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Weekly Weekend Update

This weekend can be summed up with one word: food.

OK actually two words: food and TV.

Recently this month we had two pretty big financial hits. Luke was in a bit of a wreck (he is ok) and completely messed up the side of his car.

And around the time of his wreck my car decided to remind me that it needs a new timing belt. My dad has been telling me for about the past year that I needed to get a new belt, so I got plenty of cute belts to go in my closet, but never bought a new belt for my car. And now perfect timing it needs one ASAP.

Two birds with one stone, or something like that.

So, we have decided to give our rock star lifestyle a break for the rest of the month and try and not to spend any extra money.

Please don't remind me that it is the middle of the month and not the end.

We usually use the weekends to eat out and go to the movies but with our new scaled-back lifestyle we knew we needed to eat at home.

Friday night we had Chicken Parmesan and Italian Salad with a bottle of wine and a mini cheesecake that Luke surprised me with.

It was a nice little affordable feast from home.

We watched The Proposal which I absolutely love. It makes me laugh out loud every time!

Saturday I tried another new recipe that I found out Brown Eyed Girl's blog. Cheese Chicken Corn Chow, it was really good.

Then I spent pretty much the whole entire day watching Say Yes To The Dress. There was a marathon on TLC so, I spent my day with some yummy soup and pretty dresses. Luke was around but he wasn't too interested in the dress show.

The ONLY part I miss about wedding planning is trying on all the dresses. I am completely 100% satisfied with my dress choice but I only tried on about 3 or 4 dresses before I found mine and I think it would be fun to go back and try more dresses.

Also, I wish we could have a National "Wear Your Wedding Dress Day" or possibly wedding dress parties where everybody wears their dress. Just an idea.

Our dresses are much too pretty to be sitting in bags in the closet!

Saturday night Luke actually pulled me away from SYTTD to go to the pumpkin patch, but by the time we got there it was closed, so back to the TV I went.

Did I mention I had 3 pieces of cheesecake on Saturday? Cause I did.

Sunday has been pretty much the same thing, except I did clean the house, so I feel a bit productive.

Luke has ventured out to a music gig. I didn't feel like going so its just me and my friend cheesecake:

In fact, I think that my friend is calling my name right now.

Hope you all had a great weekend!!!



  1. Sometimes those weekends at home are the better than busy ones!

  2. That cheesecake looks delicious! We always end having more fun when we are trying to save money. You have to use your imagination more. =)

  3. If I lived any closer I'd be on your doorstep with a fork and a smile and a sign that says "Feed Me."

  4. Oh yeah, and I'm right there with you on the Say Yes to the Dress marathon.

    Best show ever.

    Maybe I'll call you in to be my dress consultant if I ever get married.

    Mermaid or ballgown?

  5. I love reading your blog and just thought I'd comment to say how great I think your "wedding dress day" idea is! Too funny!

  6. Hi! I have been reading your blog for a while but just now decided to comment. I just had to tell you that I did the SAME THING this weekend. My husband and I just moved into a cute little farmhouse and I spend some of my time unpacking and than the rest just watching tv and eating. LOL I fixed home made chicken noodle soup and taco soup, home made wheat chocolate chip cookies. I did get out sunday to go get a pumpkin spice capucino at the QT which I might add are better than ANY other place i have tried and so much cheaper. Anyway have a great week and just know that you are not the only one staying home because money is tight. :0)

  7. Sounds like the perfect cheese cake-filled weekend!!!! ;)

  8. Those are my favorite kinds of weekends :)

    We watched the proposal too this weekend... with our friends who just got engaged this week. It was too cute.

    That cheesecake... wow. What a yummy treat.

  9. I love weekends in. I want to rent The Proposal. I loved it in the theater.

  10. Okay, so I think you need to host a "wear your wedding dress" Saturday. Where all your blog peeps put on their wedding dresses and have their hubbies take their pics and post them to a MckLinky thing from your blog. We could have our own "Say Yes to the Dress" marathon. Yep I'm ready to get my dress out!! I heart wedding dresses....anyway....

    Have a Blessed week,

  11. So I think there may have been something in the air. I ate like a college football player. Oops!

  12. Such a bummer about your cars!

    The Proposal is so cute, we finally saw it for the first time last week.

    Have a great week!

  13. Sounds like a great weekend... minus the timing belt... OUCH!

  14. Sounds like it was a nice relaxing weekend...I can understand scaling back. We are doing the same thing lately! :)

  15. Yumm...that cheesecake looks delish!!!

    And I totally agree about the wedding dress--I so wish I had a reason to wear it again!

  16. Yum, that cheesecake looks so yummy!!

  17. omg that cheesecake looks like absolute HEAVEN!!!! yum yum - reminds me of one my mom used to make all the time.

    scaling back gets easier - i promise! matt and i had to do that when i got laid off at the begining of the year.

  18. i just love that say yes to the dress show! I am also planning a big party where girls wear their wedding dresses again! SO much fun!

  19. hmmmm...trying not to be jealous of your cable tv and your cheesecake :)

  20. two things: 1 - Hey, at least you have cable! I haven't even ever seen Say Yes to the Dress! I'll have to add it to my inlaws' dvr list for the holidays.
    2 - you had wine!? I thought you hated it?? You know I'll bring a bottle or two for us next time we're in town! =)

  21. i watched plenty of say yes to the dress yesterday. love that show!
    your weekend sounds like a good one to me :) tv and snacking! cheesecake wouldn't by my pick though, i like chocolate ;)

  22. just like annie, i did nothing but watch say yes to the dress :) so yay for lazy days & food!

  23. Yay! So glad you tried the soup and liked it! I am absolutley dying over that pic of the cheesecake!! I have a feeling it would've been gone in a day if it were in my house. Glad you had a good weekend. We are in the same "cutting back" phase too. No fun!

  24. WOW lady!!! your weekend sounds delicious!!!

  25. that sounded like a great weekend! and a yummy one!! ooh now i want a bite of cheesecake! we did the same thing with no extra spending for a while bc of insurance bills that we got hit with! i feel you girl. i feel you. (and I cracked up at buying belts for your closet, love it!) we got to see snippets of the proposal on the airplane! we can't wait to rent it=)


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