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The Giant and Her Journal

Last night Luke and I were laying in bed and he was reading my blog post from yesterday.

He does read all my posts and all of my comments everyday. He says he moderates the comments to make sure there are no creepers out there.

So creepers beware, he is on the lookout.

And I'm pretty sure the only reason he reads the posts is so that he can find something grammatically wrong and correct me.

Between my grandma and Luke I am made aware of every grammar mistake I have ever made.

Everybody should have an English major and a former English teacher in their life. It really keeps you on your toes.

So last night we were laying in bed and Luke was looking at my post where I put a picture of me and Lindsey together and he said:

"Whoa!" "That girl is tiny, you look like a giant standing next to her!"

It's a good thing I haven't been worried about the extra pounds I put on lately because a comment like that just might have sent me over the edge.

Sometimes I'm pretty sure boys don't think.

But as long as he continues to make me breakfast and coffee in the morning I will let it slide.

And just so you know, it really didn't hurt my feelings, I thought it was pretty funny, only because it was true.

In other slightly non-related news I have been trying to find a way to organize the time that I spend with God.

Sometimes I just come to him ramble on and on and don't really adequately use time that I set aside.

I remembered that I used a journal format in college and it worked for awhile, so I decided to try it again.

So I used the very, very little crafty skills that God gave me and put together a prayer journal.

And by crafty skills I mean I cut up some paper and put it in a binder.

Clearly, I will be setting up an etsy shop soon.

I used this pretty zebra paper and I'm sure God loves the fact that I used zebra paper for my prayer journal. I am fully supporting God's beautiful creation.
I love all things zebra.

Except for zebra leggings, those are not cute.

Here is the inside of my journal with nifty tabs that I printed off on the computer and felt a little too proud of my accomplishment.

I even included a tab just for Luke, because clearly he needs lots of prayer in learning not to call his lovely bride a "giant."


  1. haha I can't stop laughing! I THINK my favorite part is the line about opening up an etsy shop. or maybe the prayer tab for Luke... haha still laughing

  2. The Etsy shop comment caught me off guard. That might be the funniest comment you have ever made!!!

    Love the prayer journal. Things like that keep me accountable. Always good to have a tab for our hubbies....and their comments!

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. A journal is a great way to remember things, and it will hold you accountable to your commitment to prayer.

    I love the zebra print!

  5. I think God DOES have an appreciation for using Zebra print...

    Wanted to say HI to Luke since we know he's reading now too!

  6. Yup the very best line.."Clearly, I will be setting up an etsy shop soon!" Love it!

    and ps I'm so awful with grammar. Please do have Luke or your gma read my blog because they will probably freak.

    and pss. Just stand next to me and you will be a giant no longer! You are a little bitty thing silly!

  7. I'm still laughing that he called you a giant. Only b/c it's totally not true... and b/c it sound just like something Joey would say. Since he does call me Big Mama. And sometimes I've been known to tear up.

  8. Ummmm, something tells me that book will be filled with extra prayers for Luke, haha!!!

    And Luke, since you're reading this, word to you, don't call your wife a giant, big no no!!! haha!!! :)

    But we still love you!! And good thing she does too :)

  9. You are so stinkin cute! Your posts always make me smile :-)

  10. Love this!!! I just love it when our husbands say things without thinking!! ;o) ...or maybe they are thinking and the just claim not to be?!?

  11. I never thought of making a binder! Thanks for the inspiration. I've been feeling really rambly with God lately, too.

    What are your tabs? out of curiousity... Like school, money, family, self... or are they like thanksgiving, requests, world issues... ??

  12. I think he just meant you look taller than her, not that you look fat :) But I agree, sometimes boys need to learn to rephrase some of their sentences so as not to sound bad :)

  13. I'm laughing out loud. From one giant to another...I feel your pain.

    The journal is a great idea!

  14. Love your journal, so cute!! Go girl, and my mom always likes to tell me when she sees grammar errors in my post!! I'm sure I made a few in this comment!

  15. I am going to have to go close my office door, because I am laughing so much! I love your humor!

    Oh Luke! I cropped the pic of you and me because I thought I looked thick in the waist standing next to you and your tall, skinny self!

    Ty and I are always joking about weight. He calls me chumbawamba. You know from that tubthumper song, I get knocked down. I don't even know what a chumbawamba is but it sounds like a BIG person.

    Your etsy comment had me cracking up too!

    I'm sure God does appreciate the zebra paper!

    This was a great post! I needed some laughter in my day!

  16. I love your prayer journal! I definitely need one of those! What a great idea! And you are so not a giant!

  17. hahaha you crack me up with the zebra and praying for Luke :-) but I LOVE it - such a cute journal and I am totally impressed by the tabs . . . oh and don't worry I get called a giant a lot - I just chalk it up to being tall . . . i hope :-)

  18. Oh and speaking of creepy comments, I got a sweet one from some guy from Greece on my post about my pants ripping up the back . . . not that's a creeper for you :-)

  19. girl you just look taller and might i add VERY slender! My hubs used to NEVER call me small. He always thought that girls that were short were small. haha. He would buy me clothes that were WAY to big, and finally got a clue.. MEN : )

  20. Megan,
    I love your journal. I am a journaler (umm journalist...umm, well, you know) anyway.... I love to journal. I have graduated to computer journaling since I now have my very own lovely laptop thanks to my very sweet hubby, (that nobody else uses) and the program I use can be locked. It is wonderful to go back and see how God has answered your prayers. It's awesome!!! So welcome to the lovely world of journaling you journaler/ist...ummm okay enough already =)

    Have a Super evening,

  21. good idea... I LOVE zebra print anything pretty much! Unless they are like you said, leggings or skinny jeans.

  22. Love the print-

    but what are the tabs for? You write prayers for different people in the different sections? Just wondering.

  23. I second Taryn's question. Are the different sections for different people/subjects?

    Also, do write the prayer request and then later on, the follow-up?

    I'm just curious as to your method. I lose track sometimes, so I like to hear what other people do.

    Oh.... and, I truly wish I was as "gigantic" as you. You are super tiny, lol.

  24. this is great!! Sometimes boys do NOT think. Brent is also always trying to pick at my grammar! I like your journal! I've been wanting to make a new one!

  25. funny that you mention zebra least THREE little elementary kiddo's had them on at school today....UGH! THEY WERE HIDEOUS!

  26. CUTE! Great job! :) And Husby reads my posts and comments, too. Glad we have men that look out for us. ;) (Or are just nosey). ;)

  27. Girl, you crack me up!! And, I didn't even notice that in the picture yesterday. That's hilarious that because you're taller he said that. Typical guy comment. LOL!

  28. Oh for goodness sakes!! You DON'T look like a giant!!


  29. This is so funny!! You SO don't look like a giant, for one thing, girl! Honestly, boys. lol. And your crafting skills are fantastic. ;)


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