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Post Turkey Day Post

Well Thanksgiving 2009 came and went and I totally didn't take one picture.

I dont know who I am or what happened to Megan but I'm sure she will be back to her normal obsessive picture taking self soon.

We had a nice and relaxing Thanksgiving spent with family and food. My two favorite F's.

We also spent some of Thanksgiving watching Football but I did not enjoy that part.

Oh I lied. I do have a picture. I took it with my phone.

Thanksgiving night Luke's parents (the Big Tree's) and I were wanting to watch Christmas Vacation but Luke just had to watch his beloved NY Giants.

This was our compromise. Two TV's.

It worked beautifully.

I might consider putting two TV's in our living room at home.

Also on Thanksgiving break something sad happened. My laptop completely decided to die.

I knew it was going to happen soon but I was hoping I had another good year left in it, but alas I did not.

The reason it died was partly my fault, because instead of leaving it in one spot so that it could "survive" a bit longer I attempted to transport it.

It was all in the name of Twilight. I was determined to watch Twilight in the car from my laptop.

Well that never happened because it died.

There may have been some hyperventilating and "freaking out" wondering how I was going to blog (and perhaps watch Twilight that night).

But eventually I calmed down and realized there are bigger things in life than computers and vampires and werewolves. And blogs.

The next day my amazing hubby decided I could have my Christmas present a little early. I'm sure it had nothing to do with the fact that he was sick of hearing me whine and complain about my broken computer.

My present was already wrapped and waiting for me.

So, I am now typing to you from my brand new very own Macbook.

I had joked around with Luke about him getting me one but never really thought he would.

He is much too good to me.

Which is why we have watched nothing but football since I received my gift.

And it is also part of the reason why I have not blogged in a couple of days. I am still trying to figure out how to use this crazy thing. Luke has a Mac and I use it occasionally but up until last Friday I was simply a PC girl. This is going to take some getting used to.

I hope everybody had a great Thanksgiving!


Bloggy Friends

The day I got married I said (to myself), "From this day forward I vow to never take out the trash, fill my car up with gas, or drive long distances by myself, ever again."

Well today I broke one of those vows.

And it was all in the name of hanging out with some fun blogging gals.

Anything for my blogging friends right?

I woke up early this morning, got in my car and headed out to the great state of Texas.

I have to admit I was nervous. Not only because I would be driving 3.5 hours by myself but also because I would have to drive through Dallas traffic.

I have been in Dallas traffic once before. I was in the passenger seat, and I kept my eyes closed the entire time to avoid seeing my life flash before my very eyes.

Well it is kind of hard to drive with your eyes closed. So this time I was forced to watch my life flash before my very eyes several times.

And I also saw the life of a bike rider flash before my eyes when he decided to ride his bike behind my car that was going in reverse.

It was nice.

Anyways, like I said it was all for a good cause. I was going to hang out with some blogging friends! Erin, Megan and Mrs. Preppy.

I somehow managed to get myself through Dallas traffic and first met up with Erin. I was so excited to finally meet her. We had tried to meet up once before but it didn't work out.

When I first got out of my car to meet her (after wiping way my traffic-induced tears) I felt like I had already met her.

We then met up with the girls for lunch and had a fabulous time.

Here we are at lunch. Mrs. Preppy brought her precious little girl, who entertained us the whole time!
After lunch Erin and I were able to hang out for a bit more and I go to play with her adorable baby Hudson.

If I keep reading and hanging out with bloggers who have cute babies I am bond to get baby fever.

I really wanted to stay and watch Biggest Loser with her but I knew I had a long drive in front of me and I needed to hit the road. I had such a great time and I am so glad that we finally got to meet!

At lunch we talked about how neat it is to have friends that live all across the United States. I am grateful for these friendships. And even though there are times (many times) when I wish I lived closer to my blogging friends, I know that it make it that much more special when we get to meet!


Weekly Weekend Update

1. Luke has been wanting to watch Up for awhile but I haven't wanted to because I've heard it will make you cry. A lot. But finally I decided it would be OK. So Friday night we rented it.
And I cried.

A lot.

Like the whole time.

Like sobbing.

I don't blame it fully on the movie its also an emotional time of the month, but still it was sad on several levels.

2. Saturday we went and watched New Moon with my (our) good friend Jayma.

As expected it was pretty amazing.

