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To Do List

Every morning at work I create my daily To Do List.

And sometimes if I complete a task, but it wasn't on my To Do List I will totally write it on the paper just so I can mark it off.

And every list must be written in black ink with a gel point pin and marked off with a red fine point Sharpie.

I'm not high-maintenance at all.

So the other day Luke told me that he was reading a book that encouraged him to write down not just his daily/weekly/monthly To Do's but to think broader and write down everything you want to do at some point.

Sort of like a Lifetime To Do List.

So I joined in with him and jotted down some of my Life goals.

And by jotted down I mean I am on page three.

Neither of our lists are done yet (they will probably always be a work in progress) but we shared our lists tonight. It was so fun!

Some of the goals are short term, and some are long term goals. Some are serious and some are silly, but they are all truly goals.

Some of my goals:
- Buy a Bike
- Travel to Australia
- Get second wedding band for the top of my ring
- Host dinner for guests at least twice a month
- Build serving piece collection
- Build holiday decoration collection
- Send encouraging notes to friends
- Get laser eye surgery
- Buy a Louis Vuitton Speedy bag
- Learn to sew

Some of Lukes:
- Go on mission trip
- Visit Europe
- Build dream home
- Watch the NY Giants play on home field
- Visit Jerusalem and Israel
- Go to the eye dr. (obviously short term, and this may have been a hint to me because I have been saying that I will make our appointment for about the past 6 months)
- See Radiohead live
- Read to my kids The Bible, Lord of the Rings, and Bernstein Bears (this one made me laugh, my husband is so cute)
- Learn to Fly Fish

Goals we both had:
- Lead someone to Christ
- Buy home in next couple of months
- Buy a bike
- Sponsor a child overseas
- Buy new camera

When we made our lists we wrote down everything that came to our mind. Whether it was silly, materialistic (please see Speedy bag for reference) or seemed completely out of reach we wrote it down. We never want to limit ourselves to what we can do just because it doesn't seem 'do-able' at this moment.

Plus, even though it doesn't seem possible I learned more about my husband. Such as the fact that he wants hundreds of THOUSANDS of dollars worth of music equipment sometime in the future.

I'm not sure if that will come before or after my Speedy bag.

So what is a goal you have?

Just the first thing that comes to your mind.

It can be something serious or silly.

Something that you can achieve in the next 24 hours or maybe its something you won't be able to achieve for several (several) years.

What is it?

I'm excited to see every body's goals!



  1. My goal is to one day...master my violin despite so many years off. :)

  2. I like this idea- I would love to do the 101 in 1001- but I get intimidated by limiting myself to 101 goals. I will have to do your idea and pick from it for the 101. Brilliant!

    One of my many goals is to figure out what I want from life and how I should go about getting it. Easy, right?

  3. Buy a House!! My husband and I've decided to aggressively pay off all of our school loans before buying a home, and it's killing me. I know it'll be smart when we have no school payments to pay with a mortgage each month, but I hate apartment living!

    I love your list, by the way :)

  4. My goal is to keep up with exercising.... because I suck at exercising!

  5. Goal: make my spiritual life a priority. :)

  6. My goal is to eat healthy, stop eating so many sweets and to get all my Christmas shopping finished by the end of the month.

  7. To have a marriage that lasts till death do us part. :)

    To become closer to Christ and find a church home.

  8. This is so fun! :-) (y'all are too cute by the way)

    I want, desperately, to move to downtown Atlanta -- we minister to the kids down there and I want to live closer to them! :-)

  9. That sounds like an amazing idea! My current goal consists of getting married (although I have no control over that -hehe) . I want to visit Europe and attend church more.
    There are so many things that I want to do!

    And I meant to comment yesterday - Pacey is by far my favorite. I have had a crush on him since the Mighty Ducks :-)

    Have a great day!

  10. Great goals! I have a lot of these same ones!

  11. I'm crazy about to-do lists too- and I do the exact same thing: write down something I've already done just so I can cross it off! I have my bucket list {I keep in on my blog side panel} but I never thought to have Hubby do it...I may just have to have him do that!

  12. I always add any extra tasks I've already done to my to-do list, just so I can check them off. It helps me feel more productive. :-)

    Hmmm...goals. Well, one is definitely to buy a house, but that won't happen until my husband is done with school in a few years. For now, I'm content with staying in our cozy apartment. We've also been discussing our desire to adopt one or two children in the future, so I'd say I have a goal of providing a loving home for children who otherwise wouldn't have that.

