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The Sitting Face

Do you ever have people tell you something that leaves you, why did you just tell me that?

This has happened to me several times in life.

I can't think of exact cases, but there have been several times that several friends of mine have told me, that when they first met me, before they really got to know me, they thought I was going to be rude, or a snob, or any other personality trait you can think of that is none too appealing.

Then they would always follow it up with: "But you weren't!!!!!!"

To which I would politely smile and think "Gee, thanks I feel so much better."

For awhile I was confused as to why people felt this way. Why were they SO convinced I was going to be such a nasty person only to be SO convinced I wasn't after simply meeting me??

I sought the advice of a good fried who explained to me that I had a bad 'sitting face'.

A 'Sitting Face' is a face that is simply just still. Not telling an exaggerated story. Not smiling. Just still.

So apparently if I am just listening to you, or walking down the street, or just in deep thought, I have a pretty crappy looking face.

After my friend told me this I started trying to work hard to maintain a pleasant 'sitting face'.

I would try to just randomly smile while; listening to a story, walking to class, driving down the road, etc etc. But honestly it felt fake and forced, so I quit.

And the bad 'sitting face' reemerged.

People misjudge me all.the.time. There have been times that I have rushed into Church, running late, completely focused on getting in my chair in time for worship when somebody will say:"Wow! What's with the look? What is wrong with you today?

I just want to scream I HAVE A BAD SITTING FACE LEAVE ME ALONE!!!!

It seriously annoys me, which then causes the sitting face to become an 'irritated face'.

In an effort to help me form a more pleasant face, Luke has tried to make me aware of the times when I am making this not-so-pretty-face.

While we were in the airport last month he spotted me making the 'sitting face' and snapped a picture, without me knowing, so that I could see it in full living color.

Here is is:

He then showed me the picture, to which I thought. HOLY COW, my hair looks AWFUL. Clearly my hair does not do well on planes.

After the initial shock of my hair I realized that I do look pretty ticked off in this picture.

But I can assure you I wasn't. I was concentrating on something and thinking through some things in my brain.

I was also watching this cute family across the room trying to figure out who the mom was. They all looked freakishly young.

Upon further investigation of myself and the 'sitting face', I have decided that I was simply born with the 'sitting face'.

Just like my ugly toes, or cat-like eyes it is unavoidable and I am stuck with it.

So, if you ever pass a young woman on the street and you think: "Dang, that girl looks ticked".

Just remember she may have a bad 'sitting face'.

Unless you are irritating her, then it may be her 'irritated face'.



  1. I think it's pretty funny that Luke snapped a picture of this :)

    Don't feel bad though, you're not alone! I know I can look rather mean when I've got my "sitting face" on. I always hate it when people make comments like that, though. I have a coworker who, on multiple occasions, would tell me I looked ill. Every time I told her I was fine and she'd say "Oh, that's good then". I don't think she understood that being told you look ill on weekly basis is a bit of an insult.

    And for the record, I wouldn't be scared off by your sitting face if I met ya :)

  2. I guess I have a bad sitting face too. I've also been asked on several occasions what is wrong with me when nothing at all is wrong. In fact, when I was a junior in high school, the seniors willed me a smile.

  3. LOL That pic is priceless! I don't have a good one either. I get misjudged alot too. Growing up alot of times people thought I was snobby because of "the face" and the fact that I was quiet. I can't do much about "the face" so I started being louder :D

  4. This is hilarious! I swear that I have the same "sitting face"! Too funny that now I have a name for it!

  5. Years ago I worked with a lady who would always say...."Smile!!!" Seriously it drove me nuts!
    Ok...I had two preschool children 19 months apart and worked full time....
    I was probably just a tad bit tired. It used to really irritate me when she'd say that.
    It got to be a joke between me and another co-worker.
    I wouldn't worry about it Megan, and I applaud you for not being fake. In my opinion that's way worse. :)

  6. But the important thing is that once people get to know you they love you and think you're the best :-)

    However, that picture made me laugh because it looked like you were trying to look mad and not laugh doing it :-) but dont worry, my "sitting face" (I'm pretty sure) involves staring with my mouth hanging open. So I'm guessing people probably think I'm slow or something. Not sure if that's better than mean but whatever :-)

  7. I'm sure everyone has a sitting face, I know mine is similar to yours! I'm with Valerie, it's way better to not be fake. I crinkle my eye brows too, when I'm thinking. Soooo funny that he snapped a pick of your sitting face!

  8. I heard of the sitting face in high school. I remarked to one of my teachers that this girl, Ashley, was just kind of mean.

    The teacher replied that she wasn't mean, she just didn't have the pleasant smiley face that I had. Bummer for her.

    Either way... if you know someone, I don't even notice their sitting face.

  9. I have a bad sitting face too. I don't look mad, but I look mean. Like I could seriously hurt a person! LOL

  10. Hahahaha! The pic is priceless, love it!

  11. Have you ever looked up the word "sitting face" in the urban dictionary? I was curious to see if it was an actual word to describe someones facial expression. Boy was I surprised. Ha!

    My "normal, mellow look" appears to everyone else like I'm mad.

  12. I have a bad sitting face, too.

    People are constantly asking me if I'm mad or upset, when I'm just fine. My mom tried to convince me to do the smile thing.... it felt fake and my face grew very tired.