I have completely and fully sold-out to the Twilight craze and I am ok with it.

After the movie I asked Luke "Weren't Jacob's abs amazing?" and he said "I am seriously not discussing that with you."

OK. Lesson learned.

3. Sunday we celebrated an early Thanksgiving with my family. I spent most of my time like this:

For some reason this picture reminds me of those candid pictures of a reported sighting of 'Big Foot' walking in the woods. I have no idea why.

With the family:
Me and the cute hubs, because we don't have enough pictures of us already.

My mom said I probably have more picture of us together in our one year of marriage then she and my dad do in their entire 25 years of marriage

If it looks like Luke is strangling me, its because he is. He was done with pictures.

Then I spent some more time playing with this cute little guy and then we said goodbye and headed home.
It was a good weekend (minus the movie, Up but New Moon made up for it).
Hope you had a great weekend!


New Look!

I am so excited!! You are looking at my newly designed blog! Yay!

Marina at Penny Lane Designs did it and if you are wanting a new look, you need to contact her ASAP. She was such a big help. The first email I sent to her pretty much didn't make any sense at all. I'm sure she read it and thought "Oh great, I get to design a crazy-girl's blog."

But after a couple of more emails she sent me this design and I fell in love with it. I am so happy with how it all turned out

And I have to give a special thanks to my friends Erin and Lindsey for helping me with all my blog questions. They are good friends for putting up with me!

Also, with my new look I got a new domain Blogger should have switched over everything automatically but you might have to change something if you have this blog linked. I'm not really sure.

I hope you like the new look!


It's Tough Being Cold

The hot people always win.

This is a very true fact, stick with me while I explain

I was blessed (cursed?) with a body that is cold All. The. Time.

I’ve joked that anything under than 75 degrees is normally cold for me, and while that may sound ridiculous, it is somewhat true.

And somewhat painful.

I blame it on my mother. She is always cold and I inherited this trait from her.

However she did teach me to always bring a jacket with me, wherever I might go.

Movie theaters and restaurants tend to keep their thermostat on a mild 25 degree Fahrenheit.

And don’t even get me started on grocery stores. I have been known to change clothes just for a grocery trip.

A parka and thermal underwear are appropriate grocery shopping attire.

And that is what I would wear if I owned those items.

Anyways, I say all of this to say that people look at me like I am a crazy-woman when I say am cold.

Now I know that post yesterday about my fear of wooden spoons may prove that I am indeed a crazy-woman. I’m ok with you thinking I’m crazy because the touch of a wooden spoon makes me want to cry. But please do not think I am crazy because I am cold natured. I have heard the following statements my whole life.

And by whole life I mean since meeting my darling husband.

“Its not that cold”

“You need to toughen up”

“You think THIS is cold?!?!”

And so on and so on.

I do have a reason for all of this rambling and I will get on with it.

Why is it that when people are cold they are looked at like they have no sense, but then when somebody says they are hot we go to every measure possible to make them comfortable?

I can’t tell you how many times this has happened to me. I will be in the corner freezing my pretty little butt off when somebody says the three words I dread to hear: “I am hot.”

I dread those words as much as a person dreads a rerun of their favorite TV show.

When somebody says they are hot people scramble to make them comfortable. They turn down the heat. They turn on a fan. They ask them “are you better now?” “is it cooler?” As if it is their one goal in life to make sure that person is never hot again.

Meanwhile I am in the corner wrapped up in a Snuggie, seeking out what looks to be the warmest spot in the room, praying that just an ounce of heat would head me way.

Its miserable I tell ya.

It seems that nobody cares about the cold people of the world.

Which is why I am writing this. I want to come to the defense of all of my fellow “cold natured” friends out there.

We have to stick together and tell those bullies that are hot all the time that they just need to “toughen up”.

And I have no idea why I put myself in the corner in all of these scenarios. Apparently being cold is equal to spending time in a corner.

And I’m pretty sure we all agree nobody puts Baby in a corner, even if she is cold.

Yes I went there. I couldn't let that many references to a corner slide without the best line from a movie of all time.


Weird Phobia

Lately I have been spending more time in the kitchen trying out new recipes. I wish I could stay home all day and just cook and try out all kinds of new recipes in the kitchen.

I'm still trying to talk the hubs into letting me do that.

