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Weekly Weekend Update

This was most definitely not a very productive/eventful weekend, but it was a fun one.

Friday night I opened a box that definitely didn't need to be opened. I re-opened my Dawson's Creek obsession. Apparently I think that I don't watch enough TV and I needed to watch a little more.

I own all seasons of Dawson's Creek and I have re-begun season one.

My friend Samantha asked me a very important questoin that I must also ask all of my fellow Dawson's Creek fans: Pacey or Dawson????

Saturday Luke and I had intentions to wake up and go hiking. Those were good intentions, but not what we ended up doing.

Instead we woke up and began our journey of house hunting once again.

Which felt like climbing a mountain itself.

We had taken a little break from house hunting to 'figure some stuff out' but now we are starting back up that mountain. That huge mountain! I will be so happy the day we are homeowners.

Sunday my mom and Maxton came to spend the day with Luke and me. I just love spending time with this little guy.

Here he is playing with Luke's ukulele:Notice all of the domino's behind him, those were the only "toys" I had for him. I think Aunt Megan needs to invest in some toys.
After my mom and Maxton headed home I decided to finally quench my craving of a hot dog. I have been craving a hot dog for a couple of weeks now, so weird I know. So we went to Sonic and finally got my hot dog! Yay!
I also have a new drink discovery to share with you: Diet Coke with White Coconut.
Oh my.

Simply amazing.
I got one with my Sonic Coney and it was delicious. My new favorite drink!!
Hope you had a great weekend!
I'm so glad I get to sleep in tomorrow!


  1. I thought Dawson was just dreamy...him and his big words. But now that I am older, my eyes have been opened (lol) and I see that Pacey is a better fit. Dawson's emotions would work my nerves. :)

  2. Sounds like such a GREAT weekend!!!

    And girl, I loved me some Dawson's Creek. I still love catching the reruns that play every now and then!!!! And seriously, how can one chose between Dawson or Pacey??? What's a girl to do?? haha!!

  3. I have to say I like Pacey better! While watching it the first time around like a decade ago, I was so rooting for Dawson but now that I know how it ends I am Pacey all the way!! Ha too fun!! I LOVE Dawson's Creek!

    SO happy I get to sleep in late too tomorrow! I LOVE long weekends!!

  4. Maxton is so cute! When my nephews come to my house, they say, "where are the cool toys?" My answer is always, "at your house." (LOL) I never have toys for them to play with.

    From what I've seen of Dawson's Creek, I would say Pacey. Dawson's big 'ole head got on my nerves.

  5. Nestea iced tea with coconut extract is real tasty too!

  6. I just found your blog and I'm glad I did!

    You are seriously making me crave a hotdog and coconut diet coke! YUM!

    Cute pics!

  7. I bet Maxton entertained you for hours with his "songs".

  8. As if there was really any question...PACEY!

    Good luck on the home buying. As a fellow renter, I'm with you on looking forward to the day of being a home owner. That day can't come fast enough.

  9. I was fully on the Pacey bandwagon. I simply adored him.

    Dawson got on my nerves with all of his whining, lol.

    Diet Coke with Coconut.... I'll have to try that.

  10. I will have to go with Pacey because he was one of my favorites even though Dawson was very cute! Die coke with coconut sounds interesting!

  11. I used to say Dawson all the way, but then I became a Pacey fan!

  12. I LOVED Pacey when the show was on years ago. I haven't watched it since then, but I'm fairly certain my answer would not have changed.

  13. Did you seriously contaminate our favorite drink with coconut? Haha! I'm just kidding! I may have to give it a try but no promises I will like it. About as original as I get is putting vanilla in there!

    I watched Dawsons Creek every T/Th morning in college because I didn't have an early class. Oh I love that show too!

  14. oh girl. i also own every dawson's creek season and love them! and the dawson/pacey debate? pacey. all the way. never was a doubt. i still love joshua jackson to this day for introducing me to pacey. le sigh....

  15. Dawson was okay but Pacey was (and still is for that matter) SEXY! I was soooo happy when Joey ended up with him at the end of the show!

  16. I have been reading your blog for awhile but I felt it was finally time to comment since this is a subject I feel very strongly about. ;) And I would have to say PACEY all the way! Dawson was too much of a wuss. I have the DVDs too, but I wish they still showed the episodes on TBS. Dawson's reminds me so much of high school and I totally miss it!

  17. Dawson!! Pacey annoyed me. Max is so cute!! When you get done watching all the episodes, do you want to share? :)

  18. Megan, do you spend your days figuring out all of my great loves (i.e. Dawson's Creek, diet coke, and cute children) and then write about them in an scheme to have me more to your town?!?!


    Glad ya'll had a good weekend! Have a great rest of the week, my friend!

  19. This is a little embarrasing, but I've actually never seen Dawson's Creek!! I know! My family was living in Asia when it came out, and we hardly ever got tv shows there. When we moved back to the States, everyone was so into it (and this was pre-seasons-on-dvd) that I couldn't catch up. I did the cool-kid thing and pretended to "like" whomever that person was talking about. :) I should rent the dvds and catch up, huh?

  20. I LOVED Dawson's Creek. I remember my best friend and I would call each other after each show to discuss everything. We were cool like that!!

    and Diet Coke with White Coconut, ummmm sounds fantastic! I MISS SONIC!!!

  21. I would have to say Pacey, but that's probably just because I love his character on Fringe lately :-)

  22. Sounds like a great weekend! I'll have to try the Diet Coke with Coconut! Sounds delicious though, and I agree you should definitely invest in some toys! I love dominoes you play?

  23. OKay I am too old for Dawson's Creek, but you just watch right on with your bad self!!! =) and enjoy!!!

    That Maxton is the cutest little thing!! Yes hit some garage sales for toys, douse them in anti-bacterial soap and your ready to go ~~ quick, relatively painless =) and fun for Maxton.

    Have a Super, back to work, kind of day,

  24. Def Pacey. I always thought he was funnier and cuter than Dawson.

  25. I used to love Dawson's Creek!! Haven't seen it in ages, though. Bet it would be fun to rent.

    Good luck on your house hunting! We'll be selling ours and looking to move in about a year and a half and I am NOT looking forward to it.

  26. Hey, Megan. I opened my Everyday Foods email today and thought of you. Each day I receive a new recipe. Everyday Foods is by Martha Stewart, but unlike other recipes of Martha's, these include ingredients that most people have on hand. They are usually super simple. I don't use all of them, because let's face it, there are some that are just out of my league; however, I have found some yummy {simple!} recipes that even my mom has asked for. {I know, Luke, never end a sentence in a preposition, right?) ;) Anyway, I just thought you might want to give it a shot after I read how much you like your Kraft magazine.

  27. Pacey. duh.

    I went to college where Dawson's was filmed (wilmington, NC) and was even an extra in a few of the episodes... DC's senior year and freshman year of college. super super fun to watch it be filmed in person!! ignited my love that much more!

  28. Gosh, I don't know..Pacey or Dawson?! hmm. That's tough. I haven't seen it in so long but this inspires me to watch! Hubby and I feel this way about One Tree Hill. LOVE it. Maxton is so stinking cute!

  29. Ok, so I never saw every episode of Dawson's Creek, but I always thought Pacey was cuter.=) I did watch the reruns here and there and would watch with Hubby's cousin when we went to the beach=) such fun beach fodder, ha! I would so come over and watch them all with you though! Yay for buying a house, I'm so happy for you guys! I know the process can be so long, but it'll be great.


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