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It's Football Season Now....

It's football season again and that means that my cute hubby will turn into a crazy man yelling at the TV and jumping around stomping his feet.

He is a die-hard NY Giants fan and last year I recorded some of his antics during a game.

For his sake I didn't show the recordings to anybody, but if I ever need a good laugh I go watch them.

Football has never been my thing.

In middle school, if I went to the game, it was to hang out with friends.

In high school I went cause it was cool.

My senior year of high school I went because I was all sentimental and wanted to soak in every last bit of high school.

Then college came and I met Luke.

And Luke's brother played college football, which meant I went to lots of college football games.

It was time to take football seriously

Potential in-laws who are football crazy = Megan pretending to care about those men running around, and trying to figure out where in the heck that tiny ball is.

As time went on I actually started to enjoy the games. I had lots and lots of questions and Luke and his family were happy to help answer them.

I will never forget the time I asked where those yellow lines were.

Apparently those things are only on TV which completely complicates things.

So now I understand football and for the most part I enjoy it.

In fact I am very grateful to football because it is the reason I got to go to Hawaii. My junior year of college Luke's brother's football team played the Hawaii team so I of course had to go to that game.

Best game ever.

I was looking through my pictures and seriously I do not have ONE picture of us at a football game from our college years. I'm sure Luke's parents have some but I have none.

The only one I have is from our time in Hawaii:

See what I mean? It was the best game ever. Actually I don't even remember going to the football game, only the beautiful beaches!

So just know that I LOVE football if we are in Hawaii. If we are in Oklahoma, I'm just so-so about it.

If you had questions about my Prayer-Journal Tabs here are some answers. If you have any more questions feel free to email me!
The Tabs
Some of you asked about the tabs that I put in my prayer journal. I pretty much just used the basic: Praise, Confession, Thanks, and Prayer Request tabs. I added an Answered Prayers request because I think that those are important to keep track of just to see how God works.

I also made several other tabs that I have not yet put in my journal:

Notes: Because I want to be able to put notes that I take during sermons or while reading books in my journal so I can reference them if I need too

Daily Prayers: These are different than my prayer requests. These are prayers that I will always pray daily, which is just basically Luke, our future family and the members of our extended families. I will always go through these everyday.

Luke: I did make a tab for Luke, but I don't know if I will use it. I am currently reading "The Power of a Praying Wife" so I thought there might be things out of that book that I would want to put in the 'Luke' tab, but now I am thinking I will just put those under 'Notes'.

So that's basically my journal. My cute zebra print journal, I might add.



  1. I'm reading Power of a Praying Wife too. Very slowly. I'm reading several books at once, so it may take a while. Do you like it so far? I think it's crazy some of the things I have never even thought to pray about for my hubby.

  2. I've always had trouble finding that tiny ball too. Why do they make it so small?! :)

  3. I've heard about the Praying Wife. You should do a review when you are finished!

  4. That picture was taken on my birthday!!! That is IF it is read M/D/Y of course. I turned 24 that year! hehe

    Pretty beach. I've always wanted to see Hawaii.

    We are Canadian Vancouver Canucks Hockey Fans...although I don't mind Football Players pants. The only person that I know who watches football and won't miss a game in our family is surprisingly Jeff's Grandma Donatelli. Haha...She too says she likes their pants! BAHAHAHAHA

  5. When I started reading I was like: ohh no, another person who loves football. I just don't get it.

    But then I continued reading and I'm right where you are.

    And yes, the best football games ARE played in Hawaii. And it doesn't matter what teams are playing, as long as you are in Hawaii.

  6. I try to like football too. I wont watch it on tv though -that's way too boring! But, I'll go to a game as long as I'm promised a hot dog and maybe some nachos! :)

  7. Thanks for sharing your tabs :-) such a good idea!

    and I love Power of a Praying Wife!

  8. I will have to read Power of a Praying Wife. Our Bible study is about to start The Excellent Wife.

    I love football-- but I like it so much more when I'm watching with Todd. He's entertaining and his excitement is infectious. I'm sure you feel the same way about Luke!

  9. Thanks for sharing the tabs, and I am so glad that football season is here! It means that much closer to Weston getting here! Yay!!

  10. You seriously are making me want to hop on a plane to Hawaii, haha!!! :)

  11. I have the Power of a Praying Wife, I am not fnished, but I would recomend that you get the study guide as well! :)

  12. I loved "Power of a Praying Wife" and hope you are enjoying it! So many things that I hadn't thought of praying over! I made a list of the 30 things to pray for and use it as a bookmark in my daily notebook at work so I can pray over an item each day!

  13. I just saw "The Power of a Praying Wife" in our local Christian bookstore & I'm going back to get it this weekend! I'm excited to read it.

    I love college football! we're house divided so it's always intense in our household during this time of year!! :)

    btw that picture is GORGEOUS! makes me want to be on the beach right now! :)


  14. We take football VERY seriously here in the South. Even those of us who barely understand the rules (who, me??). It's almost sacred around here. I mostly enjoy it because it gives me an excuse to be with friends, some I don't see very often (some people travel from out of state several times a year to watch games). LSU fans are a bit crazy, I'll admit, but I'm proud to say I am one!

    Oh and your picture officially has me dying to go to Hawaii now! It's beautiful!

  15. I am such a football fan, way more so than the hubs! I can't wait!!

    Thanks for sharing your tabs. I so need to get more organized in my prayer life.

  16. I'm not a sports fan a atll...but my husband is a crazy man when it comes to the cowboys! CRAZY i tell you!

    I changed my blog address so be sure to still visit me!

  17. You're not alone girly, I've never been a football gal, especially NFL. I loved going to my college games. We were a good team, but never in a big division. Sadly our games don't air on tv, so it's hard to follow now.

    PS....thanks for my strong longing to go to Hawaii now!

  18. Girl, football is the really is! For rizzle!

    Did you get my DM on Twitter? I never know if those work.

  19. That picture is exactly MY kind of football!! I just have never understood's a tiny little ball that gets shoved across some grass? But in Hawaii--now, then I might enjoy the game!

  20. I love your story about football :)

    My high school team wasn't too stellar, so I wasn't really into football growing up. Then, I went to college and our team was good. Then, I met my hubby and his family... they are football (really all sports) enthusiasts, so I too, crossed over.

    I'd love to "see" a game in Hawaii too!

  21. WOW!!! That looks like ONE AMAZING BEACH!!!!


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