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Day Two - Epcot

Due to the fact that we stayed out past midnight the night before we decided to let ourselves sleep in on Monday and hit Epcot a little later in the morning.

About 11:00 we headed to Epcot to start out second day of fun.

Epcot is more of an educational park at Disney, but nonetheless it is so much fun.

Luke and I in Epcot:One of my very favorite aspects of Epcot is all of the countries they have represented. They have a section that is represented by several countries around the world. I am sad that I didn't get a lot of pictures in this area but here are a few:

Kati, Maxton and Haley in Africa:Luke and I in China:Haley and Maxton in China:Hiding out from the rain in Norway: The best part about visiting the different countries is eating the authentic food. We had Mexican, Chinese, and of course American - gotta have those burgers.

After lunch we headed to the Little Nemo ride which was held in a building FULL of aquariums. I love looking at all the fish in the aquariums, plus they had dolphins, sharks, etc. It was so cool!

Looking at one of the aquariums:
While in Epcot one night we wanted to get a family picture taken in front of the big ball. My dad SERIOUSLY couldn't understand why we wanted a picture in front of it, he said we already had one.
It's a little small but below is the picture that he was referring too. I know its small, but I think we have all changed a little bit, since this was TEN years ago:
A new and updated picture. We had to convince him it wouldn't make sense to just crop Luke and Maxton into the old picture.

Such a fun day!!
Next day: Hollywood Studios



  1. Aww how fun!! You have such a gorgeous family! It looks like you all had an awesome time. I love going on trips with the fam.

  2. I am loving your Disney trip recaps!!

  3. it looks like you had a very fun time!! now I'm jealous :) THX for the mini trip.

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  5. Megan,
    Okay, first of all your clothes on this trip ~~ adorable!!! (I know the whole breaking of the clothes budget and all was tramatic for Luke ~~ but girl, seriously cute duds =)

    When I went to DW so many years ago, Epcot was just being built. Okay....I know....are you done laughing....yep get it out....grab the tissue....I know.... okay....done now?....moving on........=)

    All these pics are so great!!! Love the aquariams.

    Have a Blessed day,

  6. Such a fun time!!!!!! I got to admit, I'm kind of jealous, haha!!! :)

  7. I'm soooo jealous!! GREAT pictures :)

  8. I love all the countries, too! That is awesome that you have that 10 year old picture. Love the family pic!

  9. the brian's me! sorry i forgot I was on my brother's computer!!

  10. LOL... Dads... what are you gonna do?? Nice pic, though!

  11. great pictures! I need to go back there asap

  12. I also loved eating all the food from around the world...well and drinking the beer also. :)

  13. Wow- I didn't know you knew so many anonymous friends from Asia. How cool!

    Plus you look like you are having fun- how can you not? It is freaking Disney World! I love that your dad didn't want to get a new picture. silly.

    Enjoy your time!

  14. Cute, cute, cute family pictures!!! Your family sure is good looking!!

    And I have that first top. I love it!!

  15. You look so cute in all these pictures and now I am wanting to go so badly!! It looks you have a new bloggy friend! :)

  16. It is so fun to live through you on this trip!!! Now I can't wait to go to Disney....Connor would LOVE all this stuff!

  17. i am SO behind on my blog reading, but your trip recaps are so awesome. i want to be in your family! :)

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