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Wednesday Wanderings

1. I have been obsessed with listening to Disney songs on Pandora lately. It really makes the office day fun.

2. Which would explain why I said that The Circle of Life is "our" song (from my last post).

3. It isn't, but I was listening to it at that time and it made sense.

4. The other day while shopping I lost my iPhone. I panicked. Actually panicked is an understatement. I completely freaked out. Several minutes later I saw a girl carrying it (she was honestly taking it to security) I asked her where she found it and she said in the grass outside. I will never know how it got there, but I call her my little iAngel.

5. I created another email account. I felt like having 4 email addresses and a sane mind just wasn't enough.

6. I am debating whether to try the Twilight series again. This will be my 3rd time to attempt it.
Third time's a charm
Two times is two too many??

7. I am so behind in my blog reading, my reader keeps getting more full and full everyday. I'm about to hit the dreaded "Mark All As Read' button.

8. Sometimes I want to hurry and have babies just so I can see what they will look like. I think I have lots of dark hair in my future.

9. Then I remember having a baby just to see what they will look like is not exactly the best reason to have children at this moment.

10. I am trying to become a coupon lady. Our grocery bill is ridiculous and coupons would help. It is not easy becoming a coupon lady. If anybody has any tips let me know!



  1. love the random thoughts :)

    coupon advice: start small. there are so many coupon queens out there that have a notebook and an organized box and a little folder and a database and [well, you get the picture]. but i've tried to get mirco-organized and it's just more stressful than helpful. plus, i am more likely to stop when i try to be so organized. i bought one of the coupon organizers from the dollar spot at target and came up with some semi-specific labels that worked for me. then i ONLY clip the coupons i will use and file them. when i get ready to go shopping, i make my list THEN i go through to see if i have any coupons for the things on my list. every so often - like when my husband and i are traveling somewhere, i'll go through and throw away expired ones.

    hope this [book i just wrote] helps :)

  2. Coupon advise.. definitely try!

    I save anywhere from $5-10 a week by cutting coupons.. Small, but it adds up! And, by no means am I an expert like some chicks.

    Anyways, cut the coupons whether you need the goods this week or next, you'll be glad you have them when it's time to buy the item. Also, I always try to buy products before I need them - if their coupon is about to expire.

  3. Thank goodness for those iAngels! Whew I would have been FREAKING out as well ;)

  4. Okay girlfriend...we need to have a chat....YOU MUST START THE TWILIGHT SERIES AGAIN or I will jump through your computer screen and make you do it! LOL! J/K but you know what I mean! Do it!

  5. Ummmmm Hello Disney for life! :)

    Yes please try giving Twilight another try. I feel like you are going to love it this time.

  6. You are so funny it is not even funny. Except well, it is. VERY FUNNY. Love ya, girl!

  7. I'm with you..I'm trying to get more organized with coupons, but it's kind of difficult. I'm getting there! :)

  8. I love your random posts...... and girl, sing away on those Disney songs to your hearts content!!!!!! And aren't we all a part of the Circle of Life? And now I can officially thank you for getting that song stuck in my head, haha!!! :)

  9. I would suggest trying Twilight took me a bit but then I ended up reading all the books in less than a week...slightly obsessive, yes I know!

    Good luck with the coupon clipping...I have a bit fat FAIL next to this one in my life! Mainly because I'm lazy, and well mainly because I'm lazy!

  10. I feel your paniced pain! My iPhone slipped out of my back pocket on the way to the U2 concert a few weeks ago. I freeeeeeaaaaaked out. was sitting there in the grass waiting for me after the concert! Can you believe that?! Somebody could've had themselves a free iPhone! Ahh!

  11. Oh my!
    I needed those laughs this a.m. Going to be a LONG day over here.
    Definitely read twilight a third time! Nothing wrong with that ;)
    And thank GOD for the iAngel :)

  12. This post made me laugh. If you do get tips from coupon here you should post so we can see too.
    I'm the same way about kids. I don't really want them right now but the thought of seeing what they are going to look like is very irresistible

  13. Ahh.. the Twilight series. I tried for so long not to give in, until one night I finished a book I was reading and wanted another one to start and my sister talked me into Twilight... I was hooked I finished it in less then 24 hrs (sad I know)! The New Moon and Eclipse were a different story. It took me forever to get through and kinda dragged out. The last one Breaking Dawn was good too! =)

  14. I love to coupon and save TONS of money doing it. I have several websites I use but one in paticular is you can put in your city and state and she will tell you per store in your areas what coupons are available and what the final price would be. VERY helpful. if you want the rest of the addresses let me know.. my email is
    Good luck!

  15. iAngels... FUNNY!!!!

    I didnt know that Pandora had "disney" music... totally gotta check that out!

  16. 1. Glad you found your iPhone. Scary!

    2. Haha, I have, at a quick count, 8 accounts. Seriously, what is wrong with me?

    3. So wait, you've never made it through the whole Twilight series? If you haven't made it so far.... I dunno. I've read it twice, and will be reading it again before New Moon premieres on November 20th. I have tickets to the midnight show. Feel free to mock me.

