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Tuesday Comment and Dinner

This blog is coming to you from apparently one of the most popular bloggers among anonymous commenter’s who leave messages written in Chinese text.

Do not be alarmed by the 90+ comments on my last post. I have not reached epic blogger status. About 90 of those comments are from my anonymous friend, who is seriously getting on my nerves.

We will see how long this little game lasts – For the time being I have had to enable my comment moderation which is the only ‘help’ that blogger offered me. Thanks blogger, glad you are there in a time of a crisis, a Chinese crisis.

Now lets move onto more important things, such as dinner.

Do you know what I absolutely love about blogging (besides anonymous Chinese comments)?

Finding amazing recipes on friend's blogs.

Recently I came across Tuscan Breaded Chicken on Leaving and Loving on a Jet Plane. I knew instantly that I needed to fix it. You need to check it out, it is so good.

I have mentioned before that sometimes I just crave icky, greasy, fast food.

And sometimes I crave a yummy home cooked meal.

Tonight I was craving a yummy home cooked meal and I fixed this chicken with some red potatoes and okra (the store didn't have fresh okra so I had to get frozen which isn't near as good).
The chicken is covered in bread crumbs and is similar to the Italian Chicken I posted a couple of months ago, but it has a little spin to it. Check it out!

It was SOOO good. Just hit the spot!

Then we headed to braum's for some ice cream. (sorry Nicole! I was SO craving it after our conversation today!)

It was a great night!

Here's to hoping my anonymous friend doesn't visit you anytime soon. You may think you have 100 comments but its just a lie.



  1. I hope the comments stop!! I love trips to braums!

  2. haha i was wondering about that guy! that food looks yummmmy!

    ps. Paula made a statement like 30 min ago... im sure it will be all over the internet soon

  3. Well aren't you popular, haha! I hope your weirdo goes away soon!

    And Braums?? OMG. The small town I am working in has THREE of them! I cannot flippin' wait. I love love love that place!

  4. I cannot believe all those crazy comments from the anonymous person!

  5. aw wow that chicken looks YUMeeeeeeeeeee. I don't cook but you know that chicken is calling my name :)

  6. Go girl!! That looks yummy! I was going to post about a yummy dinner I made! Thanks for sharing!

  7. That is so lame about the Chinese Comments!!!

  8. WOW hope that gets fixed soon for ya. Yeah that was crazy!!

    That chicken looks delish!! And oh be still my Cappuchino Chunky Chocolate Braum's lovin' heart!!! Great, now I'm gonna be needing one of those =)

    Have a Blessed and Super day girl,

  9. yummmmmie! looks delish! I need to try this..thanks :)

  10. HAHAHA Sometimes I'm afriad to leave comments on blogs that have at LEAST more than 30 comments...I fear that my words will just get lost in the mix. So I'm glad that you said something :)

  11. I bet it is because there is a picture of you and Luke in "China" on that post! Haha!

  12. I've had the whole comment thing happen to me about 3 times since I'ev started my blog--but normally Mr. Anonymous leaves about 25 comments on about 4 different posts. I mean at least he spreads his love in various places!

  13. Ymmuy! I noticed all those crazy comments yesterday...what the heck!? Hopefully they stop soon!!

  14. Okay I just looked at the Chinese comments... and that's a little bit ridiculous. I hope you screening the comments will take care of that mess!
    That chicken looks really yummy!!!! Thanks for sharing!


  15. Seriously, that anonymous needs to get a life, haha!!!! :)

    And the dinner looks yummy!!! :)

  16. Crazy commenting people!!

    The dinner looks wonderful! Great blog, now following!

  17. Crazy all the comments. Did you do babblefish to translate it so you can see what it says?

    The dinner looks so yummy....but, you didn't share your ice cream flavor!!!

  18. YUM!! Yeah, I saw that recipe yesterday and printed it out. I'm soooo making it!!

    Have you tried the chicken enchiladas yet?

  19. That meal is making me SO hungry which is unfortunate since I just ate.

    And here's to hoping the Chinese crisis has come to a halt! That is just ridiculous - plus, random Chinese comments are so 2008.

  20. I was wondering about the chinese comments and was annoyed for you! :)

    The meal looks yummy! Going to have to try that recipe!

  21. BRAUMS!!!!!!! Aww we will meet there for a chocolate milkshake one day! I am so jealous.

    Sorry about your Chinese comment situation. How annoying!!

    On another note, your dinner looks and sounds delish! When I come visit :) I'd like for you to fix it, OK? HA


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