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Let's Try Random

1. My key hates me. Remember how it broke? Well my husband 'fixed' it and yet it continues to break.

He keeps asking me what I'm doing to make it break - which kind of irritates me - I am doing nothing, the blasted thing just keeps breaking.

Case and point today while I was driving this happened: I either need a new key or a new car. It is starting to cause bodily injury. You have no idea how bad it hurt my fingers to get that key out.

2. Does anybody else have an extremely giddy husband due to Pre-Season football? Is it just me or does it come earlier and earlier every year?

Now don't get me wrong, I love attending a fun football game. However I do not need to watch it on TV 24/7. I'm just saying........Italic

3. I want one of these. No, I'm sorry I need one of these:

4. I love that so many of you gave me tips on how to get wax out of my carpet, when actually, to be honest I never even considered getting it out of the carpet. Please remember I live in an apartment where COLD AIR blows when the heater is on and our window seals leak water every time it rains, so I wasn't too worried about the precious carpet, but I will try the iron trick because it sounds cool.

5. I did stick my photo album in the freezer as Lauren suggested and it totally worked. Thanks!

6. I planned to have somebody design me a new bloggy background this month - but then I went shopping and spent all my allotted money for the month. I. hate. budgets. It is on my list for next month. Unless of course I see some cute pants in the mall.

7. I had to give Harry Potter a little break because I just haven't had time for it lately, but I hope to pick it back up soon. I really miss it!

8. I'm pretty sure we ALL loved TGIF and want it to come back, so we can all eat pizza on a Friday night and watch Step by Step, Boy Meets World, and Full House.

9. God has been teaching me a lot lately. Its amazing what happens when you open your ears and eyes to Him.

10. I love chick fila.


  1. I love your posts, and I loved TGIF with all those fun shows on TV. What happened to the good ol' days? I heart chick fil a too!!

  2. Sorry about your key! #9 is so true!!

  3. 1. I need that shoe rack.
    2. I love your blog background - it's one of my favorites. In fact, I was thinking of having mine redesigned to look something like this... not green though, I am soo not a green girl.
    3. Boo to your car key. I had to have mine replaced this year, and the stupid Volkswagen Jetta with the buttons for locking/unlocking was $300!!!
    4. Now I am hungry for Chick-fil-A. At 6:07 AM. Yay

  4. That key would probably push me over the edge.

    That show rack is just about the coolest thing ever!

  5. Megan,
    Totally and completely, unequivocally LOVE football ~~ pre-season and other wise. I am one of those chicks that drives the hub crazy!!! Yep bring on some football!!

    I have never seen a shoe keeper like that one. Get out!! Now that's a space saver.

    I love that God is teaching you so much right now. He is me as well, and I can't get enough.

    Love you friend ~ Have a Blessed weekend,

  6. I think I've told you this before, but are we related somehow? :-) because I HATE budgets and LOVE Chickfila . . . and agree 100% about the football thing :-)

  7. So, I basically need that shoe rack. That is fantastic!

  8. Haha, your poor key, and poor you... and I'm totally lovin that shoe rack :)

  9. Luke really needs to get you a new car...a broken key just isn't acceptable!

    I love that HP! Please hurry up and start reading again so I can be geeky and comment about all the books!

  10. So glad you got the wax off of your photo album! Yeah, my husband is ridiculous with football. But since we live in Houston he wants to transition to a Texans fan and I think it'll be hard for him since he's been a Cowboys fan for 30 years!

    And yes, football season comes earlier EVERY year! UGH! That's why I have my own DVR and flatscreen set up!

  11. Oh I could identify with so many things in this post! My husband was up until who knows when last night watching pre-season football. It has begun!

    Also, I love that shoe organizer. I'm running out of room in our little closet for all of our stuff :)

    Also, I do miss TGIF. That was the only night we ever got pizza and pop (well every other week on my parents payday!)

    Hope you have a great weekend and that the car key behaves :)

  12. I love your randomness. LOL

    And football??? I'M GIDDY!!! :) But you knew that, right??

    And I totally understand the irritation of the hubs asking what you did to break the key. I mean really? It's like they think we do those things on purpose so we won't have money to redesign our blogs. LOL

  13. That shoe rack is awesome!

    I love Chic Fil A too.

  14. Haha my husband is totally giddy too about football season!

  15. Love the shoe rack!!

    Feel your pain with football--I mean honestly who cares about preseason football?!? (besides our husbands?)

    So glad I could help!

  16. I love your background. No need for change unless it'll make you happier than new clothes :-)

  17. confession: i think my husband dreads football season because he loses his wife to it. i can't help it, i'm a football nut!! it's just a few months.. hang in there girl!!

  18. I love me some football season! M and I watched two games last night...I can be such a boy. I vote new car...just sayin

  19. Yum pizza! I want some right now!!! I feel like I haven't had it in forever. How is that possible?? I need to fix that asap!

  20. that is CRAZY about your key!! My husband is SO SUPER DUPER giddy about pre-season fb! It is funny!

  21. the key story kills me. and my husband is going a bit nuts for football season, too.

    p.s. the word verification says "ounce." i love it when it's an actual word!

  22. I am going nuts for football season! So crazy! And I say new key for now, and I would love one of those shoe wheels! Awesome!

  23. My husband is going to go straight from Iraq to the Tv for football....I might get a kiss on the way.

    And I nnneeeeddd shoes in every color likethat!!!

  24. We are sisters. See numbers 3, 4, 8, 9, 10 for further proof.

  25. Okay, that shoe thing is pretty cool! And, I love your randomness!

  26. I just love your blog!! And now I am craving Chick Fil A and it is closed today! LOL :o)

  27. that shoe deally is amazing! I had a key that did that to me all the time! so annoying and I LOOOOVE chick fil a

  28. Ugh football season! I can't wait either, but yes my husband is extra giddy!

  29. Love this post! that cracked me up about your husband asking what you are doing; I could totally hear my husband saying that to me and getting irritated with him about it.

    I'm getting nervous about football too. I mean I really enjoy football but it's like the more Erik gets excited about it, the less excited I get... is that wrong?

    And I was glad to learn that you are a Harry Potter fan! I've been thinking about starting over because I miss it.

  30. That is the craziest thing about your key! I am on my 3rd Honda and actually 3rd Accord. I love them! I have never had a problem with the key. Maybe it wouldn't hurt to take it to your local dealarship to see if they could help you out.
    And I have never seen that shoe "thingy" before. That is pretty neat. Might have to check that out.

    Love your blog!


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