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Weird Phobia

Lately I have been spending more time in the kitchen trying out new recipes. I wish I could stay home all day and just cook and try out all kinds of new recipes in the kitchen.

I'm still trying to talk the hubs into letting me do that.

As I have become more interested in cooking I have also become more interested in what goes in the kitchen.

I have been researching different brands of pots and pans, and various kitchen utensils.

HOWEVER, there is one thing(s) that you will NEVER find in my kitchen.

Wooden Utensils, also known as the spawn of satan.

The mere thought of these dreadful things makes me shudder.

It sends chills down my spine to think of touching a wooden utensil and then using it to stir something, and that same wooden spoon getting wet.

Omigosh, I might go throw up now.


I'm petty sure its a phobia.

And I'm pretty sure I'm not normal.

Does anybody else have a weird phobia? Something that is completely "normal" to everybody else but sends chills down your spine?

I also have a fear of little bitty pieces of paper which has caused every person in my life to leave little bitty pieces of paper waiting for me wherever I might be going.

If I do something to annoy my sweet, sweet husband he will tear up a little piece of paper and throw it at me.

It's grand.

Seriously, I might have just revealed waaaaaay too many weird things about my life.


  1. Omgosh... why??
    The little paper would drive you nuts in my house. My oldest daughter cuts paper up like it's going out of style and it is SO frustrating!! lol
    Why the wooden spoons though? I must know!

  2. No wooden utensils?! WHAT?! I looooove my wooden spoons, especially that slanted one! You don't know what you're missing!

    My weird kitchen phobia is sponges. They disgust me to no end, which is why my dear husband does our dishes most nights. I only like using sponges when they are first opened and come out of the wrapper. Other than that, I find them to be germ infested and gross!

  3. I love my wooden utensils. I think you might be the one person I know that has a fear of wooden utensils! I hate foil. I will not even be in a room if someone is using foil.

  4. Hahaha! You are cracking me up!

  5. We actually JUST purchased some wooden spoons because we didn't have any and every time I made something I just wanted a wooden spoon!

  6. My hubs totally gets your fear of wooden spoons. What is it with ya'll and the WS? I mean seriously, we need a name for it. spoonawoodaphobia maybe =)

    Love ya girl,

  7. I've been reading your blog for a while but this is my first ever comment!
    Just to let you know you're not alone, one of my favourite bloggers Holly at Nothing but Bonfires has exactly the same phobia:

  8. Whaaaaaa???? I LOVE my wooden utensils!!!

  9. It's okay! I have to have everything in order, esp the things on my dresser. Lotion, perfume, etc. All through college people would rearrange them and it would drive me nuts! We all have our "things".

    Have a great day!

  10. Oh no! Wooden spoons are the absolute best for cooking!

    I noticed yesterday that I am becoming increasingly germophobic on the train now. It's not even a fear of getting the flu, but I could not wash my hands fast enough after being on the metro.

  11. hahaha you never cease to crack me up!

  12. You make me laugh! Good for you for being in the kitchen, you are inspiring me to start cooking!

  13. I love my wooden utinsils, but left overs send me over the edge. I would rather die then be forced to eat them.

  14. hahaha!! I'm pretty sure I couldn't survive without my wooden utensils!

  15. I love wooden spoons too!! I use mine all the time! :) I hate leftovers though, and I'm pretty bad with germs! I can be known to be a germaphobe, but not with spoons!

  16. I would write a book of my all my weird things like that.

  17. You are strange.

    I love my wooden spoons and such - but I do know the feeling you're talking about.. but I just ignore it.

    I hate the smell of cold food, if that's any help.... like cold leftovers - blah!

  18. That IS really odd. I LOVE, and PREFER wooden spoons. I feel like I'm on little house on the prairie or something, cooking with my wooden utinsils. And I have bamboo ones from pampered chef that don't swell when they get wet. They are fabulous!

    But, opening a can of biscuits.... terrifies me. EVERY TIME. I jump and my heart races. It's really stupid.


  19. Cotton. I hate to touch cotton balls. If i open a new bottle of Ibuprofen, my husband takes out the cotton for me. UGH!

  20. I love my wooden spoons! LOL Sounds like I'm not the only one either by looking over the comments :)

    I hate frosted glasses. I can't touch it without it taking my breath away.

  21. haha, I am actually with you on the wooden spoons! i feel like they would store a little bit of anything you stir with it, ha! But it looks like tons of people love their wooden utenstils...! maybe we're missing out!

  22. I have a phobia of wooden utensils, but it has nothing to do with cooking. My mom used to use wooden spoons to spank our butts when I was growing up! I rarely got the spoon, but my sister had many a wooden spoon broken on her butt! Seriously!

  23. My best friend also has a phobia of itty bitty pieces of paper. She says it extends to any large quantity of small speck - seeing a colony of ants makes her vomit. See, you're not so weird after all ;-)

    I really really hate wet hair touching my back (which is why I have to keep it short).

  24. hahaha this is kinda funny girl! : )

  25. I have a fear of styrofoam. I capital HATE the stuff. I will run out of the room if it even comes close to me. I hate those little popcorn styrofoam bits that come shipped in things you order sometimes ahhh! I don't like how they feel or sound, it's like nails on a chalkboard to me. BTW I'm new and I've been reading your blog & it's great.

  26. I hate wooden utensils.

    Taste-testing from wet wood seriously grosses me out.

    I also hate condiments.... mustard, mayo, and ketchup. People think it's weird, but I hate them. Even touching the bottles makes me want to gag, lol.

  27. I don't like wooden spoons either. I don't have a fear of them, I just don't like them. :)


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