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How Much is that Doggie in the Window?

My whole life my family has had a dog.

When I was younger, if a friend didn't have a family dog I thought it was totally weird. What kind of family doesn't have a dog?

When I went to college I became completely obsessed with getting my very own dog. I desperately wanted a dog to carry in my purse.

When I want something I don't just want it, I become completely OBSESSED and that is what happened to me. I would go to the local pet store almost every. single. day.

And it didn't help that I went to the pet story on my birthday and the cute little puppy that I had my eye on was gone. I talked to the store owners about the person who bought it and they said it was a boy who bought it for his girlfriend for her birthday.

Do I need to remind you that it was my birthday that very day?

Naturally I became convinced that Luke had bought me the puppy.

All day I practiced my 'surprised' face when Luke would bring out the cute black and white puppy.

That night Luke gave me a rather large gift card to a local Spa for an all day massage/facial etc. etc. It was not a puppy.

All of the practicing my 'surprised' face went out the window. I'm pretty sure I just looked ticked.

I thought for sure I was getting a sweet cuddly puppy!

I still occasionally apologize to him that I was not very grateful for my gift that year. And despite my actions I am glad that he still chose to marry me.

We laugh about it today, however he doesn't really laugh when I remind him that I still haven't used the gift card (the gift-card doesn't expire at this particular place). It has been four years since that birthday. It is just too painful to use the money knowing that it should have been spent on a puppy!

Actually I'm just not a big fan of massages. They are kind of weird to me.

Anyways, since that birthday my deep desire for a puppy has sort of gone away. And the fact that our apartment doesn't allow animals has pretty much taken the option of getting a dog out of the equation.

But now that we are home hunting we have been bringing up the puppy option more often and talking about what kind of dog we would want to get.

When discussing options I thought I wanted a small dog that I could carry in my purse, and Luke wanted a big dog.

I didn't think I wanted a big dog until I saw one of these earlier this year:

Seriously, is that not the cutest thing you have ever seen?

Its a goldendoodle and I want one. Today.

A student was walking one of these on campus the other day and it was like a REAL LIFE TEDDY BEAR. I never knew I could have puppy love at first sight! But I did.

They are just the cutest things ever.

I am still trying to talk Luke into getting one of these when we get a house. I might even let him use my gift card money for a massage if he lets me have one!

So, are you a little dog person, or a big dog person?

Or perhaps, a cat person?

*I found this particular goldendoodle picture on the internet on several sites, so I don't know where the original is from.

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  1. I too love the favourite is the moodle aka as the multi-poo...probably because I am small. I would hate to carry around a LARGE dog when it got sick! I'd much rather bathe a small dog. However, a large dog would be fun to walk in the woods, when we go geocaching all the time!!

  2. I love goldendoodles too! I would like to have a mini goldendoodle because I don't think I could handle a big dog! Are they not the cutest things? Just seeing pictures of them makes me fall in love with them!

  3. im in love with ALL dogs! xo.

  4. My friend and her mom both god goldendoodles in the past 2 years. They are cute dogs, sweet dogs.

    But man are they stupid. For some reason, they're just unintelligent. Sure, they're potty trained and can do tricks... but they are NOT the smartest dogs around.

    That being said, I think mutts are cuter than any type of bred dogs, but that's just my opinion.

    And no matter what, dogs are 5000 times better than cats. I hate cats!

  5. I'm a fan of big dogs, I'm always afraid I'll smush a little dog. I have a 4 month old australian shepherd that I think is the cutest thing ever, but that golden doodle does look like a teddy bear!

  6. We actually have two Cavalier King Charles Spaniels, but in general, I find myself amazed by larger dogs! Having said that, I wouldn't trade my Cavaliers for the world, they are the most fantastic breed!

  7. That is the cutest thing EVER!!!!!! I love dogs. I have a small chihuahua!!! I don't care big or small though, I love dogs!!!! :)

  8. Last summer I was convinced Mr. H was finally going to buy me a pet for my bday in September. We talked all about kittens and how we could have one in our apartment for free and we would get one of those anti-smelling kittylitter boxes. Mr. H proposed in August and I was so surprised and happy and thankful that I forgot about our kitty. When my bday rolled around he told me straight up that he decided to get me a ring instead of a kitten so I wasn't going to get a new pet. I couldn't be sad b/c a ring is so much better than a kitty - but still!! I want a pet!!

