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Weekly Weekend Update

Good Monday Morning blogging world!!

All of my big work events for the year 2009 are over and I feel very good!

I had several blog friends email me and wish me luck with my events and tell me that they had been praying for me. It was so sweet. However, almost all of them said they had no idea what my events were. Haha.

I didn't mean to be so vague but I guess I was.

Basically I plan 4 events for a University's Homecoming. One reunion, One awards ceremony, another smaller ceremony and a Tailgate Party the day of the homecoming football game.

I really enjoy my job and I'm glad I get to do something that I like. The closer I get to the events, the more anxious, stressed, and whiny I get, just because I am so nervous, but overall I enjoy it.

All of the events went so smoothly and everything was great. Homecoming 2009 was a success!

Here are some pictures of the flowers from the awards ceremony on Friday. The flowers were so pretty:

Here is the stage piece:
This is at the end of Friday (a very long day, I look like trash). These were my beautiful flowers that I received from my sweet husband, and some ladies who are alums of the University. By the way, I didn't wear flip flops with my outfit that day, these are my 'gotta get out of these flipping heels shoes.
Can you tell our school colors are blue and yellow?!?!?

Friday night Luke and I went out to eat and then went to a student Homecoming event at the University. I just LOVE Homecoming (especially the events that I don't have to plan!)

Saturday morning Luke and I woke up bright and early and headed out to meet the rest of my office to get ready for the tailgate.

We had lots of free food and fun activities at the tailgate. Luke walked around and took lots of pictures, but I semi-feel weird about posting them because they are all of people I don't know (people who are enjoying the tailgate) so I don't want to post their picture on the Internet without permission.

However here is one of me and my student worker. She is just so cute, she was on the Homecoming Court.

We left the game around 5:00 and came home and crashed! I didn't leave the couch until I got up to move to the bed!

So now it's over and I feel good!

I fully intend to go back to my regular blogging self. I have missed it.

However, right now I have a full DVR, a laundry pile that is sky high, a completely mess apartment, and a VERY empty pantry and refrigerator. I need to get to work.

Oh, and did I mention that my google reader total is in the upper hundreds?!?!

I have a lot of work ahead of me.

Hope you all had a great weekend!



  1. Glad you had a good weekend!! And yay for getting all your big things done for the year!! Love the flowers and as always you look super cute!

  2. YAYAYA that all went well! You look so pretty!

  3. Look how long your hair is getting! So happy that you are back! Missed ya!

  4. Wow! You planned a LOT! Glad you're back to blogging and I'm glad to hear all of your events went well.

    Have a great week!

  5. I'm glad it was a success! The flowers are beautiful. I love the table numbers!
    Can't wait to see you tomorrow!! Have a safe drive!

  6. I am so glad that everything went well! I know what it's like to have a big event at work at feel anxious! Yay for it being over! (-:


  7. You are so great at your job...glad you have all that behind you!!! OH- and I am POSITIVELY SURE that you have never "looked like trash" in your whole life!!!! :)

  8. so glad everything went great!! love the flowers

  9. Umm.. if that's you looking like trash then I'd hate to hear what I can be called!!! Glad your events went so well. Love the flowers!

  10. Congrats on so many successful events!!

    I know how it is.... you love the planning and seeing everything go off without a hitch. However, the execution causes a teensy bit of stress, lol. That's how I get, too, lol.

  11. Happy to hear your events went well! How sweet that your hubby send you flowers!

  12. Congratulations on some very successful events.. You worked hard and you deserve to have everything be pulled off smoothly and wonderfully! :)

  13. So glad that the events went smoothly, and I'm so glad that you are back! Good to hear from you! :)

  14. It looks beautiful! My college colors are blue and yellow too.

  15. So glad that the things went well with your events! Those flowers are great!

  16. I am so glad to hear it all went well! I'm sure you feel like a big weight has been lifted. Everything looks fabulous from your pics!

    We've missed you in the blog world :)

  17. Congrats on being all finished! So glad everything came together so well!

  18. i am so proud of you and so happy that you're home free for 2009! i know exactly what you've been through!

    i love the pic of you in your flip flops (been there!) and of you and your student worker. my old student worker stopped by to visit me at the house yesterday and it actually made me miss working. just for a second, though! :)

    seriously, i know you're so relieved. congratulations, friend!!!

  19. Hey girl,
    So glad everything went so well. Now you can rest and get back to the very relaxful house hunting (heehee)!!

    You look so cute in these pics and I LOVE the all the flowers.

    Have a blessed week,

  20. Your job sounds for fun and very exhausting at the same time, haha!!!! :)

  21. yessssssss I finally made the blog!!!!

  22. What a fun job you had! I'm glad everything was pulled off and you are home free for the rest of 2009. You must be so relieved!


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