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Late Night Show

Last night Luke had a gig and he asked our friend Kelsey to come open up for his band.

Actually it was just an acoustic set so there wasn't a full band.

Usually I am the ever-stable, very supportive Rock Star Wife. But last night I could not for the life of me figure out why my husband scheduled a show on a Monday night!! All I wanted to do was come home from work curl up on the couch and watch some good ole television.

In my eyes, a very productive night.

But being the every faithful and supportive wife that I am I decided to go to the show. Of course I set my DVR before leaving.

We had a great time and we weren't out too late. Only 11:00 but we are still young and can semi-handle it.

Here I am with my musicians:

Me and the cute Hubs:

Me and Kelsey: My eyes looked closed in these pictures, I blame it on the hat. I guess I have a choice; show my bad hair or look like my eyes are closed. I chose the latter.

On a side note: I asked the owner of the building where they played to show me where the bathroom was and he took me there and then proceeded to stand outside the door while I was in the bathroom.

I cannot use the restroom while somebody is standing outside the door.

Does anybody else have this problem? It was so quiet in this place (before the music started) that even turning on the water would not have muffled the noise of liquid hitting liquid.

It was so completely awkward.

Anyways, that's my awkward story for the day.

I usually have one a day.

Hope you have a great Tuesday!



  1. Weird!!! Why would he stand outside the door?

  2. Why in the world would he stand outside the door? What a weirdo!! Looks like fun none the less...

  3. wish I were there!
    I love the yellow scarf.

  4. Oh I always get stage fright in the bathroom when somebody else is in there.

  5. How weird is that! I also can't stand to have someone talk to me when I'm in a public restroom.

  6. Ahh... potty stage fright. Very common. :)

  7. Waiting outside of the bathroom door is so odd! Looks like fun, I love your scarf!

  8. Yeah that's creepy. ha ha... i love that hat!


  9. Oh yes, I have the same problem. Stage fright. That's a bummer that the running water trick wouldn't work...

  10. Okay so this is not an admission I would give just any blog-friend =) but I have what my sis the nurse calls a shy bladder. How funny is that? I cannot go if there are others around. I discovered this when I was in the hospital and couldn't get out of bed and they brought me a bed pan. Literally took a half hour. That's when my nurse sis diagnosed me. haahaahaa Needless to say we have a "close door" policy when it comes to the bathroom around here. Isn't that the way it should be? Somethings are meant to be just between you and the bathroom. You feel me? (In my best Randy Jackson voice =)

    WOW now that was a share =)

    Have a Super day,

    PS I know WAY MORE than you wanted to know =)

  11. LOL too funny about the guy standing outside the door and trust me, I understand COMPLETELY about not being able to pee while someone is either in the same room with you or outside the door - it literally causes me stress and anxiety! I can't even go to the bathroom at work if someone else is in a stall next to me - LOL Trust me, you are NOT alone! :o)

  12. ok that really is weird that is stood out there!!

  13. Awww! You two look so cute!! :)

  14. You look cute in a hat! I never have that issue, I'm not really pee shy but I hear a lot of people are. :)

  15. Why would he stand outside the door?!? That's just strange! I would have frozen up!

  16. WOW! That would be awkward...thanks for the chuckle though! Aww you look cute in those pics! Even if your eyes are squinty! I love reading your blog posts by the way because you seem so sweet and down to earth!

  17. LOL How weird that he stood outside the door! The running water usually helps me do the job, but knowing he was out there might have hindered it from working. Love the hat. :)

  18. okay why in the world did he stand outside the bathroom door?!!!! I def wouldn't be able to go!

    glad you guys ended up having a great night. cute pics, eyes closed or not!

  19. That is weird! I totally would have not been able to go either. I guess my bladder is shy??

  20. I ALWAYS have to turn on the water when I go to the bathroom...even if it's just me and my husband at home! It's a weird habit, but I get stage fright!

  21. how cute do you look? i always wished i could pull off a cute hat, but i feel like i just look like a goofball=) and i definitely agree w your definition of a productive evening=).


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