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Luke and I love to travel, and God-willing we plan to travel a lot throughout our lifetime.

We have many trips planned in our minds and hope that they all come to fruition at some point in our lives.

One thing I love about traveling is bringing home souvenirs.

I love having special items from a special trip that remind me of what of the fun time was had on that particular trip.

My only problem is that when I am on a trip I want every single souvenir that my eyes see.

Does anybody else have this problem?

When I am on a trip I think I will use everything I see.

It's really bad in Disney World. Mickey Mouse is every where so naturally you want to buy mickey mouse everything. However I really don't think mouse ears are acceptable beyond the walls of WDW.

And don't even get my started on that sombrero from Mexico.

Or that ukulele from Hawaii.

Or a mickey wizard hat with mouse ears on it.......what was I thinking?!?!

Or ever. single. professional picture that we took on our honeymoon and they charged us like $30 for each one.

Don't worry they are placed safely in the bottom of a drawer somewhere.

This list could go on for awhile.

And yes those are all true items I have purchased.

So when Luke and I took the first trip of our marriage I knew I needed to limit myself, because I would buy everything in sight.

And goodness knows I do not need ONE MORE T-SHIRT.

I have T-shirts coming out of my ears, between souvenir t-shirts and my millions of university t-shirts I do not need one more T-shirt!

Although the seams are picked out of every single one of those shirts.

I should really get new shirts.

Or perhaps kick the habit of picking the seams out of every t-shirt.

Anyways, I needed to limit myself so I decided only two souvenirs each trip.

Only two. The horror, I know.

The plan is that I will get a Christmas ornament and hopefully one day have a travel tree that shows all of the places we have been (it will start out as a small tree of course).

And Luke would get a mug.

He loves his coffee and we can never have enough mugs.

This plan is great because we both walk away with something special and useful.

Four trips later it has worked like a charm!

Here are our souvenirs from our most recent trip to Disney World:

Luke's Disney Mug:

And my Disney Christmas Ornament:

I do have to admit that in Disney World it was so hard to walk through the parks and not buy everything. I think there is some kind of special Disney powder they sprinkle on everything that makes it look so appealing.
And they sucked me in. I got a shirt that was too cute to pass up and I do wear it often.
And that was my justifying my purchase.
So do you have a particular souvenir you get, or do you just go souvenir-buying-crazy like I try not to?



  1. I have been known to go a bit crazy, but lately I've limited myself to a mug and a magnet. Magnets are super cheap so I've gotten more than one a time or two. Therefore, our fridge is full of them. But I love it since we actually use them.

  2. Have set a "rule" ahead of time helps me too. Especially when I collect something. I always get a deck of cards (for NERTZ!) and J always buys a shot glass. Occasionally we'll also get a magnet for the fridge :)

  3. I soooooo too hope I find someone someday that loves to travel as much as I do. Girl, I am a sovenir freak!!!!! :) LOL!

  4. I LOVE your travel tree idea! I think I am going to start that tradition! :) Happy Hump Day.

  5. I buy shoes. Is that weird? I know it's not a traditional "souvenir", but I could tell you exactly where I got every pair of my shoes!

  6. That's a great idea!! It also helps to make sure that you don't buy too much! :)

  7. This reminds me of what my parents did growing up!

    Every year, on our big family vacation, we bought a bell for our Christmas tree. Now we have a beautiful collection of 25 pretty bells from all over the world to look back on - and everyone in my family can tell you exactly where each bell is from.

  8. If you are traveling internationally, have to get jewelry. It's the best to wear jewelry from all over the world. You remember the feeling of being in that country when you put it on.

  9. I LOVE the travel tree idea! Might just have to copy {steal} that idea from you!

  10. This post made me want to go to Disney World again. We also collect coffee mugs

  11. How do you NOT buy Disney stuff when you're there...

    But here's what a friend of mine did & we do this now... & I LOVE IT!!! Everywhere we go - or a special occassion or event - we go looking for a "perfect rock"... its so much fun looking for one. & then we write on it the dates & place we have visted & names of anyone with us on the trip... I have the most beautiful basket I have at home that I put all these rocks in... I can go through the rocks & see the dates, places, names & all the memories of the trip comes back & where we even picked the rock up at... its free & its priceless!

