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It's Tough Being Cold

The hot people always win.

This is a very true fact, stick with me while I explain

I was blessed (cursed?) with a body that is cold All. The. Time.

I’ve joked that anything under than 75 degrees is normally cold for me, and while that may sound ridiculous, it is somewhat true.

And somewhat painful.

I blame it on my mother. She is always cold and I inherited this trait from her.

However she did teach me to always bring a jacket with me, wherever I might go.

Movie theaters and restaurants tend to keep their thermostat on a mild 25 degree Fahrenheit.

And don’t even get me started on grocery stores. I have been known to change clothes just for a grocery trip.

A parka and thermal underwear are appropriate grocery shopping attire.

And that is what I would wear if I owned those items.

Anyways, I say all of this to say that people look at me like I am a crazy-woman when I say am cold.

Now I know that post yesterday about my fear of wooden spoons may prove that I am indeed a crazy-woman. I’m ok with you thinking I’m crazy because the touch of a wooden spoon makes me want to cry. But please do not think I am crazy because I am cold natured. I have heard the following statements my whole life.

And by whole life I mean since meeting my darling husband.

“Its not that cold”

“You need to toughen up”

“You think THIS is cold?!?!”

And so on and so on.

I do have a reason for all of this rambling and I will get on with it.

Why is it that when people are cold they are looked at like they have no sense, but then when somebody says they are hot we go to every measure possible to make them comfortable?

I can’t tell you how many times this has happened to me. I will be in the corner freezing my pretty little butt off when somebody says the three words I dread to hear: “I am hot.”

I dread those words as much as a person dreads a rerun of their favorite TV show.

When somebody says they are hot people scramble to make them comfortable. They turn down the heat. They turn on a fan. They ask them “are you better now?” “is it cooler?” As if it is their one goal in life to make sure that person is never hot again.

Meanwhile I am in the corner wrapped up in a Snuggie, seeking out what looks to be the warmest spot in the room, praying that just an ounce of heat would head me way.

Its miserable I tell ya.

It seems that nobody cares about the cold people of the world.

Which is why I am writing this. I want to come to the defense of all of my fellow “cold natured” friends out there.

We have to stick together and tell those bullies that are hot all the time that they just need to “toughen up”.

And I have no idea why I put myself in the corner in all of these scenarios. Apparently being cold is equal to spending time in a corner.

And I’m pretty sure we all agree nobody puts Baby in a corner, even if she is cold.

Yes I went there. I couldn't let that many references to a corner slide without the best line from a movie of all time.


  1. I hate being cold... and I am ALWAYS cold so I feel your pain! And I agree, no one cares about us cold folk. Poor us!!

  2. When I was younger I was ALWAYS cold, so I can totally relate.

    But then I got to high school and caught a horrible infection on my face that to this day is aggravated by heat.... so these days, I literally dread heat. It's so weird, because my feet and hands are usually blue - but if I get the slightest bit warm I kinda start to freak.

    So apparently we shouldn't spend much time together unless we get you a biig pile of blankets.

  3. Girl, living in Oklahoma, I imagine it's got to be tough. That's why 99.9% of the time I'm glad I live in Florida. Come on down again if you ever need to thaw out, haha!! :)

  4. I am telling you, I could copy and paste this as my blog post today!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. I am the same way! Seriously, freezing all the time. My poor husband sweats it out because I cant stand to be cold!

  6. I am ALWAYS cold too! LC makes me so mad. If I turn up the ac to make it warmer or try to turn the heat on, he always says the same thing EVERY time. He says, "you can put more clothes on if you're cold. If I'm hot, it's not like I can take my skin off." Grrrrr!

  7. I completely agree...I freeze almost daily at work and consistently have my space heater on because heaven forbid we turn up the thermostat to a practical temperature!

  8. me too! I'm always cold. I layer, I wear long coats starting in October, and I have been sleeping with four blankets, two pair of socks, and sweats lately just so my DH doesn't get too hot in the night.

    Bad circulation is a serious thing! Seriously miserable that is.

  9. Megan, I am totally in your corner (no pun intended)! I am ALWAYS cold. I have a small heater in my office that constantly runs. I feel like I need to put on socks and a sweatshirt and then cover myself with a blanket when lounging on the couch.
    It's miserable being cold all the time, and I agree that we get no love like the hot people do.
    My boyfriend will constantly say "It's not even cold" which annoys me greatly! I will be the judge of whether I am cold or not, thankyouverymuch.