    4. I am becoming a blog-reading fiend, but only because I'm putting off other stuff. Genius, right?

    5. I want to have babies so so bad. Seriously, it's sick. I suggest creating a account to pass the time.

    6. I use coupons! My advice is to start clipping/printing them and using them... nothing more complicated than that. I got a little coupon crazy in the spring and it wasn't worth the effort. There are blogs you can subscribe too that post good deals and new online coupons (Coupon Cravings, Deal Seeking Mom, Sisterly Savings off the top of my head). They have lots of good ideas.

    Well, glad I could basically write a post inside your post today. I really need to lay off the procrastination.

  17. Confession: I have hit "mark all as read" button a few times. It only hurts for a second!!

    Coupons: DO IT!! We save a lot of money. It takes a little bit of time to get organized up front...but once you find a system that works for is SO worth it.

  18. iAngel! There are a few good people in this world!

    Also, I totally want to become a coupon girl too, but am having a hard time! Hopefully someone has some good tips b/c groceries are SO dang expensive!

  19. Your iAngel? That is so funny.. you crack me up! :) I'm glad you got your phone back.

    That's funny you want to have babies so you can see what they look like. :) I bet they will have lots of dark hair like your hubby!

  20. Our grocery bills are rediculous too! I am trying to be a coupon lady but I am not good at it! I keep losing or forgetting the coupon I need!

  21. I'm thrilled to hear that your song isn't actually "The Circle of Life." I was pretty worried about that after reading it. :P

    And I have started clipping coupons like a PRO! :)


    Now that I've got that off my chest =) I've tried many times, but I always feel overwhelmed. I feel like I buy stuff just to use the coupon, even if I don't need it or don't usually buy it. I will probably try coupons again, it seems to a love/don'tlikesomuch kind of relationship. Aren't you glad you asked? =)

    Twilight series, tried it once, don't do scary.

    Umm having kids to see what they will look like ~~ you are so cute!! But seriously wait for a better reason =)

    This post was so fun!! You are a hoot!!!

    Have a Blessed day,

  23. I'm so happy to hear about your iAngel! My phone is like a little extra hand, it's sad how much I depend on that thing!

    Twilight? Well, I read all 4 in a week back in March, bc my friend loooves them and asked me too. I never really "got" it, but I told her I'd read all before passing judgement. They're not my thing, but they go fast and are kind of interesting!

  24. Check out and see if she does a list for a grocery store in your area. She also does workshops perfect for beginners.

  25. i did wonder why you chose circle of life. :) haha

    i want to be a coupon lady, but have no idea where to go to find these coupons. you said you found a lot for publix?? where??

    say no to twilight. haha. i have no reason to say that because i've never read it. i just don't get all into the hype of many things.

  26. Oh my gosh, I used to be the same way about coupons. I hated cutting them and it was such a pain cause I felt like the only reason I ended up buying the stuff was just because I had a coupon for it. Well....that all changed about a month and a half ago. First of all I have 3 kids so a $400 grocery bill twice a month and then $150-200 bill the other two weeks of the month was just too much money! I started buying the Sunday paper and clipping coupons, for stuff that I actually buy. I do clip coupons now for other brands of items I buy if the coupon is worth clipping though.

    Then, the best way to use them is to make your grocery list of everything you need, then go through and categorize it by how it's laid out in the store (or how you usually shop) and copy your list over to the outside of an envelope. Mark a "c" by all the things you have coupons for then stick the coupons into the envelope that has your list on it! That way you don't forget to use them!! It's very easy and I always save at least $15 or so at the register!!

  27. Your iAngel....hilarious!!! I would be freaking out if I lost mine too...sheesh, so glad she found it!

  28. let me know how the couponing thing goes. i always say i want to start doing that, but never actually do. i know a lot of people who save a TON of money though.. good luck!

  29. I just knew that song stemmed from your deep love of all things Disney! Good luck with the grocery saving thing. Let me know if you find the magical solution! Our wallets would be grateful!

  30. thank goodness for your iangel, haha, oh i would have been freaking out too! i have several email accounts too,

    and one is for coupons=) i named it "myname" =) i have all the clothing stores coupons sent there, and there is a site called where you can print grocery coupons that you want to use... there's also to look for any stores you many shop at, you can try to find a coupon code to use online or to print out...

    p&g saver and red plum (i think=))are other sets of coupons you might receive in your paper or local paper,

    i just have a coupon holder with about a dozen slots and just label how you think you want them grouped (and you can always change it after you see what you might want) like, dairy, breakfast, frozen, cleaning, paper products, refrigerated, meats, personal hygiene, canned goods...

    i have not been very good about it lately, but if you look at the sales ads that come in the mail and if you can find a coupon or save your coupons when that item goes on sale, you can save a lot of money! enough money to keep trying all of the drinks from your starbucks list! =)


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