    Oh well, lol!

  13. You're funny. All people would have to do is talk to know that you are just lovely.

    ps that pic is hilarious. I feel like you are totally trying not to laugh.

  14. Haha, too funny!!!!! Now I'll have to check and see if I have the sitting face, LOL!!!

  15. You are cracking me up! Growing up there was this guy at church that would always tell me to smile. It drove me CRAZY!!

  16. I have a *sitting face* too. People always ask me if I am mad. I have never heard it called that...but I like the name!!

  17. That's hilarious!!! Mine isnt called "the Sitting Face" - its called the "Concentration Face"... totally relating

  18. Megan,
    That is too funny!! I think my sitting face is pleasant, but I also think my feet are cute to which my husband replies, "how could you be so cute and have the ugliest feet?" Compliment?!! I never know =)

    Have a Blessed day,

    PS BTW, I love your hair!!!

  19. Hahaha!!!! Too funny...hubby asks me sometimes if I'm mad when I'm really just concentrating--maybe I also have a case of "bad sitting face!"

  20. That picture is hilarious! I've been told that at first glance I come off as a snob because I almost constantly purse my lips and raise my eyebrows. Sorry people! Oh well.

    Besides, people that walk around smiling all the time are usually insane =)

  21. I get that too. I am always asked whats wrong with me or why did I give a nasty look. The realty is that I don't do it on purpose and don't even know I am doing it.
    You're not alone! I too must have an awful 'sitting face'

  22. I also have a bad "sitting face." I kind of hate it. I get asked by people several times a month if I am okay, often random people like the check out person at the grocery store. Can I help it that when I am not focused on other people and am thinking I apparently get weird looking? It is annoying though because I really do not like the attention.
    It does make me feel better to know you, and apparently a bunch of commenters, have the same issue!

  23. Yeah, in college, I was always got the "before, I got to know you, I always thought you were stuck up and snobby. You're not that way at all."

    -Guess, I have a sitting face too!

    Oooh and my pet peeve is that I hate when I'm out and someone says, "Smile. You'd be prettier if you smile." or "Smile, the world's not that bad." I'm like ARGHHHHHHHHHH! I'm just fine. Just because I'm not smiling doesn't mean I'm not having a good time!

  24. Hahah! That's hysterical. Sometimes I don't realize the faces I make either... but your hair looks pinstraight!! I have no idea what you're talking about. Mine becomes fro-ique on planes. :)

  25. great post. i have been told i look mean when in reality its just a "bad sitting face" hee hee. i do it when i read, think or am just sitting there. lol

    so no worries, you are not alone!

  26. hey megan :) just stumbled across your blog. I have GOT TO SAY that this post is very funny because its oh so relevant to me. I get this a lot too...people will say, "Smile for gosh sakes"...and I'm thinking, 'What?!? i'm concentrating!"..I can't smile ALL THE TIME.

    Your blog is great. I think I'll follow! come over to mine sometime!

  27. I think it's good that Luke snapped this picture. If you're more aware that you're doing it, you'll try to fix it. :)

  28. What a funny face! I definitely have some similar faces that I make regularly! Ha-Ha! :)

  29. I don't think I was in the airport that day Megan! ;) Talking about freakishly young, ha!! I thin some girls think that way about really pretty girls, a lot of girls did back in HS anyway, they were jealous of you!

  30. hahaha! we have talked about this before but never had a name for it! that cracks me up that Luke took that pic=) You look cute no matter what!=)

  31. HA! I've never heard of the sitting face. Makes perfect sense.

  32. Okay...this is SOOO hilarious!!! You are so funny...even if you have a bad sitting face!!:) (I don't think it's that bad, BTW!!!)

  33. Oh my goodness, you are too funny. And cute! I love that Luke took that picture! I need to figure out what kind of sitting face I have. I think I kinda frown too... maybe I'll get JD to help me investigate.

  34. ha, too funny!
    i must have some kind of face i wear outside because i walk to and from my bus and people tell me to smile!! like i want to walk around outside with some goofy grin on my face smiling at everyone...that would just be weird!!

  35. This is too funny! I have never heard such, but it makes sense...

  36. This is hilarious!! I love that he snapped a pic to show you. Too funny. I don't think you look mean, just very very thoughtful, like you're thinking of something. :) Apparently I have a confused sitting face, according to lots of people. I look like I'm in another world...which is usually true, actually. I wonder which is worse?? lol.

  37. I too have been blessed (cursed?) with a bad "sitting face". I have had people make the exact same comments to me before! I've never seen a picture of mine though, so now I'm curious :)

  38. This is hilarious!!! I really enjoy that Luke took a picture of you.

  39. I too have been told this! And like you, I am not that 'type' of person...quite the contrare (sp?) actually :/

  40. hahahah.... that's so funny! the face seriously made me laugh out loud. i have a blogging face apparently. todd caught a pic of it when i was pregnant and i'd share it except i'm huge and gross looking! :)

  41. Clint has a scary "sitting face". Once, a teenager said to him, "You look like you just killed someone in an alley!" He definitely looks unapproachable. When he takes our kids to the park, any moms there will make sure their kids don't wander off too close to him. Then they leave.


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