As I have become more interested in cooking I have also become more interested in what goes in the kitchen.

I have been researching different brands of pots and pans, and various kitchen utensils.

HOWEVER, there is one thing(s) that you will NEVER find in my kitchen.

Wooden Utensils, also known as the spawn of satan.

The mere thought of these dreadful things makes me shudder.

It sends chills down my spine to think of touching a wooden utensil and then using it to stir something, and that same wooden spoon getting wet.

Omigosh, I might go throw up now.


I'm petty sure its a phobia.

And I'm pretty sure I'm not normal.

Does anybody else have a weird phobia? Something that is completely "normal" to everybody else but sends chills down your spine?

I also have a fear of little bitty pieces of paper which has caused every person in my life to leave little bitty pieces of paper waiting for me wherever I might be going.

If I do something to annoy my sweet, sweet husband he will tear up a little piece of paper and throw it at me.

It's grand.

Seriously, I might have just revealed waaaaaay too many weird things about my life.


Weekly Weekend Update

1. Friday night Luke and I prepared the Spaghetti and artichoke recipe by The Pioneer Woman. If you are looking for a recipe to fix this week look no further, this was SUPER easy and SUPER delicious!

2. I finished my bathroom/closet cleaning project and was left with this damage. Goodbye old clothes I will probably not miss you seeing as I haven't worn you in YEARS.3. I marveled in the fact that I can finally see the floor in my closet. I wonder how long it will stay this way?4. TOTALLY got sucked up into New Moon. This was my 3rd attempt to read the book and I vowed that if I didn't get into it this time then I would give up for good. After one day I am almost completely done with the book. Just in time to go see the movie. I know two girls who will be happy to welcome me into the Twilight club. 5. Is it weird that I feel like I am betraying my Indian husband if I choose Edward over Jacob? Although, I'm pretty sure my husband isn't a werewolf.
6. Saturday night I got to see my family which was fun. I love those peeps.
It is cold here now. I'm talking put-the-seat-heater-on type of cold. If you see my crying in the corner you now know why.
Hope you had a great weekend!


The Wind Blown Look

On Monday I showed you two pictures from a mini Christmas Card photo shoot we had this weekend.

However I failed to mention that the wind was Out. Of. Control.

Seriously, I don't think it has been that windy since the day we took engagement pictures.

Luke and Megan taking pictures causes the wind to stir up for some reason.

My wonderful friend who took the pictures sent me to them today and they are AWESOME!

It is going to be hard to pick one to use for our Christmas Card.

These however are the pictures that have gone to the "cutting room floor".

While I loved all the pictures, my hair blowing around like I'm a crazy woman is not exactly how I want to say "Merry Christmas".

However, if I ever want to send a greeting that says: "this is what I look like when in a tornado," then I will pick one of these pictures.

I was trying to show how windy it was. I thought Luke was doing this also. Clearly not.

It was around this time that I started getting pouty.

The wind was out of control and was messing with my 'vibe'.

Now you know what my pouty face looks like.

This picture could also define our relationship. Me=pouty Luke=completely oblivious to the fact that I am upset.


Mid-Week Date Night

Today after work I completed Day 2 of the 2nd week of the Couch to 5K. I have to say today was a bit harder than the others have been, I was hoping that it wouldn't be hard for awhile but today kinda kicked my butt. But I am still planning on sticking with it, it feels good to accomplish each day.

After my run on the treadmill when I fully looked like a sweaty hot-mess Luke and I took a little break from our busy regular routine of TV watching, blog surfing and guitar playing and and went out for a little date night.

As you may know tonight was the night of the Country Music Awards and I have had it written in my planner for about a month now.

Yes, I record future TV shows in my planner so that I won't forget them.

But the hubs wanted to go on a date night and I like spending time with him so I decided it would be a good way to spend the night.

However if the DVR was not invented I'm not sure I would have so quickly agreed to this date night.

First we made a stop at a yummy Italian restaurant which was so good.After knowing this boy for six years I am still amazed at how he can arch his eyebrows like thatAfter dinner we headed to a college worship service.

It was during this service that I realized several things:

1. EVERY girl in college has a North Face jacket
2. Facebook has taken over the world
3. I miss college
4. I'm also glad college is over
5. I am O.L.D.

