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Disney Day Four - Animal Kingdom

Tonight, I realized that I never put up the final day of our Disney World Trip.

Better late than never.

And for everyone who asked, I will be putting the tannie recipe on the blog next week.

Our final day at DW was spent at Animal Kingdom. This is the newest park at Disney World and my 2nd favorite park.

I think some people have the misconception that it is a glorified zoo, which I do not think it is.

But remember I do love all things Disney and really never have anything negative to say about that place - the happiest place on Earth.

We started the day off early and were part of the first crowd of people in the park.

Upon arriving at the park we split up and Haley and I went on this ride called Dinosaur we did not know that we were in for the scare of our life.

Seriously, scariest ride ever. Right now I can tell you that yes, those were fake dinosaurs in the ride but when I am in the middle of it and a freaking T-Rex is about to eat me, I cannot tell you it is fake. They make those things look so real.

This is a picture of a picture, but Haley and I are in the front row, about to be eaten and scared out of our ever-loving-minds.
Look at the girls behind us they couldn't even look at it.

While we were on the ride my mom tried to introduce Maxton to Pluto and Goofy and he pretty much freaked out. Apparently he is not a fan of people dressed up in costumes, and frankly neither am I. Here we are in front of The Tree of Life. Me and Haley in front of our favorite roller coaster. We rode it once in the rain and it froze on the track for a good 30 seconds. I was pretty sure my life was over at that moment but I tried to reamin cool, calm, and collective as to not freak out the younger sisters, and so that Luke wouldn't make fun of me.
Cute Maxton on a little hut somewhere in the park. We basically just stick him anywhere to get a cute picture.

Later that night we went to Magic Kingdom and rode rides until 2 in the morning. So much fun. Here is the beautiful castle at night.
The next morning Luke and I woke up bright and early and headed home. We had to leave the trip early because Luke had to be back for church on Sunday, so while we headed back home my family stayed and had another amazing day in Disney.
Everybody was pretty much devastated that we had to leave. I mean, look how upset Maxton was:I might have cried the whole way home thinking about how my family was still at DW having a great time and I was on a slow plane back to reality.

Our trip was amazing and I am thankful that we were able to go on it and spend that week with my family.

If you ever have a chance to go to Disney world, Go!

And no Disney trip recap is complete without a picture of some mouse ears:


  1. The first time I rode Dinosaur, it scared me half to death! But I am with you-I love ALL things Disney. I haven't been in like 4 years, so I am definitely due!

  2. lol I've never been yet...maybe some day...I LOVE rides! Jeff hates them...we only have a couple of cat-babies, not sure they like rides. hmm will have to find someone to go on rides with me! Then maybe I'll have someone to go to Disneyland with ;)

    It looks like a VERY fun place.

  3. Awesome pictures!! I love the castle lit up behind you guys... very sweet picture!

    I LOVE the action ride pictures... the girls behind hiding their face is hilarious!!!!

    And what a cute little Mousketeer your nephew makes! :)

  4. So glad you had a great week that week! Still so bummed that you were so close and we didn't get to meet up, but one day, haha!!

    And again, you've been to another place I haven't been and I stinkin live in Florida, haha! :)

  5. Awesome photos...I can't wait to go when our kids are a little bit older. :)

  6. Love that picture of Maxton is his mouse ears! It's a necessary picture for any Disney trip!

  7. Love the pics! That last pic is so sweet! The one of you guys in front of the castle is so pretty! And the one on the ride...hilarious!!

    I still haven't posted my last day of Cabo and I went in May. haha

    Happy Friday!

  8. I am so so happy that you had one more day to show us.

    I seriously cracked up at the picture of yall freaking out on the ride. I would totally be the same way.

    I wish we would have gone to Animal time for sure.

    How did you get to ride until 2 am? Next time I go to Disney you are helping me plan better!

  9. Uh I am also terrified of people in costumes. Terrified. I think it's why I'm not a huge Disney person. Gasp, I know....

    That last picture of Maxton is too precious!!

  10. I love that picture of you and your sis on the ride. It is priceless!q

  11. never think your face looks like that in those pictures they take of you, and mine always ends up awful! Bet I have an awful sitting face too!

  12. That ride is pretty terrifying, lol.

    Thanks for sharing!!! I need to get over there soon.... your vacation recaps make me want a Disney fix.

  13. If I don't hurry up and take my kids to Disney I am going to scream! Great pics, skinny minnie!

  14. looks like you had so much fun!
    little maxton is adorable!!
    i really want to try out the scary dino ride! i've never been to disney! i can't wait to go some day though!

  15. Okay that picture ~~ hilarious!!! You poor scared out of you wits thing.

    And that Maxton, get out!! He is so cute.

    Have a Blessed weekend,

  16. I loved all the pictures!! I think Animal Kingdom is so underrated, too. Everyone thinks it's just a zoo, but it's way more than that!! lol.

    And that dinosaur ride is terrifying, even if you know it's coming!! We took the same photo, but your is zoomed in so well that you can really see your faces. Hilarious!! :)


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