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Weekly Weekend Update - The Fair

Every year my family heads to the Fair. Usually we wear T-shirts or tank tops. This year we wore layers and layers of clothes with warm boots. I can't believe how cold it is here. Does anybody ever experience a true Fall anymore? It doesn't seem like it.

My favorite part of the fair is eating all of the food. LOVE IT ALL. This year I had:
-Cheese on a Stick
-Potato Swirl
-Chicken tenders on a stick
-Fried Peaches
-Fried Pickles
-Fried Apple Straws with Carmel dipping sauce

My favorite was of course the cheese on a stick, what is better than fried cheese?!? Friend Pickles is a close second.

Here are some pics from the fair:

My youngest sister:I should have taken my jacket off in these next 2 pictures:As usual we had a great time at the fair!

Luke and I stayed the night with my family and then spent Saturday hanging out.

I had my sister cut my hair because these days it seems that I can't be around her without wanting to change my hair some. She gave me a bit of bangs and made my hair a little bit more choppy not a big change but just enough:

Have I mentioned that I love having a hair stylist in my family?!?!

So that was our weekend! Another fast paced one!

What is your favorite fair food?



  1. We had similar weekends! I did the same thing Friday night and just blogged about it :)

    I love your hair right now. The dark color looks good on you and so do the banngs.

  2. I love the fair, but love CORNY dogs even more :) Jealous of your sister!!

  3. Girl, I soooo cannot believe you didn't have a Funnel Cake, that's a sin and a must at a fair!!!! :)

  4. I love the corn dogs! Your hair is cute, but I thought you were growing it out?

  5. I LOVE FAIR FOOD!! The fair is here for the next week and I'm begging Alex to go. He doesn't care for it much. :)

    My favorite fair foods/drinks are:
    Roasted Corn (drenched in butter)
    Giant Corn Dog w/mustard
    Cotton Candy
    Fresh Squeezed Lemonade

    Cute haircut! :)

  6. Yeah, why didn't funnel cakes make an apperance on your list?! I love funnel cakes!

    P.S. I think you meant fried pickles not friend pickles. :) I got a good laugh out of it anyhow, which I really needed/

  7. I think the ones I'd most want to try would be the fried peaches or the fried apples with caramel.

  8. I love fried pickles, yum. We always order them when they are on the menu. Love the new hair cut, cute!

  9. I love your hair. I wish I had a stylist in the family. I hate making hair appointments and I'm ready for a change!

    I love fried pickles - whenever they're on the menu, we order them! But, if going to the fair, we must get a funnel cake!!

  10. Love the haircut! I so wish I had a hair stylist in my family too! So jealous! :)

  11. OH -- FAIR FOOD! I love it all -- especially fried cheese and funnel cakes. Our state fair also has these little mini chocolate chip cookies that come all warm and melty in a cup.

    Thanks a lot, I'm drooling just thinking about it ;)

  12. Mmmm...I love fair food! I would have to say that my favorite is a footlong corn dog (the regular ones just don't do! Plus I think I could eat an entire bag of kettle korn in one sitting if I completely lacked self control!

  13. We didn't end up going to the fair. Ty had to work late every night and then we decided it was too cold and wet to go. I'm so sad that we missed out on all the food. We were both craving a corn dog yesterday, but not enough to get out and get one. haha!

  14. Oh how I love fair food!! Mmm elephant ears!!=)

  15. FUN! What a cute family! love the hair. I love the food... funnel cakes and turkey legs are hard for me to resist...


  16. how fun!! fair food is the best!
    my favorite fair food is by far a corndog and the one your sis has is making me drool ;)
    your hair is too cute!!

  17. MMMMM! Looks like you had some good eatin! I want to go to the TX state fair but never have, this year they have fried butter on the menu...not so sure about that one!

  18. fair food is the BEST! an dyour hair looks fab

  19. i love the fair!! it doesn't feel like the fair unless there's a bit of chill in the air though and our 90 degree weather is killing me! i want to wear a scarf!!!

    your hair it too cute!

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  21. ahh the fair!:)

    *i absolutely love MAPLE cotton candy or cotton candy for that matter. I could eat bags of it by myself.
    * funnel cake (of course!)
    * I like these blooming onion things. They're like onion rings.

    Omigoodness we don't have fried apple straws at our fair.:( that sounds like really good! but we do have fried butter. uggh that just sounds nasty (to me anyway)!

  22. Aw, looks like you had a great time! I LOVE fried pickles. They are the super yummiest, most wonderful treat ever. YUM. And your hair looks great, ps...I wish I had a stylist in my family!

  23. I have got to get my husband to take me to a fair!! I am dying to try all the new fried concoctions of food! And it looks so fun and cole there too!

  24. I love me some fried pickles, dipped in ranch of course! Your hair looks awesome! You have fabulous hair!!!

  25. love the fair! we're going soon! my fave fair food is funnel cake and caramel or candied apples. oh, and this is kinda gross, but i like the big sausage dogs with onions and peppers. i think a better question would be what fair food don't I like?!!

    love the family pics!

  26. LOVE your hair!! Super cute! I wish I had a hairstylist in the family... ten I could shop more. LOL

  27. I wish I would have gone back for a second cheese on a stick! and friend peaches?!? I didn't know they had those..yum! Your bangs look CUTE!


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