  12. I love the travel mug idea!! Garth and I want to start an impressive wine collection so every place we travel to, we get a wine from that region or a wine that reminds us of the location.

  13. Everywhere we go, we get a magnet. I always use to turn my nost up at people who had 478915429 magnets on their fridge, but we're well on our way! It's funny now, because Tim is the one who insists on finding a magnet wherever we go, and is really upset if we forget or can't find one. We forgot to get on at Grand Cayman on our honeymoon, and he's still distraut about it. HA!!!

  14. We also collect Christmas ornaments, and I am also a t-shirt girl, but only if I see one that I absolutely love. I used to be a Hard Rock snob and would have to buy a Hard Rock shirt at every place we went (if they had one of course). I think I've grown out of that phase...thank goodness!

  15. When I was a flight attendant I wanted to buy something from every state I was in. I started buying shot glasses for my husband wherever I went..they make for a cute collection in our kitchen now. Don't even get me started on the collection of shampoo/soaps from all the

  16. What a great idea about a Christmas ornament and a mug! I might just have to borrow that idea from you.

    And yes Disney don't spread something all over the park where you want to buy EVERYTHING! Man I love that place!

  17. I have a problem with t-shirt buying. I collect a t-shirt from every college I visit for a sporting event (except Clemson & Georgia- of course!). I do like to do the ornament collection thing, though- I think it's a great way to remember your trips when you look at your tree each Christmas!

  18. We buy Christmas ornaments too! I used to buy shot glasses, just because that's something you can find ANYWHERE but then I woke up and realized I have NO use for shot glasses and they're not something I have a desire to display. I also like to buy clothes when we're on vacation b/c I think about the trip every time I wear the item... AND it's an exuse to SHOP! And I can use all the excuses for that I can get!

  19. Ty's mom buys ornaments on every trip they take. I think it is such a neat idea!

  20. I'm not huge on souveneirs - unless it involves tshirts or jewelry . . . but i like the ornament idea :-)

  21. I use to go souvenir crazy but then, like you, I realized how crazy it was. Everything looks GREAT when you are THERE but when you get it home it doesn't have the same appeal. A refrig magnet or an ornament are useful, perfect reminders of a wonderful trip!

  22. I usually get a magnet too, but now I have too many!

    I love your idea of a travels tree! I think that's such a great way to display where you've been.

  23. the travel tree sounds so cute! love it.

  24. I LOVE t shirts..and I always think i need more! I think ornaments are a GREAT idea!!!!

  25. My souvenir addictions are bags and t-shirts! I promise, when I went to West Africa a couple of years ago, I came back with 6 bags. 6! And no, the airline wouldn't let me use all of them as luggage, so I had an especially hard time fitting them in my suitcase! Now they hang on the wall as can see how useful of purchases they were!

    I like the travel tree idea! Think I might limit myself to an ornament (and maybe a t-shirt) when I travel!

  26. We always buy a magnet everywhere we go. I love them, but, our poor fridge....I don't know why we bought a super cool looking fridge when you cannot see it!!!

    But anyway...I usually get a tshirt for me and for my little boy. Hubs don't buy much except a golf ball with the name of the place on it to go on his golf ball shelf.

    Oh yeah, something strange that we do...we always get a smashed penny wherever we see a penny machine! We've got them from all over! They are pretty cool to go back and look at. Now my little boy has started his own smashed penny collection from WDW. There all over the place there!

    I love reading your blog!! It cracks me up!

  27. hi! I just stumbled across your site and just love it! I have t-shirts coming out the wazoo! Love the ornamant idea! When I was younger my momma always got me a souvenir spoon from all the places we went. Hope your having a great day! = )

  28. we do the ornament thing, too. it's perfect because you can actually use the souvenir and it's so a fun walk down memory lane later when you put all of them back up each year!

  29. We basically collect two things when we travel.

    1. Christmas Ornaments. It's wonderful at Christmas to look back and remember all of the trips that you took together.

    2. Hiking Medallions/Walking Stick Badges. You mainly find these at more outdoorsy attractions. You can buy a badge for each place that you travel, then you mount it on a walking stick. My husband and I are crazy for them!

    We also, have a National Parks Passport book. Whenever we go to a National Park, we make sure to get a cancellation in our book.


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