  9. I am definitely a big dog person. Little dogs tend to drive me crazy. not all of 'em, but a lot of them.

    I wanted a bull terrier all through college. I was so determined to graduate and get one, and then one day a friend of my mom who volunteers in dog rescue groups brought a little lab/hound mutt to my house. She was malnourished and so tiny. My heart was sold to this little dog.

    Or mutt is now a 60lb crazy animal, but I couldn't love her more!

    Getting a dog is SUCH a good decision! There's nothing better than love from your dog :)

  10. Goldendoodle! SO sweet! That little face! Ah! You deffinately need this dog! :D
    We have a yorkie and a black lab! We are thinking of getting a Vizsla sometime around Christmas/New Year....
    Hope you have a great day!

  11. I grew up with only cats- not dogs. Hubs grew up with only dogs- no cats. So we now have both- one dog and one cat. I really, REALLY wanted an English Bulldog but since they're around $1800- Hubs definitely said no. So we compromised on a yellow Lab from his childhood dog's litter. And I LOVE labs- they're SOOO loving and obedient.

  12. Get one! It's the best thing ever! Promise!

    I never grew up with animals, ym Mother flat out refused(I think she was scared of dogs... and my older sister got a cat when she was four and she used to pull it's tail when it was near me and the cat thought it was me so it bit me! My mom got rid of it ASAP!) Anyways because my Mom never allowed us to have animals I was scared of dogs!

    When I moved to "college" and lived on my own I got bored and lonely. So one day, a year after I moved in, I ventured out to get my first puppy! I was excited and thrilled. Until I found out that my landlord changed his rules and no longer allowed animals in our building!

    Well a year later I started dating my now boyfriend. I ALWAYS used to stay at his condo with him and his friends. One of his friends girlfriends had a yorkie and I adored her. I literally cuddled her day and night. So when my boyfriend and I decided to move in together... he bought me my very own puppy. A little yorkie! :) I've had him for 8 months now and it has changed my life in more ways than I can imagine! SERIOUSLY! I love that little animal more than anything in the world... in fact, I've never loved something so deeply.

    My advice: get a pup!

  13. hahahaha that is AWESOME! i might be creeped out if i ddin't see people all around town that i recognize from bloggint too! next time you see me, say hey! i promise not to be freaked out! :o)

  14. Goodendoodles are definitely the rage these days - I see millions of them at the dog park. I LOVE poodles. Everyone is mixing the poodle with every breed to try to get poodle hair and poodle temperament. I say, just get a poodle! (-: I have a standard poodle that is massive, and he is such a sweet dogs.

    Poodles rival the border collie for the number one spot in intelligence rankings and they are VERY human like - they love to be around people. Sometimes too smart for their own good. They are incredibly laid back. My dog lays on the floor a lot, but he also loves to play (they aren't hyper like a lot of breeds). Plus, they don't shed (BIG DEAL TO ME) and they don't drool (EW!) like lots of dogs do. They are very clean eaters/drinkers - they don't get it everywhere. So when I pet my dogs I don't have to worry about getting huge amount of saliva all over me. That's really nice.

    And also, poodles originated as hunting dogs - water retrievers - Poodle comes from the german word pudel - to splash around in the water. Hmm... maybe I should make a blog about poodles. I think I will. Thanks for the idea!

    Anyway, that was a novel... sorry. I just love poodles! And now that I've had them I don't think I could ever get a different kind.

    But if you have settle for half poodle, I guess I would understand. (-:

    But, you might look at standard poodle puppies. They are SOOOO cute. (-:


  15. That dog is too cute!! And I'm a big and little dog person...I love both big and little dogs! :) They are the best!

  16. i'll take your massage gift card if you don't want it!!!! :) i'm obsessed with them!

    my friend has a goldendoodle, and he's the most ENERGETIC dog ever! so make sure you have a big backyard! :)

  17. That goldendoodle is precious!! I really hope you get one so I can live vicariously through you :) DH hates dogs, and I hate cats pets for us! I do have my childhood dog that still lives at my parents, so that is good enough for me :)

  18. I LOVE all the pictures of goldendoodles I've seen and they sound like great dogs! All the best qualities from goldens and poodles.

    BUT I have a really soft heart for animals in need and probably wouldn't feel right paying for a bred dog when there are TONS in shelters that need homes. We have three rescue pets and will probably always go that way when picking out any future pets.

    So hopefully you can get a goldendoodle and I can live vicariously through you and enjoy all the pictures you'll be sure to share with your readers (right?) :-)

  19. Definitely a big dog for me! However, I would suggest that if you have a big dog just know that they will have TONS of energy with not as much room to play! We love our yellow lab, Bogey--he's definitely filling the child role in our family quite well!

