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Too Connected?

I currently have an account with Facebook, Blogger, Myspace, and Twitter, and let’s not forget the 4 email accounts I have and use. That is a lot of connectivity.

I’m not really sure I just used that connectivity word in the correct context but I really like the way it sounds.

Actually I'm not even sure it is a real word.

Anyways, there are other social sites that I have accounts with, but never use.

One social site I am apart of is supposed to be for ‘professional’ people and a great place to network. I’ve used it once.

I’m also apart of another social site that is for Mother's.

I'm not a mother, yet. I simply signed up because they had a message board devoted to gossip about Jon and Kate and I wanted the scoop bad enough to create an account.

I've mentioned that before, its just ridiculous enough to bring it up again.

I have always been a sucker for social Internet sites. I remember when we got first AOL. I was in 6th grade and thought it was quite possibly the coolest thing ever.

I would come home from school, and if my mom wasn’t on the phone I would sign on and instant message all of my friends that I had just seen at school.

Who can forget that beautiful sound of connecting to the internet. It was quite possibly the loudest noise ever.

And I can still hear the voice of the AOL man every so clearly saying "WELCOME".

I was always so sad if he didn't say "YOU'VE GOT MAIL".

Then in college I had a Xanaga site. Did anybody else have one of these? It was basically a blogging site.

See, I have always been a true blogger at heart.

Then one day, I realized that several of my friends from other universities had this thing called Facebook. I desperately wanted one. I tried to make an account but my particular university wasn’t allowed access yet.

I was ticked and emailed Facebook several times requesting that my university be granted access.

After what seemed like years, but was really only 2 or 3 months they emailed me (or sent me a computer automated message) letting me know that I could now create an account.

I am proud to say I was one of the very first people at my university who had a Facebook account.

Then a couple of years ago I started reading various blogs on the internet (also known as mildly creepily stalking people I didn’t know) and decided that I should start my own blog. It took me awhile to get into the blog flow, but surely after a lot of hard work and perseverance I was a blogger.

Then came twitter and now I tweet more than I probably should.

All of these can be summed up with my iPhone, where I can be connected to all of these things no matter where I am or what I am doing.

Here lately I have started wondering if I am possibly too connected? Do I really need to check twitter all the time? Do I really need to get on facebook to read status updates?

The answer is no, but I still enjoy doing it. I am just a product of our society.

Does anybody else ever feel this way? Do you ever feel like you are too connected with everybody?

I know it can be good that we are all so connected, I mean I knew about the balloon boy from the first minute it happened and I was then able to watch an empty silver creepy-looking thing float around in the sky for several hours.

That wasn't a complete waste of time.

But the fact that I could watch it live on the internet is just crazy to me.

Sometimes I try and think about what it was like when we weren't all so connected. It seems like it was simpler, but I'm not sure I would want to go back.

And this doesn't mean I am giving any of these social sites up. These are just thoughts.



  1. Oh my word, I can so relate to the love of the AOL guys voice, and that's quite possibly why I love the movie "You've Got Mail" sooooo much, haha!!!!!

    I can only imagine how simple it was back in the day when we weren't so connected and we found other ways to fill our time, but it's just so doggone fun being connected, isn't it??? LOL

  2. just totally brought back the AOL memories. How cool WAS that?

  3. I totally feel the same way. Sometimes it eats more of my time than it should - that's for sure!

  4. I'm laughing so hard b/c I was thinking the exact same thing last night. And that even though I thought those things I have no desire to give any of them up.

  5. Ha! I so agree! If I could only have those wasted hours back that I spent checking the facebook status of 'friends' that I've only met once...oh, what I could do with all that time.

  6. I loved it when we first go AOL and had to laugh out loud when you said you were dissapointed when the guy didnt say you had mail, I was the same way haha. I do think sometimes the internet and blogging/twitter/facebook take up too much of my time but oh well. It makes me happy and entertains me :) what can I say. Love your blog by the way. You are constantly making me laugh.

  7. I can totally relate...who didn't love the "You've Got Mail" sound. :)

  8. Oh my word... I have been feeling the same way lately. I never use Myspace and I hardly ever "tweet" anymore so I am thinking of getting rid of it all together. Never ever Facebook and Blogger... but really, do I have to check for status updates every 10 seconds?!

  9. My parents continually were on the hunt to minimize the amount of time I spent on the internet in middle school... so they would turn up the volume all the way on our big giant home computer.. so when I logged into AOL it boomed "YOU'VE GOT MAIL!" and shook the windowframes.

    Which is why my laptop is ALWAYS on mute unless I am watching a video or listening to music at that exact second.

    As far as sites I used today, I have my blog and Twitter, which are a secret to my real life. Then there's facebook, which is only for my real life.

    This past month I've been on twitter more than the past 9 months combined... I definitely need to take a break from it. Not healthy.

    But I'd never delete any of them - I enjoy them too much!

