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The Pot Pie

The other day I made this pot pie:

And I was very excited to eat it. Until I realized one little thing.

The chicken broth I used was expired.

Freaking. expired.

Well, not expired by the date, but expired by the fact that I put an opened thing of broth in the pantry and not in the refrigerator, where apparently it was supposed to go.

Therefore, expired.

And I didn't realize it until I had prepared the pot pie and it was in the oven cooking away just waiting to be eaten.

When I figured out that I had used 'bad' chicken broth I did what any normal person would do.

I got on google and researched if to see if it would still be ok to eat.

Then I got on WebMD to see what the side effects would be if we still ate the pot pie.

Just kidding about that last part. But WebMD did tell me the other day that I need to start wearing a neck brace at work. But I'm trying to go a whole month without going to the Dr. so I can't ask him about that one just yet.

Anyways between google and 2 calls to my mother and grandmother we concluded that this beautiful pot pie was indeed toxic.

So here sat this lovely, delicious-looking pot pie, made with lots of hard work, love, and frozen veggies, that we couldn't touch.

There was no way I was going to risk it, and I knew that my food crazy hubby wouldn't touch it with a ten foot pole.

In fact when he looked at it he said, ewww it even looks expired.

I had to explain to him that the chicken broth looked NORMAL that's why I still used it. This is what pot pie is supposed to look like (and if you're thinking, "no that's not what my pot pie looks like" don't tell me).

Over the last year I have really found a love for cooking that I never knew I had.

I love researching new recipes and trying them out, and most of the time I do a good job.

However there are times that I have slip ups like this, where I am close to poisoning me and the hubs.

Does anybody else ever have moments like this in the kitchen? Where your mind completely slips and you make a dumb mistake.

For the record I made a new non-toxic pot pie the next night and it was delish.

And I'm looking for a neck brace online.



  1. Seriously love you! You crack me up!!! Now, post the recipe for the non-toxic version - I've been craving chicken pot pie!! YUM!

  2. OH terrible!! I love Chicken Pot Pie, and we make it regularly! :)

  3. My husband makes fun of me because I always start making a recipe and then realize halfway through that I'm missing a key ingredient. Then I make him run to the store for me of course :)

  4. Oh, too funny!!!!! Hey, you win some, you lose some!!!! :)

  5. What would the world do without WebMD?

    Dang though - I dont even LIKE pot pies & that looks good!

  6. Ha ha, yes! All the time! I keep mixing up baking powder and baking soda. Didn't think it was a big deal but apparently it is...

  7. OH NO!! that's horrible! but kinda funny! haha!
    i'm always checking expiration dates and throwing everything away. can't say i've had a slipup like this...yet. i'm sure it will happen eventually though ;)the pot pie sure looks delicious though! now i want some!!

  8. Never done that, but I did almost serve a pie in a pie shell that wasn't cooked, and it only got worse from there....

  9. It looks delish though! I need to make a pot pie soon.

  10. Oh what a bummer! I had to throw away an entire loaf of bread I made from a mix because after baking and tasting it, the mix was clearly past its prime. Even tho there was no use by date on it. :(

  11. I just recently made a toxic chicken pot pie!!!
    It looks exactly like mine do usually so don't you worry :) Make another one!! You will do great next time, sans toxic chicken broth ;)

  12. i would love to get the recipe!!
    i've never made chicken pot pie but i feel like now is a good time to start :)

  13. oh my word, I had so many screw ups when cooking when I was first married, it was embarrassing! It looked good though, what did you end up doing for dinner?

  14. oh i have been wanting to make chicken pot pie and the hubs just requested it yesterday!! i was making fish for dinner one night and was in a hurry and apparently there was some paper that got baked on the bottom, but only on the piece that he got! oops!! =) that'll never happen again=)

  15. I love chicken pot pie. I think it's hilarious that you were calling people to see if it would still be okay to eat! LOL Too funny. Happens to the best of us, girl. The more I cook, the more those mishaps come! :)

  16. It could have been worse...the first chicken pot pie my husband made, he used uncooked chicken breast. You're supposed to cook it first or use canned chicken...needless to say all the chicken was raw, and the more we cooked it the more burned the top got. Ruined!

  17. Oh ew. But you aren't alone. I've done stuff like that before!!!

  18. Just the other day I was making my first EVER attempt at pumpkin bread. I was so excited after I got all the ingredients mixed together. I even tasted the batter before I put it in the pan, and it tasted like delicious pumpkin bread! So I poured the batter into the pan and stuck it in the oven. Once the bread is baking, I start cleaning up the mess I made. It had been in the over for a good 5 minutes before I realized that I hadn't even opened the jar of molasses that was supposed to go into the batter. AH! I felt like a moron! But I pulled it out and dumped the batter back into the bowl, added the molasses, had to completely wash the pan, and then I was on the right track. I make those kind of mistakes every now and then and am usually SO thankful that my husband doesn't know the difference and probably wouldn't care either way. HAHA!

  19. Last Thanksgiving I gave my mom a recipe for making a homemade pumpkin pie. She made it, but forgot to put the sugar in. We didn't realize until it was already cooked. So, we tried to add sugar to the cooked pie, mash it up and rebake it. It wasn't very good, but edible.

  20. Totally understand the Web MD thing. Drives my hubby NUTS that I'm on there all the time.

    In the past year I'm certain I've had diabetes, swine flu, Lupus, Lyme disease, pancreatic cancer and spinal meningitis.

    Oh, and I'm confident that I've nearly poisoned my family a handful of times, but with a family of four on a budget you just suck it up and hope it doesn't kill you.

  21. I just stay out of the kitchen. It's usually safer!

    And webmd has me convinced I have a brain tumor. The hubs just rolls his eyes whenever he sees me on their website.

  22. my dumb moment was when i decided to make one for my new hubby and totally forgot the cream of mushroom. i have never used broth. and it was so dry, i couldnt remember what i forgot to

  23. OH NO!!!! this is SO something I would do! But my, how chicken pot pie sounds good right now!!

    ps - sorry ive been a comment slacker lately..playing catch-up :)


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