  13. Seriously what a great idea. I am totally going to do this with P! Should be interesting.

  14. My goals are to:

    1. Spend more time in the word

    2. Get on an excercise routine and stick with it.

    3. Eat healthier.

    4. Get out of school by May.

    and many, many more!!! haha!! :)

  15. How neat!

    Sometime in my life, I'd like to be married to the perfect man God has chosen for me. It would be nice if it were sooner, rather than later, lol, but God's timing is perfect.

    I'm also working on my weight-loss goals, currently. I have a number in mind.... I'm determined to reach it before my 10 year reunion.

  16. Like you, one of my goals is to learn to sew. I have a sewing machine and everything! Now, I just need to learn...

    Some of my friends have done a 30 things I want to do by the time I'm 30 list too. I was a little late to jump on that band wagon, so last year on my birthday I made it my goal to lose 30 pounds by my 30th birthday. I'm at 26 pounds right now, and my birthday is about 2 months away...go me!

    Good luck with your goal setting and achieving!

  17. Oh fun ~~ I would really like to be able to do the Turkey Trott this year. Since my major knee surgery last year, I didn't get to do the TT last year, so this year I so want to do it. I walked 1.25 miles this morning ~~ it's a start.

    I have so many others, but ya know, can't take up all your space =)

    Have a Super Blessed day girl,

  18. You both are so cute! I love this idea!! I think I might have to copy long as I can get the Mr to play along :)

    I want to learn how to sew too! I think I'm going to ask for a machine for Christmas.

  19. I love lists too! and i'm pretty ocd about them.

    Have you ever heard of the Day Zero Project? You make a list of 101 things you want to accomplish in 1001 days. It's lovely!

    You can check out my list here:

    This is the original post about Day Zero Project on my blog :)

  20. I wanted a speedy bag until my friend brought her new one back from Vegas. She was disappointed to find out it was made of vinyl. The handles and trim are actual leather. Don't worry, she purchased it from the LV store. As much as I love LV, I will not pay that much for a vinyl purse. JMO.

    I think to live a healthier lifestyle would be on my to-do list. To get back into running and eating right.

  21. We did this too... When we first got married our Christian financial advisor suggested we make 2 separate goal lists and then come together and combine goals to reach together! We reached all of the goals to date! It is so fun to do, but feels so great to accomplish your goals, even if they're silly! Our next goal is a trip to Austraila!

  22. hey, I'm bekkah! I don't think I've commented before. anyways I think its supercute that Luke wants to read The Lord of The Rings and Bernstein Bears to yall's kids!!

    I came up with a goal list over the summer and one of them is to become an American Sign Language Translator :]

  23. What a great idea!! I can't wait to do this at some point. I am sure there are tons of things that I want to do that I just never think about or acknowledge! :)

  24. This is a great idea! I love that you both made lists and compared. I'm all about my to do lists, but they have never been long-term. I need to do this!

  25. I'm so the same way! I'll write something on the list so I have the satisfaction of crossing it off.

    I love goal lists. I've had one for a few years, and it keeps getting added to! I have the same: big and little goals/materialistic, spiritual, and "life". Though, the ones that have stayed the same from the beginning are get married, have children, and travel to all 7 continents at some point. The first two aren't really in my control, but so far I've got 5/7 down! lol. :)

  26. I love lists as well! It's such a sense of accomplishment when you cross something off of them.
    Some of my goals (they actually may sound quite strange):
    -A vegetable garden
    -Rain barrels (to collect water)
    -I would love to have solar power (ultimate goal to live off the grid and OG&E would be paying me)
    -Write and illustrate a kids' book
    -Have absolutely no debt (right now we only have our house)
    -Visit Europe and Alaska
    I could go on and on.
    Great post!

  27. You know I love a list!!!! And I love that Luke wants to read the Berenstein Bears-they are one of Connor's favorite, esp. since now we have a "Sister Bear" in our family!!
    OH- and I want to get a second band for the top of my wedding ring, too. And run in the Boston Marathon with my Mom. And have a house with a playroom. And write a book. OH- and meet Beth Moore!! :)

  28. hubby and I should make these lists!! How fun! My goal..well number one of course (for now anyway) a mommy!! :) I want to go to Paris, too :)

  29. we're definitely going to have to do this!! such a great idea. i think my list will go on FOREVER too!

  30. Pay off all my credit cards/student loans, and then build a house!

  31. you know i me a list=)! we make lists for everything and talk about goals but I love writing down all goals fun, serious, or anything!

  32. I love your lists! We have some of the same, maybe I should make a list!! I am horrible at that!

  33. I have some of the same goals on my list - visiting Australia (and several other places), getting a bike, and writing more notes to friends. I also have other goals about saving money, eating healthy, that type of thing. I think having a list like this is a great idea! It's nice to have a guide for what you want to do, and then to go back and see what you've accomplished.


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