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Christmas 2009

Well I'm back from my little holiday blogging hiatus! It was a crazy week that consisted of:
  • lots of great presents
  • a trip to the ER
  • lots and LOTS of snow and ice
  • a four wheeler
  • and lots of TV watching.
It all started on Wednesday when Luke and I hit the road and headed to my hometown to spend a couple of days with my family. We had so much fun just sitting around, eating tons of food and watching lots of TV. Not exactly productive but it was nice and relaxing.

Christmas eve morning it started snowing and didn't stop until the next day. It was crazy and unexpected for Oklahoma. I'm usually a big fan of snow but not when it happens on Christmas and completely messes up everybody's travel plans. No fun.

And I lost count of how many times I fell on the ice. I'm normally a clumsy person, add ice and it all goes downhill.

Christmas morning we woke up and opened all of our presents which was oh so much fun. Then shortly after lunch Maxton (my nephew) was running and fell and split his chin open.

He had to go to the ER and get 5 stitches
Here he is telling me all about the fall:
Later in the afternoon on Christmas day Luke and I realized that there was no way we were going to make it to his parent's house, an hour away, in our little car, so after some arranging we found someone headed that way in a truck and hitched a ride with them.

It was a crazy Christmas day!

We spent the next couple of days hanging with Luke's family

Doing a little of this:
and some domino playing:
and hanging out with these guys:
After a couple of fun days we headed back to my parents house to spend some more time with my family. I of course took about 200 pictures of this little guy
I always forget to take pictures of the other people, he's just so cute!

We were only supposed to be out of town for a couple of days, but due to the icy roads and the cancellation of church we ended up being gone a week, which was just fine with us. We enjoyed every moment of being with our families!

By the way, Luke and I got a new camera for Christmas and pretty much the only thing I did all break was take pictures. Which would explain why Luke started to do this when I pulled out the camera:
It was a wonderful 2009 Christmas!


  1. Love the new pics from the new camera!! I'm so jealous!!

    Crazy weather though for Christmas - I know SO many people who had plans turned upside down this year due to snow and ice!!

  2. Poor little Maxton! He is a super cutie stitches and all...

    I love new cameras. What kind did you get?

  3. Glad you were able to spend some extra time with family. I love being with mine during the holidays!

  4. I have missed your posts! Glad you had a great Christmas! Your nephew....adorable...even with the stitches! I know that must have been traumatic. How did he do?????????

  5. Poor little Maxton! I'm glad he's okay and I hope he heals perfectly. So glad that you got an unexpected extended time with your fam. I can tell y'all had lots of fun!

  6. looks like a great time!
    poor lil' maxton! hope he heals fast!

    i drive matt crazy with the camera, too! ha!

  7. Ahhh - poor Maxton... at least it wasnt worse then that!

    How fun to be snowed in with the family at Christmas!

    New camera???? WHOOO HOOO!!!!

  8. Oh...poor Maxton. Glad you were able to enjoy some extra time off!

  9. What kind of camera? I must know.

    You look beautiful as always.

    Funny story is that I slipped on a piece of ice as a kid and busted my chin just like Maxton. Still have the scar to prove it.

  10. YAY Your back!!! Missed ya girl!! And I thought of you when I saw the snow hit ya. We got a little, but not like ya'll. CRAZY!!!!!

    Love all the pics ~~ poor little Maxton!! It looks like he definitely had a story to tell =)

    Have a Super day,

  11. Bless Maxton's heart! And how cute are you in your coveralls!? :)

    Looks like a wonderful Christmas (minus the 5 stitches)!

    Happy New Year, girl!

  12. Poor little Maxton! But at least this will be a Christmas to remember!

    And I'm SO happy for you and your new camera!! Isn't it the best?

    Glad y'all had a great holiday :)

  13. Sounds like a GREAT Christmas minus the little man getting banged up :( Poor thing!!

  14. Aw poor little guy! But glad you still had a great Christmas!

  15. I can tell the pics have been taken with a great camera! They looks so clear. It sounds like we had a similar Christmas: presents, 4 wheelers, games, etc. (Minus the trip to the ER. Poor Maxton!)

  16. So glad you had a great Christmas!
    And that little guy is stinkin' cute I tell you :) that's all I would be taking pictures of too!

  17. very nice quality camera haha.
    I'm glad you had a nice holiday.

  18. I thought you looked super cute in your coveralls as well! Sounds like you had a lot of fun with both sides of your family ... a little extra time is always nice. (And by the way, I can not believe how grown up Madison is!)

  19. I am so jealous of your white Christmas!!! Poor little Maxton!! But he pulls off stitches nicely! He is still adorable!

  20. what a little cutie your nephew is! :-) we played dominos too with my in-laws . . . but seriously, it was the most boring game of Mexican Train I've ever played - they went so slow! (i hope my hubby or his mom dont read this!) :-)

  21. Love the 4-wheeler picture! And we played dominos a lot in Tennessee. So fun!

    And why is it that babies always get hurt at Thanksgiving and Christmas??


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