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Five Obsessions

Samantha at The Ruby Turtle Hippie Times tagged me to list 5 of my obsessions.

I'm pretty sure I have done this before, maybe more than once, but its always fun to do. Especially when your obsession change as much as mine do.

So here we go........

1. TV
I think I have talked about my obsession with TV before. Luke gets on to me because he thinks I watch too much TV, but I'm sure my brain is already fully developed so I should be good to go. Here are some shows I am really digging so far this season:

I do watch many more shows other than those listed (such as, The Biggest Loser) but I didn't feel like getting images of them all!

Also, can't wait for this one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
2. Spicy Munchies.
First of all, I always feel weird saying Spicy Munchies. Just sounds weird.
Second of all, the contents in this bag below are amazing. So So yummy.
Actually I just realized they are called Flamin' Hot munchies instead of Spicy.
Still sounds weird though.

3. Boots

I love boots. All boots. Brown boots. Black boots. Colored boots. Dressy boots. Casual boots.
My favorite pair of boots right now are my back tall Uggs. I know many people have varied opinions about the greatness that is Uggs but I am an Ugg fan ALL THE WAY. They keep my feet (and body) so warm and toasty and are comfy and casual - just my style. These may be my favorite but I love all boots.
4. Scarves
This is an old picture from last year, I actually have quite a bit more scarves now which is sad and scary. I love throwing on a scarf in the fall/winter. It just adds some pizazz to any outfit.

5. Coke cherry zero.
I haven't abandoned my good friend Diet Coke but this Coke Zero cherry stuff is pretty amazing. My sister introduced me to it and I love it

So there are my 5 current obsessions.

If you currently have no blogging motivation, consider yourself tagged!



  1. I'm with you, I sooooo love the flammin hot fries, haha!!! :)

  2. I agree about TV... some say I watch too much, but I always have and still did really well in school. Clearly, it didn't affect me negatively.

    Cherry Coke Zero and I are currently best friends.

  3. I think you are my long lost twin! I am with you on each and every thing on your list. Isn't 90210 and Private Practice amazing this season? I haven't heard of the dress show, but I am adding it to my tivo as we speak! Have you seen Cougar Town?? It's pretty funny, but a total waste of time :)

  4. Cherry Coke & Cherry Coke Zero are so good. I would take both over a regular coke on any given day!

  5. Spicy Munchies=Heaven in a Bag I love those things! Coke Zero is good stuff, I'm not a big soda drinker but I enjoy Coke Zero from time to time.

  6. I am totally with you on the TV shows and the Cherry Coke Zero...

    In fact, cozying up with a CCZ and some TV shows sounds mighty good for such a gold, dreary day...

  7. Our TV in the living room went out yesterday and both Todd and I are LOST without it. What will we do until they send a repairman on Thurs?!?!?! We still have one in the bedroom, but it's just not the same...I love all your obsessions!

  8. i have a slight obsession with fall tv as well!
    && scarves, love :)

    hope you had a great weekend girly!!

  9. Yep, I'm tagging myself. Too tired for my brain to think for itself. :)

  10. I love scarves! They really do jazz up any outfit.

  11. I LOVE Cherry Coke Zero too! I am usually a diet mt dew or diet pepsi drinker, but I really do loves this stuff! Why is that?

  12. I love cherry coke zero though I've not had it in forever :(


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