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The Food Pillow

When Luke and I moved into our apartment it was the perfect little spot for us.

There was no room for a kitchen table but that was fine with us because we didn't need one at that time and we were just happy to be living together as husband and wife.

Throughout the past year and half I have realized just how important it is to have a kitchen table.

The whole act of balancing a plate on my lap does not work well for me.

And we have several stains on the carpet to prove this point.

But as I have said before, my apartment blows COLD AIR in the winter while the HEAT is on. Therefore, I do not feel bad about a couple of stains on the carpet.

Sometime throughout this past year of marital bliss and spilled food I realized that I needed a system. A system that would be a beautiful substitute for a sturdy kitchen table.

This is where the Food Pillow came into place.

It all started as an accident.

Let me explain: I use a pillow on my lap while using my laptop because my computer gets really hot and it burns my legs, so I put it on the pillow.

Well one night I took my computer off my lap and replaced it with a plate of food (clearly it was a night of extreme productivity).

It was at this point and time that the Food Pillow was birthed.

I realized that the pillow was sturdy enough for a plate of food, yet cushy enough for extreme comfort.

It's handy because its easy to store (put it back on the bed) and if I spill food on it I can simply remove the pillow case and wash it.

I thought it was ingenious.

However Luke is completely grossed out by my pillow. He thinks it is the most disgusting thing ever.

I think he is weird.

While he goes through the torture of balancing a plate on his lap, keeping his fork on the plate, and trying to take a drink out of his cup while keeping the plate securely in place, I am eating in blissful ease with my Food Pillow.

My Food Pillow has become like a security blanket and now anytime I eat at home I need it. Often times I ask Luke to please hand me my food pillow and he will bring it to me holding it with the tips of his fingers acting as if its a stinky diaper.

I'm even nice enough to ask guests if they would like a pillow to use while they eat, however not one of them has ever used a pillow for their plate. Astonishing.

One glorious day, hopefully soon, I will have a kitchen table and I will no longer use my Food Pillow, but I will miss it, and remember the good days we shared while my husband looked at us with a disgusted look on his face.

And if you are a future guest at my house, I the Food Pillow is no longer used as a sleeping pillow, so don't worry, you will not be sleeping on spilled enchiladas.

Do you have any weird habits?

Does anybody else have a Food Pillow?!?!



  1. You crack me up!! I totally support the food pillow. So innovative - you are wise beyond your years.

  2. You are too cute and so funny! I totally think you should patent the food pillow!! You could make a lot of money on it! Like the person who invented the snuggie, I am sure they are making a fortune! :)

  3. I want you to go to Target right now and buy 2 TV trays. The pillow things is yucky! :)

  4. Yuck!!! I'm so sorry but I'd have to agree with Luke.

  5. I know exactly what you're talking! When I lived alone, I used to eat on my couch a lot. And I totally used a pillow...I even had a tv tray. It totally makes sense.

  6. I do this sometimes too...I will use one of the couch pillows to set my plate on top of, especially if the plate is hot, and it burns my legs. Makes sense to me! :)

  7. I totally have a food pillow! It's from my apt. years as well, and it just stuck. I kind of love it.

  8. We have the same thing in my house. My husband will never let his go and we hide it on the floor next to the couch because it has food stains on it. Once every few months we eat at a table without TV. Strange.

  9. Okay Megan, I'm going to lovingly suggest a lap board. Remember those? basically a cushioned board for doing paperwork on your lap? It would be flat and hard for your plate and much more sanitary! I'm Team Luke on this one!

  10. Totally use a pillow when we are sitting in front of the tv!! I just grab one of the couch pillows so I have to be extra careful not to spill but it's just so conveniant. Erik used to have a coffee table that turned into a table! It was the quintessential(sp) bachelor pad dining table. I gave him a hard time about it but it was pretty awesome!

  11. I do that when I'm studying in my room!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    and I thought i was the only one :)

    Thanks for makin food pillow girls proud!

  12. haha yesss! my mom has always used food pillows...maybe hers came with having 3 kids in 4.5 years...and then 2 more 7 years later haha. anyways, i don't think food pillows are gross because they are designated for that purpose!

  13. Please, please, PLEASE post a picture of you with the food pillow!!! :)

  14. That's so crazy! My husband and I will use one of our throw pillows from the couch if we are eating something in the living room! My hubby actually started it and I thought he was crazy until I tried it and it's so much easier than holding the plate with one hand and eating with another...especially when my pit bull and my 2 year old both think they need a bite and I have to fend them off!!

  15. The pillow also brings the food to a more convenient height. I also use a food pillow, but mine is just a couch pillow. I would second the motion to get a couple of tv trays though. We love ours (for food and the computer). They're cheap (you can buy them individually or spend 30 for 4) and they're easy to hide away. Bonus...they're great for eating in bed when you're sick, too!

  16. I use a pillow with my laptop too! I still even get hot! Boys just don't get it! I usually put my plate on the arm of the couch bc it is a good angle for me! haha

  17. Oh yes, we use the food pillow here too.. More so Dustin then me. We have 2 tables and 9 out of 10 times we are sitting in the living room eating dinner with our food pillow! :) You're not alone my friend.

  18. Okay, it's kinda gross, but I would totally do the same thing, haha!

  19. Seriously, Megan, jusst put an old towel on the floor so you don't stain the carpet anymore. That's what we used to do before we had kids. Also, get a lap board, or lap desk. It's better for your computer, and sturdier for your food. Maybe Luke would even like it!

  20. Until last Christmas, we strictly had food pillows. Then we got TV trays for Christmas, so the pillow is on the back burner. But it's totally not gross and keeps your plate just right!

  21. I use a food pillow! It's a habit that I picked up from my mom, and I can't hardly stand to eat on the couch without it. We do have a kitchen table...quite a nice one, if I must say. But it's generally cluttered with my latest "project" so we usually end up eating on the couch - especially with the fall TV line up that we do pathetically love. All that to say...yes, I have a food pillow too. Tim doesn't care for the concept, but I can't hardly eat without it!


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