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Blog Friends

Today on the way home from work I stopped by Target to pick up some groceries to eat for dinner.

Because apparently that's what I do these days, I go to the grocery store EVERY BLASTED DAY.

And can we talk about Target for one moment? What is the deal with the grocery carts? I can never pull them apart when they are all stuck together. I swear somebody is sitting behind a camera laughing at all the goofballs trying to pull those carts apart. Sometimes I pull a cart with all my strength (which isn't much, I admit) and I still can't pull them apart. It. Is. Embarrassing. Does anybody else know what I'm taking about?

Anyways, I had decided to make the Meatball Sandwiches that Big Mama posted on her blog today. And I needed to go get some groceries.

I'm telling you I am a sucker for recipes on blogs. If you post a recipe I will most definitely be trying it.

So after my 'quick' trip to Target had turned into 40 minutes I decided to pull myself away from the lamps (I get distracted easily) and head home to start cooking dinner for my husband.

On the way home I realized I didn't know if I was supposed to brown the meat or just stick it in the oven. And as most of us know, I have some major cooking fears.

So I was sort of freaking out trying to figure out if I needed to brown the meat or not when I honestly thought: I just need to call Big Mama and ask her how she cooks the meatballs.

It was a cold slap in the face when I realized that I had crossed the fine line between a blog 'follower' and a blog 'creeper'.

I do not know her in real life. I would never call her.

I have begun to refer to my blog friends, no longer as 'blog friends' but now as 'friends'.

Because when telling a story it is so much easier to say "Well my friend had that happen to her" instead of saying:
"Well my friend-actually she's not really technically a friend-I know her through the Internet-through blogs-shes a blog friend-but I totally think we would be friends in real life if we ever met, had that happen to her".

It complicates things.

And, I have said it once before and I will say it again, you cannot adequately explain the blogging community to those who are not apart of it.

But it is great and I am thankful for the friends I have made through this community.

I never would have thought that people I met over the internet could have become real life friends.

But they have.

When I as younger I always wanted a pen pal. Like a friend that lived in China and wrote me letters.

But now I have all of you and I truly love receiving all of your comments everyday, this is better than a pen pal! And I did have a friend from China leave letters for me in the form of annoying spam comments, and it was not all that great.

So thank you to all of my friends that listen to my ramblings, agree with crazy things I say, leave me encouraging comments when I need them, and help me when I am in a dilemma, especially a chair dilemma.

I am glad to have so many great blog friends!



  1. I find myself doing the EXACT same thing! That's what is so fun about these little blogging relationships ... they tend to be more than that since we know so many details about the day to day life decisions :)

  2. sooo...i wanna make that recipe too. did you brown the meat or not??

  3. Your Target must not have the new, plastic carts yet. They are awesome, very quiet, and very easy to pull apart.

    I have no life, that is why I know so much about shopping carts.

    I have started saying my friend, as well. Life you said, too hard to explain and I feel like I know them! :)

    How did the meatballs turn out?

  4. I've done the same thing in referring to my "blog friend" as my "friend" in a conversation. I find this the easiest way, rather than having to explain that my friends are really "invisible" and "live in my computer", but "I talk to them more than you" kind of thing. Blog friends are great! :)

  5. Awwww, we love you too, girl!!! :)

  6. I do the EXACT SAME THING when referring to a blog friend. "Welll, I don't know her know her - we read each other's blogs..." and then the other person stares at me like a crazy person.

    Such is the life.

  7. did you seriously end up calling her?

    I have done that!

    I called a 'what I thought was a friend' blogger-friend.

    I was labeled a 'creeper' so who you 'think' is your friend on blogs may not actually 'want to be' in real life sadly :(

    I know I was totally distraught after that encounter!!

    I would brown the meatballs first...but then again, I suck at cooking so who knows! sorry wish I could be of more help:))

    oh and about your shopping cart incident...I can't relate but I know someone who can...her name's Bon...see here!!!

  8. Dear "blog friend who is actually the same person as me which is why I just refer to you as my friend Megan, except when people asks oh how do you know her and I say oh she lives in my computer" Friend,

    You make me laugh. Hope the meatballs turned out ok!

  9. Megan, I'm thankful for you, too :) The blog world is a fabulous place, and you're right, those who aren't a part of it just don't get it. It's way better than having one penpal. Instead you get to have bunches of them!

    I hope the meatball sandwiches were delicious!

  10. I'm the same way...all of my blog friends are great! And I tell stories too all the time, and I always just say "My friend...". It's almost too complicated for people who don't blog to say, my blog friend or try to explain how you guys are friends. I love having so many great blog friends!

  11. Haha! I agree, it's hard to explain to those who don't participate! I always say "my friend" too and my husband laughs because he usually knows when I'm talking about an IRL friend or a computer friend!