  10. You make me laugh out loud!

    People probably cater to those that are hot because you can add lots of layers when you're cold, but you can only strip off a certain amount of clothing before it starts getting awkward. HA!

    Now that I'm not pregnant, I feel your pain...I'm cold all of the time. :)

  11. You are me. I actually (beware, this is ridiculous), wear my snuggie at work, to staff meeting and carry around a thermometer at times to prove to people I am not crazy and that it really is cold. Especially when people are like "i'm hot". I'm like it's barely 70 degrees!!!!!! or it's 68 degrees! I think mine has to do with my super low blood sugar though. And I think smaller people get cold easier. So yeah, I totally feel your pain. My extremities (nose, hands, feet) and FREEZING. I wear sweaters in July. Yes, it's true.


  12. I'm also always cold. Oh man. I'm shivering right now. It's my personal opinion that men exist to keep women warm.

  13. I am ALWAYS freezing!! Seriously, 75 degrees is definitely chilly and anything below that requires a parka. one of the malls near my house is probably the most miserably cold places I have ever been. It's like a meat locker.

  14. I am SOOOO with you on this! I am ALWAYS cold and it sucks! Sure wish I could be one of those "hot" people =)

  15. I'm shivering as I read this because I, like you, am cold all. the. time. In fact I'm thirsty, but I know that another sip from my Sonic Vanilla Diet Dr. Pepper with extra Vanilla will only send another dose of cold coursing through my body!

  16. I can totally relate with you on this post! I am forever cold and I live in Southern California. I joke the same thing anything below 80 and I'm freezing. As I sit here typing in my office I am cold, but too afraid to put my heater on for fear of being made fun of yet again by my coworkers. Your blog is so entertaining :)

  17. I too am always COLD! Our office girls have complained so much this week about the heat not being on that the MEN in our office have made a huge joke about it. The building maintenance head guy came in today saying "Wow it's so hot in here" and the men in our office suite told them "not to get us started on the temperature because they were just right!" As I type this I am finally warm, in front of the fire!!!

  18. I was always cold until I had my bambino. Ever since I was preggers my temperature is about the same as the hubs' now. Ah ha

  19. I love this post because I am also ALWAYS cold! My most uncomfortable scenario is going to someone else's house and sitting on their couch for some long amount of time while I freeze. I've asked people for blankets before. People who I JUST met. Can you say awkward?

  20. I just want to add.... I'm a hot person. Always have been. Except, there was a year period when I was extremely cold all of the time... but it ended up being because I have an extremely under-active thyroid. As soon as I was on hormone replacements for that I went back to my normal hot. The only argument I have here that hasn't been said already is that sweating SUCKS. At least you don't sweat when you're cold. I happen to be a face sweater. Yep, that's FAN.freaking.TASTIC! So, make up is hard to keep on when I have one glass of wine and start *glistening* or when I'm at work running around and I always have to have my hair up and out of my face. Ugh! But, to the cold person's defense, I hate the convulsive type muscle situation that happens when you're so cold! It's like someone is tightening up your muscles and giving you spasms! Argh!

    So, they really both just suck. I wish I were a lucky one with an even body temperature that easily adapts! :)

  21. I also wanted to add that my mom and MIL are also cold people and they love these:

    May not be a bad thing to keep in the glove box or in the desk at work?

  22. I'm one of the few women on here who is usually hot. Megan you should be glad you never came to our old place (I don't think anyway). We use to keep it on 64 degrees year round! Now, that we keep it warmer I think I would be cold at that temperature. But, there's at least something to look forward to whenever you guys have babies. When you're pregnant you'll get a lot hotter and maybe finally be comfortable!

  23. I can relate with you on this issue of me being cold all the time. I live in south carolina and I hate it because it is to cold here. I keep my door closed because my mom is always hot. I keep my room around 88 to about 96 degrees and that feels good to me. But when my mom comes in my room she leaves very quickly due to the heat. LOL, but the winter season, leaves me depressed and hating to go outside. I am wanting to move to florida and hope that I will be able to move their some day.I am serious about relocating because I seriously never want to see or experience winter again.. I just can't stand the weather here. Most people laught at me when I way I hate winter. But this is a concern that I often thought something was wrong with me or my body. But as I see others have this issue also.

  24. I agree 100% with you. Why are hot nature people so mean? Why do I have to put more clothes on. And why do they have to wear sweaters and make me freeze. I always have to find the warmest place in the room or leave. It does hurt to be cold.


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