morning about Pioneer Woman. Also, love the tree-the black, red, and silver is really pretty. I love the grid lines on the back of wrapping paper-it makes everything so much easier!

  7. My tree and presents are color coordinated too. Actually...everything in my house is somewhat color coordinated. If I'm going to throw another color in the mix, it has to be in a different room, where it will not interfere with other color schemes. Our tree is red/white/silver and I cringe at the thought of using any wrapping paper that clashes with that. I'm a freak.

  8. Your tree is really pretty!!

    One of my friends is wrapping presents this year to make extra cash...I'm letting her wrap all of my gifts this year because I DESPISE doing it.

    PW rocks.

  9. I'm thinking that lasagna is definitely one of those foods that needs to be exempt from a calorie counter! That ruins all the fun.

    Love your tree! I actually really enjoy wrapping gifts but it definitely has taken me several years to master it!

  10. love some pioneer woman. going to make her truffles for a holiday dessert exchange. will have to try the lasagna.

  11. I love that kind of wrapping paper too...and your tree looks fab!

  12. I love wrapping presents! And those lines printed on the back of the paper are SO handy!

  13. I coordinate all my papers. I usually buy three rolls: very nice, expensive paper for my favorites, middle quality paper for most everyone else, and cheapo paper for the people I resent having to give anything to in the first place.

    Why is this relevant? Because all three papers must color-coordinate :). My tree is really neutral, so basically anything works with it, but when I branch out and put some color on there, I *will* match the paper to the tree!

  14. Your tree is so pretty! I love to coordinate the wrapping too - so fun!

    I'm getting into the lose it app too, but it's not so fun =)

  15. I actually had Stouffer's lasagna for dinner last night. LOL=) I am TERRIBLE, yes, capital letters terrible at wrapping presents.

  16. Your tree is adorable!!!! :)

    And my friend, if you want to talk about lasagna and wrapping paper, you go right ahead, girl :)

  17. love your tree and love that wrapping paper! i always cut in an angle haha

  18. I have been counting calories, too, and it stinks!!! I am like kinda ruins it when you hear how many calories it has as you are digging in!

  19. Sounds like a good night to me, I love that wrapping paper where did you get that? My husband would have looked at me like I was crazy like he always does when I get excited over the small things in life.

  20. yum, i use that same recipe when i make lasagna. :-) it really is the best i think!

    and if it makes you feel any better, i avoid buying the christmas wrapping paper that has fuschia, teal or purple, etc, on it b/c it won't make my tree or my house colors. and....if you must know, i don't really like that about myself. maybe this year i'll just let go and buy all bright and neon colored paper and say what the heck?!

  21. gosh, I need to try that lasagna ASAP!!!! I have that wrapping paper from last it!!

  22. Here's a little gift wrapping tip that Casey taught me. Once the gift is wrapped, run your index and thumb along each edge of the gift (kind of like lightly pinching). As you do this, it makes a crisp edge on all sides of the package. It really makes gifts look so much better!

  23. I love your tree!

    And I HATE knowing how many calories I'm consuming. Takes all the fun away. Especially since I'm pretty much going to eat it all anyway. :)

  24. Okay, Luke needs to stop that immediately. :)
    Your tree is gorgeous! I love what you did with the stick things we were talking about. I tried to do that, but my tree isn't thick enough. (not sure if that makes sense.)
    LOVE the polka dot wrapping paper!

  25. That tree is so super pretty.

    My tree isn't up, yet :(

    I only love wrapping gifts for Christmas. I watch Christmas movies while I'm wrapping.

    When it's not Christmas, all gifts go in bags.

  26. haha oh man... I searched high and low for matching wrapping paper too. My husband said I was the only person crazy enough to care. I think I will email him this post and prove there are at least 2 of us (=


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