It was so nice to worship next to my husband. Usually he is on stage leading worship so the times that I get to stand next to him are few and far between. I absolutely love those moments.

Sometimes I wish we were 'normal' and could ride to church together, leave in the same car, sit next to each other etc. But then I remember that this is a calling on our lives and I feel ok.

I guess I could ride to church with Luke if I woke up at 6am on Sunday morning. We all know that's not happening anytime soon.

It was a fun night spontaneous date night with this cute guy. I am thankful for a great husband!

Even though he does have some unsightly hair above his lip that I'm praying will fall out since he does not plan on shaving it anytime soon.

Don't mind the mint in my mouth, I was out of gum.

Now I'm watching the CMA's at 11:00pm. Maybe I'm not as old as I think.

Wait, considering 11:00pm late and only staying up to watch an awards show?

Yes, I am definitely old.


Hi My Name is Megan....

Hi, my name is Megan and I have potential to become a full-blown Hoarder.

I say 'full-blown' because I think that I am already a little-bit of a Hoarder.

Tonight I decided to clean out our bedroom closet.

I want to be ready to move at a moments notice. Whenever I find contentment in this apartment and God gives us the OK to move I want to be ready.

So I decided that getting our closet clean and organized and rid of all things we don't need or wear anymore would be a good step towards getting ready for the move - whenever that is.

Way to late in the night I started my project. I went through our closet, got rid of some clothes and shoes that we don't wear anymore.

I then found a Christmas tree stand that I most likely would have been looking for in the next week so I felt productive.

It was around the time that we had to take apart the vacuum because I sucked a knit belt into it that I decided I was done with the closet and wanted to conquer new territory.

So I left what used to be our very clean bedroom looking like this: (don't be jealous of the black Dr. marten's in the picture)
There is a chair under there I promise....
And then entered the bathroom - also known as the land of expired products.

Also, the land where the fear (and realization?) set in that I may in fact be a hoarder.

Do you know how many bottles of shampoo I had under my sink?

By the way do those expire?

Does anybody want a pair of glasses that I wore in junior high? Because I totally have those under my sink?

How about the perfume I got for Christmas my senior year of high school, SEVEN years ago?!?

Or what about a Chi straightener that broke 3 years ago but I can't bring myself to part with it because I paid so much money for it.

So I keep it under my sink.

Even though it is BROKEN

I did throw away about 20 bottles of Proactiv because they expired a looooong time ago.

I hope my dad isn't reading this, it would probably hurt his eyes (and bank account) to know that I threw away all of that Proactiv he paid for.

It would be like "throwing money out the window" as he would say.

I also found a couple of bottles of cellulite cream.

Do those expire?

Do you know what the saddest part about all of this is?

I moved more than 10 times during my college career.


Something is wrong here.

I started to feel defeated when my bathroom looked like this: (which by the way do you like how I didn't even put down my toilet lid for this picture, my mom will be embarrassed)

When I reached this point I realized I didn't really want to conquer the bathroom either and it was time for bed.

Which is clearly why I'm blogging.

When I told Luke that I thought I was a Hoarder, he said he already knew that I was one, its no secret.

That's why I married him, he lifts me up when I am down.

Now I'm off to put everything back under my sink and in my closet so that I can go to bed.

Basically tonight I just took an inventory of all the expired items in our home.

You should always keep track of those sorts of things, you never know when you will get the urge to wear that perfume that didn't even smell that great when you were in high school.


I Want it Now

Do you ever feel sucked up into the game of this world?

You want this.

You have to have that.

You will just die if you don’t get a such and such.

Or you NEED to show up to the party wearing a who and who.

I just made up ‘who and who’ but I kind of like it.

I have been dealing with this lately.

I think for most people it is a very normal thing to deal with, but lately it has consumed my life.

I always think I NEED something.

Whether it is an article of clothing, a certain piece of furniture or even a kitchen gadget, I fully believe that I need it and I need it now.

I also fully believe that most of the time it is a straight lie.

It is just hard to remember that in the moment.

Lately I have been a bit irritated with my husband because he is not finding us a house.

For the record I gave up on joining him in this search a looooooooooooong time ago.

I have left it completely up to him.

The other day I was whining around much like a child, complaining that we were STILL living in our stupid apartment.

When I use words like stupid you know I’m serious.

Luke then asked me why I was so adamant to get out of our apartment.