  10. I just totally had high school flashbacks of "WELCOME!!" logging onto AOL. Too funny!!

    I started feeling overwhelmed about my connectivity last month. I have deleted everything but my blog, personal email and work email. I do have a facebook, but I rarely use it and don't put pictures up. I felt like it was turning into quantity v. quality and that while I was maintaining contact with tons of people, it wasn't really meaningful to me. So, I pared it down and kept the stuff I really loved!

  11. I think I'm a little too addicted. I check twitter and e-mail accounts before I even get out of bed in the morning. It's just become part of my routine and I can't break it.

  12. i'm right there with you and all these other ladies. i also have a connectivity problem ;)
    i check everything, mostly just at work though. i blog like it's going outta style, i can't help it's an addiction.

  13. So glad to hear I am not alone with all the 'connectivity'... I think the worst part, for me, is that checking all of these sites is basically all I do at work. I hardly have time to actually work because I'm so busy sending tweets or checking random status messages.. Lol

  14. LOL at the AOL memory. I was the same way.

    I used to be addicted to soap opera message boards. I would spend WAY too much time on them discussing episodes/rumors/spoilers/etc (judge me, if you must, lol). However, I actually met some of my best friends on those sites. People that I met through soap operas are people that I still talk with several times a month on the phone and go on Girls' Weekends with.

    I have a MySpace, but I hardly use it anymore. Facebook and Blogger are my staples, plus a work email and personal email. While I may spend too much time on them, I also feel like I know more about what's going on in my friends' and family's lives than I used to.

    Think of it this way.... at least you're connecting with real people. It's better than being obsessed with something that isn't real, imo, lol.

  15. My friends make fun of me for being so attached to facebook and blogging, but I love it and that's what matters!!! I don't think anything is wrong with it!

  16. Balloon boy was in my town so I heard within minutes of the media. I'm with you, not sure if social networking is a great thing or an evil thing. Still not going to stop me though.

  17. Yeah...I have a professional networking account, as well as all of those you mentioned! I try to condense them, but they all have some tiny thing about them that I like, so I can cancel them!

  18. Yes, I feel people are obsessed with the computer these days. They're more into blogging or twittering than spending time with their family. I check my personal email every 3 days since I don't have much important mail on there. I don't do Twitter and don't do much on MySpace because of school. I have a FB account because most of my family is there. It's nice because some live far away.

    I think you have to reevaluate things every so often.

  19. Gosh I was AOL obsessed! I couldn't get enough of it! I just think about all the relationships/friendships...with of course only people I actually already knew...but were created!

    I had xanga too!! My page doesn't exist though I never canceled it.. I kind of wish I could find those postings I did and keep them! Do you know?? haha

    I have myspace..but I got bored with it. I think I logged on the other day for the first time in 6 months..and that is only bc i got an email saying someone sent me a message.

    I think facebook and blogging are the best :)

  20. Times have certainly changed and we are able to stay connected with so many. I am thankful however for the way that God has connected my life with so many great women (like you) through's just the coolest thing!

    P.S. I just got an iPhone and I am loving it!!

    P.P.S. Thank you so much for your sweet! I'll be writing you back soon...

  21. Oh lordy yes we are all too connected. Haven't you forgotten your phone and it might as well been your underwear that day? I also have nearly 4 email accounts and the usual social networking sites and the "professional" one that I don't know how to operate.

    Kind of strange that our society is moving in a way that we all MUST know what everyone else is doing/thinking/going to be doing/had for breakfast/etc.

    I suppose it's just about balance and moderation and the instant gratification of information access.

    The only thing I have given up is MySpace but the others have staying power in my life.

  22. I've thought about that often, too. I, too, remember the good 'ol AOL days. I was addicted. Snow days? SCORE...I get to stay home and IM all day. :) It was great.

    I have so many accounts, too...early this year I deleted MySpace...that was a step. It felt good, but sometimes I miss it. (Why, I don't know, since I still talk to all those people -everywhere else-). But while simple might be nice at times, I NEED to stay connected. :) It'd be too boring if I couldn't.

  23. This is exactly why I only have a blog and email. I don't do Facebook, mainly because I like to rebel, But also because I don't have the time. Where do you people find the TIME for all this???

  24. I can't help myself, I check any account I have all the time, even if I don't get a phone alert, I think maybe just maybe there's a new e-mail in there. Craziness! =)

  25. I'm right there with you with AOL and you've got mail!!! I have 5 emails!! One for school & work, one for just friends & fam, one for junk mail, one for the good junk mail, and one for my blog. I didn't think anyone else had more than two. Glad to know I'm not alone. I think life was simpler without all this stuff, that's why I try to go a day here and there without it..or days like I have with my blog.

  26. Hi, my name is Jane, and I have a connectivy problem.

    Maybe we can start an online support group.

  27. I am mildly obsessed with Facebook and blogs. I can't help it. I blame the computer for making it so easy to get to!!!


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