  20. I always wanted a golden-doodle. still do, kinda :-) but I'm definitely a dog person over cats - big or small dogs are better than any cats. for realz :-)

  21. I want a dog so bad too!! I want a big dog - golden retriever to be exact. That is the first thing we will buy when we have a house!

  22. Coming from a lab owner, lab=loads of energy so does poodle. Just so you know. Srsly, like crazy amounts of energy.

  23. Goldendoodles are so cute! I hope you get a dog and a house soon!
    I am a small dog person. Big dogs are...well, just too big for me. I don't liked to be knocked around by something that weighs almost as much as me and not to mention is probably as tall as me when they stand up on their hind legs. I like little dogs so I can push them around. haha! Just kidding!

  24. I am most definitely not a small dog person!! I grew up with a Sheltie, which isn't too big, but was the greatest dog! A Sheltie is like a miniature Collie- a little Lassie!
    I then got a Brittany Spaniel, which isn't huge, but a good size- my parents now keep her. And WEG and I have a 90 lb. chocolate lab that is still growing!
    I just don't like little dogs that yip a lot, and I definitely don't like cats!

  25. awww what a sweet/funny story! I have gotten my hopes up for something before that i thought drew was goign to do and it didnt happen.. you feel mad and wrong at the same time haha. You go get yourself that dog girl!

  26. Too Cute! I like big dogs- I like the protectiveness factor that would bring. I'm a fan of Newfies and St. Bernards- though my parents are talking about getting a puggle(pug/beagle mix) and they are just adorable! I hope you get your dog soon!!!

  27. So cute!! My brother has a labradoodle and he really is like a giant teddy bear. I can't wait til y'all can get a puppy!

  28. yay puppies! i'm the same way and become completely obsessed with something that i want. we have a golden retriever and my only complaint is the shedding-- so the next dog will be a goldendoodle. can't go wrong! :

  29. the PUP is adorable!! i hope you can get one!
    i am a small pup kinda gal, i love my little gussy :) he is the best, ever!

  30. We are huge golden retriever people ourselves, BUT I, too, have always thought a goldendoodle would be my 2nd choice - from what I hear they are also very good dogs and also just as beautiful as goldens! I hope you hurry up and get a house so that the hubby will get you that dog you want! Big hugs! :o)

  31. sorry you didn't get your puppy that year!! You should MOST def get a goldendoodle! they are ADORABLE!!!! My friend Sarah has a black one! (the one I just posted on my blog!) he is SOO stinking cute and nice!

  32. All I have to say about big dogs is that one day you will have kids. That start out small and take years to get bigger than the dog. :)

  33. I like all sizes of dogs. I have a Westie, but I saw the cutest lab the other day...he was HUGE, but he was so sweet!

  34. Get one of each! We have a little rat terrier/chihuahua mix and a shar pei/hound mix (both adopted). They love each other and of course the "little" one rules the roost!

  35. I love that dog! I'm def a little dog person. I had thought I was pretty even with them, but my family just happened to always have small dogs. And then...I took care of my friend's big huge boxer. I realized I'm for SURE a fan of the little ones!! Big dogs are so much more work--food costs more, shots and pills cost more, and you can't control them as easily. They're just...bigger. lol. Mine I can pick up and hold if she's rambunctious--a big one, not so much. :)

  36. We are BIG dog people. We have an English Mastiff who currently weighs around 160 lbs. He is precious and so good with kids. Of course, he is an outside dog...but he's a very spoiled outside dog. :)

  37. We have a Saint Bernard so needless to say we are big dog lovers!!!!

  38. Not a dog lover, but we have a cat named Mia. Love her, but she sheds horribly!

  39. Goldendoodles are awesome dogs! I am much more a fan of the big dog. Little dogs are too yappy for me! I hope you get your dog soon. They really bring so much to your life!

  40. Awww, the goldendoodle is so cute! Casey's childhood neighbors have a labradoodle and it's really sweet and cute.

  41. Hi!
    That dog is Boomer! He is our dog. He is on our website He is an F1B Mini Goldendoodle. He is about 30-35 lbs so not a real small guy but not huge either!! He is non shedding too! Goldendoodles are THE best family dog. Our available puppies are on our website also!! Everyone keeps stealing my picture and it's hard to keep up who is using it! I don't mind, just want to get credit! Thanks! Colleen


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