The ONLY thing I could come up was because I waaaaaaaaant a house and I want it nooooooow.

It may have sounded similar to Veruca from Willy Wonka.

Seriously, it was pretty bad.

And yes, I just admitted that I sounded like a spoiled child.

Lately, I have become consumed with the image of a home.

With granite counter tops and plush carpet, and hardwood floors, and wait……see how easy it is for me to become distracted when talking about homes?

I know that we will find a house in God’s timing, but maybe first He is trying to teach me something?

Maybe I need to learn to be content with what I have.

To become content with what I have been given and stop always searching for the next thing.

I am so blessed and have so much more than what I need, yet I still find myself discontent with what I do have.

I think the desire for ‘things’ will ALWAYS be something I struggle with. You won’t see me running around barefoot in a sheet anytime soon because I have learned to rid myself of all material things.

I will always want new clothes and I will always desire to look nice and presentable, there is nothing wrong with that.

It’s the compulsion to always have new 'stuff' and more 'stuff' that becomes the problem.

However, if I learn to break this cycle and to place my Hope and Trust in something bigger than myself it will become easier to do each time, and when feel that little voice saying “I NEED MORE” creep up I can ‘nip it in the bud’.

It seems like, lately, the Big Guy Upstairs has been trying to get me to fully grasp contentment.

Maybe I will finally get it one day.


Weekly Weekend Update

First of all I have to say thank you for all the sweet comments you left on my last blog post. I debated whether to even EVER put another picture of myself on the blog again! You girls sure made me feel good!

Anyways, its time for our Weekly weekend Update:

1. We spent Friday night in the good ole' apartment with some yummy Pei Wei. I could eat it every night, and lately I can't get it spicy enough. The spicier the better!

2. Saturday a friend that takes some great pictures spent an hour of her morning snapping some pictures of us for our Christmas cards, she sent me these two, I'm excited to see the rest of them:3. Saturday night we purchased our very first Christmas tree and I am super excited! I might even put it up next week! The hubs was super excited to take this picture with our tree (not really)4. Sunday night we headed to a Thunder game. Some friends from church invited us and I never pass a chance to go to a NBA game, they are so fun!So that was our weekend, I wish I could say I spent more time cleaning, but I didn't which is why I am still awake at 11:00, except I'm blogging not cleaning.

Hope you all had a great weekend!


Leggings Intervention

The other day on Twitter there was a lot of talk about leggings.

It was during that conversation about leggings that I made a startling revelation.

I have been wearing leggings for several years now and apparently they haven't been in style.

I was warned by a few people younger than me that the leggings I was wearing were not in style but I simply dismissed their warnings.

I have mentioned several times on the ole blog that I am challenged when it comes to fashion or anything halfway relating to fashion, so it should come as no surprise that I was very out of style.

And I am thankful for my blog/twitter friends who double as my "fashion consultants".

But the leggings are not necessarily the problem.

The problem is the amount that I wear the leggings.

I need a Leggings Intervention.

I think leggings are one of the most comfortable pieces of clothing.

And when I wear them to work paired with a large shirt (to cover the behind) and flats, it is as if I am wearing a night gown and house shoes to work.

And nothing is better than that.

Even it if it means being out style.

I have started incorporating leggings into my weekly outfits more often than whats deemed appropriate.

I'm on day 3 of leggings so far this week.

I need an intervention. Quick.

And I'm a little embarrassed to admit that I got my leggings at Target about two years ago for $5.

Perhaps its time to invest in some new ones?

Here's my outfit today, with my $5 leggings.

I will bad sad when leggings go back out of style, however, judging from my history, I will probably still continue to wear them.

Because what is better than wearing a night gown to work? Nothing.

If leggings are wrong than I don't want to be right.



Groovin' Music

Tonight I begun the daunting task of putting together a playlist of tunes to listen to while I workout.

Well, I say workout but I mean jog.

Well, I say jog but I mean 'walk briskly'.

Actually I am attempting to do the 'Couch to 5k' program, but I am reluctant to say that on the blog because if I quit it in 3 weeks I won't just know I'm a quitter, but those of you that read my ramblings will also know I'm a quitter.

But hopefully I won't quit.

I bought the couch to 5k application for the iphone and I feel good about it this time. I feel like I will really stick with it.

