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The Face Strikes Again

My little rock-star husband had a show tonight and being the faithful wife that I made sure that I was in attendance for the show.

However, none of our friends were able to make it to the show, so I was sitting alone watching the band and apparently I had the worst case of Sitting Face ever.

Luke said he looked at me while he was singing and my face looked so mean it almost "blew him off the stage".

Those were his exact words.

The sad part is I thought of the this mean-face-theory while I was watching them, and thought "I hope I don't look mad/mean right now"

Aaaaaand it turns out I did.

Apparently I just look ticked off 95% of the time.


Although I must say, I'm slightly impressed that Luke can sing on stage and manage to look at me and process thoughts about me.

I'm not a singer, so I didn't know you are able to think and sing at the same time.

Also, I was too busy with my mean looks to take time to get a picture of the band, I snapped this one of me and Luke when we got home:

This picture looks horrible, I am in desperate need of a new camera. My camera added that spot on Luke's jeans, he would not go out in public with a huge spot on his jeans like that. I think my iPhone takes better pictures then my camera.

And I could have bought a new camera (or several) with the amount of money I spent on my car repairs this week.

And my car runs exactly the same way it did before the "repairs".

I'm trying not to be bitter.

I wonder if my bitter face is any worse than my mean-sitting-face?



  1. Hahahahaha that is so funny. You and that poor mean sitting face. And no not everyone can process thoughts, look at their wife (or husband in my case) and sing at the same time. It gets me all befuddled. Yep he is a talented dude!!

    Have a Blessed and beautiful day,

    PS Bad camera or not, ya'll are adorable!!! =)

  2. Very cute pic and once again, very funny post.

  3. I can completely sympathize! I've been told that I look really intense and mean, but that after people get to know me I'm really nice. Umm, thanks? I think it's because my lips kind of turn down, so it always looks like I'm frowning. AWesome.

  4. Haha, I have to laugh at this because I wonder if I do the same thing and don’t even know it, LOL!! :)

  5. Haha, the mean face! That's too funny. I am sure we all do it without thinking. I have that natural crease (wrinkle) between my eyebrows, so I am guessing my sitting face is actually very scary and mean looking!

  6. Too funny! I can't imagine Luke being about to think while he is singing and trying to concentrate on that. I would be so uptight about what I was doing that I don't think I could think of anything else!

  7. HAha, oops!!!

    You look super cute, though!

  8. uh oh! I have awful sitting face too.

    Your outfit is super cute.

    I just paid a ridiculous amount on car repairs too, the things I could have bought (ugh)

  9. Look how cute yall are in plaid. love it.

  10. LOL. Tell Luke I don't remember you have a bad sitting face when say, myself, or Britbrit performs! Hmmm...odd....Ha! Anyway super cute outfit! Miss ya!

  11. I would just like to say that your brain never stops so I believe it to be a "brain contemplating 100 miles an hour" face. How many times have the most random yet completely thought out statements or questions come out of you? Every conversation.

  12. I've been told I have a mean glare face when I don't realize it either. Sad.

  13. yall are SUCH a cute couple! and im the same way - if i dont have a smile on my face people are like "whats wrong?" boo!

  14. yall are just the cutest couple ever!

  15. aw..what a good wifey you are!!!
    the pic is ver cute!! love your shirt!!!

  16. Lurker, here. Funny post. When I got my wedding photos back I was so shocked at how mean I looked in most of the photos...when I thought I was looking pensive or sultry, I was really looking ornery and bitter.

    Love your blog by the way.

  17. LOL - too funny! I think you have a beautiful smile and can't imagine you looking mean or bitter. :o) P.S. Sorry about the car repairs!

  18. Just stumbled upon your blog. You two are SO cute! My husband always tells me that my "no emotion" face looks like I'm super pissed off. Can't help it!!

  19. You are so cute--It is hard for me to imagine you having a face that could blow someone off a stage!!!! :)

  20. I didn't see that spot at first and then when I read that line I looked back and cracked up. That's so funny.

  21. love your outfit!! you look so cute!! you two make a great couple! :)
    sorry to hear you had your cranky face on. what are you supposed to do sit and smile and look googly eyed the whole time!?! ;) hehe

    hope you have a great weekend pretty!

  22. I'm impressed that Luke can think about you and your sitting face while singing. I'm not a singer either. I'm pretty sure I would be too nervous to think of anything else.


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