And the fact that the hubs acted like I would use it one time and forget about it is an even bigger incentive to complete the challenge.

But he has good reason for his assumptions. Anybody remember The Shred?

Yeah, me neither.

So I have been putting together a workout playlist and I just can't seem to narrow it down. There are too many good get-your-butt-moving songs.

But I've narrowed it down a bit.

I of course started with with Britney because she will never fail me when it comes to get-my-butt-moving music.

I have been with her since the beginning. I was there when she was innocent, I defended her when everybody said she got implants, I saw her go from skanky to mommy all the way to crazy crazy train and now back to pop princess. I never abandoned her and she has never abandoned me when I needed good jogging-walking-briskly tunes.

I then moved into a little Carrie Underwood and Taylor Swift followed by Coldplay. Needless to say I love all genres of music.

And please lets not forget Backstreet Boys. I mean seriously who can listen to "Everybody" and not want to get up and do a choreographed dance? Not me.

I then concluded the playlist with some tunes by my very own hubby. Don't worry none of the tunes are written for me or about me. That's not his style.

But even though they aren't about me, they are still good songs and they will remind me that somebody out there loves me when I feel like I am dying on the treadmill.

So now I have two playlists each containing 30 minutes of music. I feel good and ready to combat the treadmill.

And yes, I know that running outside is better for your body and I would love to run outside, however, my only problem is that my ears tend to feel like they are going to fall off if I go outside in anything less than 72 degrees.

I'm not really cut out for this working-out, physical exercise, endurance thing.

But the Couch to 5k is still calling my name.

So now that I've probably disgusted a good majority of you by admitting my love for all things Brit Brit and Boy Bands, tell me, what is on your get-your-butt-moving music?


The Pot Pie

The other day I made this pot pie:

And I was very excited to eat it. Until I realized one little thing.

The chicken broth I used was expired.

Freaking. expired.

Well, not expired by the date, but expired by the fact that I put an opened thing of broth in the pantry and not in the refrigerator, where apparently it was supposed to go.

Therefore, expired.

And I didn't realize it until I had prepared the pot pie and it was in the oven cooking away just waiting to be eaten.

When I figured out that I had used 'bad' chicken broth I did what any normal person would do.

I got on google and researched if to see if it would still be ok to eat.

Then I got on WebMD to see what the side effects would be if we still ate the pot pie.

Just kidding about that last part. But WebMD did tell me the other day that I need to start wearing a neck brace at work. But I'm trying to go a whole month without going to the Dr. so I can't ask him about that one just yet.

Anyways between google and 2 calls to my mother and grandmother we concluded that this beautiful pot pie was indeed toxic.

So here sat this lovely, delicious-looking pot pie, made with lots of hard work, love, and frozen veggies, that we couldn't touch.

There was no way I was going to risk it, and I knew that my food crazy hubby wouldn't touch it with a ten foot pole.

In fact when he looked at it he said, ewww it even looks expired.

I had to explain to him that the chicken broth looked NORMAL that's why I still used it. This is what pot pie is supposed to look like (and if you're thinking, "no that's not what my pot pie looks like" don't tell me).

Over the last year I have really found a love for cooking that I never knew I had.

I love researching new recipes and trying them out, and most of the time I do a good job.

However there are times that I have slip ups like this, where I am close to poisoning me and the hubs.

Does anybody else ever have moments like this in the kitchen? Where your mind completely slips and you make a dumb mistake.

For the record I made a new non-toxic pot pie the next night and it was delish.

And I'm looking for a neck brace online.



Weekly Weekend Update

Friday we hit the road again (what's new) and headed up north to spend sometime with our family.

Here's what we did:

Spent sometime at a high school football game where I froze:
Rode a 4-wheeler at Luke's parent's house. Went to hang out with my family
Then we helped this cute little guy get ready for Halloween:Maxton and his momma (my sister)With his favorite aunt and uncle (I'm trying to get Maxton to call Luke Uncle Lu Lu, Luke doesn't like it) With Maxton and gramma
And then we sent him off to Trick or Treat where he found a friend that looked familiarToday (Sunday) we've had a pretty crazy day. We had a fall festival after church. I woke up extra early to bake some goodies to take. I have become a full fledged Betty Crocker.

It was a great weekend.

And now I'm excited because the holiday season is beginning!!!