  12. Girl at least you are trying out new recipes! P would be so happy if I did. But he's the one that cooks so I'll just send him the recipe to make. Plus meatballs totally freak me out!

    ps we are totally friends!

  13. I am the exact same way in the grocery store! I'm sure it turned out great!

  14. I just found your blog and I LOVE it. I just want to say that I refer to my blog friends as "friends" now, becasue it is become so much easier to explain things. Sometimes I get mad when I don't know people's real name on here because then I have to refer to them by their blog title :)

  15. OMG, you really sound like me. I refer to blog friends as just friends, much easier. People really don't understand the blogging community, really...I've tried to explain but it really falls on deaf ears. Whatever. Hope your dinner was scrumptious!

  16. I do the same thing - I refer to all of yall as friends, not blog friends. LOL It's so hard to explain it to someone who doesn't blog... They just don't understand!

    Btw, I love the fact that you had a pen pal growing up. I had MANY of them. Seriously, I don't know how my mom afforded all of the stamps!

  17. i am totally in the same boat on the friends thing! i definitely dropped the "blog" adjective and just refer to them as friends.. my husband on the other hand calls my blog friends, "fantasy friends."

  18. Yeah, I have to say, the whole "China Pen Pal" just wasn't all it was crack up to be, right? LOL

    And I'll be your "friend" if you'll be mine. :)

    So did you actually make the sandwiches?? I'm making them tonight, so I need to know these things!! I don't think you're supposed to brown the meat, it cooks in the oven, right? Let me know. I'm hope the kids will like it!!

  19. oh but i loved this - I always get all awkward trying to explain the whole blog friends thing . . . like you said, those who aren't a part of it just dont get it!

    ps - did you make the sandwiches? how did they turn out?

  20. No worries, I do the same thing! Ha! We are all creepers I guess! And I don't think you brown the meat first, I ususally don't.

  21. I feel the same way! But I have this crazy fear that when I reference a blog friend as just "a friend" IRL, someone's going to call me on it and be like, "Oh yeah, which friend?" And then I'll have to go through the whole, "Well I've never actually met her but she really is a good friend, I promise!" deal. Some people just don't get it. But I wouldn't trade my blog friends for anything.

  22. thankfully my target has plastic carts! they are the best.

    love all my bloggy friends too! i like to think of you all as "real" friends ;)

    how did the sandwiches turn out? i'm guessing you had to brown the meat before making the subs.

  23. 1. Why does Target make their carts too wide for the aisle?? You can never pass anyone w/o ramming into their cart.

    2. You have me laughing out loud (with a bite of banana in my mouth,just to give you a pretty visual) at you saying you were just going to call her up, but oh wait you're not really friends.

    3. I say "friends" now too, because I don't want people to think that my only friends are my internet friends. haha!

    p.s. we are real friends and you can call me if you are ever in a cooking emergency. :)

  24. Haha - I so do this all the time! I tell people "oh my friend had that happen to her" but it will actually be a blog friend. I agree that it would be hard to explain to everyone about "blog friends." Y'all are the best though :)

  25. I SO have the exact same problem with Target carts...and I don't have that issue with any other carts at other stores...hmm...

  26. I am SO glad that I'm not the only one who does this! Just this morning, I was talking to one of my "real life" friends and she had a situation that was similar to a blog friend.

    I was like, "Oh, yeah. One of my friends just had that happen to her, too!"

    Because, really, it's too difficult to explain that I know all about a person, but have never met them in real life, lol.

    I don't cook or post recipes. However, if I ever do and you have a question about it, please feel free to call me, lol. I won't be creeped out by it, lol.

  27. haha ;) I SO agree with you on the "my friends..." versus "my blog friends.." because that just sounds SO.DARN.WEIRD. to people who do not understand.

    When you get a chance, come on over to my blog sometime ;)


  28. I know EXACTLY what you mean...I was telling someone the other day, "Well, my friend (blah, blah, blah)" and they were like, "Well, how do you know her?" And then I felt like a moron, because they do not blog and I was like, I sound like a crazy person...

  29. So true, so true.
    This made me chuckle, b/c you're right, if someone is not involved in the blogosphere, those of us who are can definitely sound a little freakish.

  30. It's so funny that you say that. Today I almost said "Yeah my friend is pregnant."

    But I've never actuall met her before. And I feel silly.

  31. Yep, do this all the time! I'll just say "my friend just had a baby" or something and it will totally be a blog friend. I love my blog friends! I wish you all lived closer.. =)

  32. I love my blog friends and you, my friend, are one of my best blog friends! I hope we can meet up in Dallas!

  33. Okay so we would so be friends in real life. Okay I know I'm older and all, but a girl can live her youth again precariously through others right? =) (Did that make any sense? In my head it did...anyway..... =)

    I LOVE all of your stories and dare I say antics. You just crack me up. So you go right on and brown or don't brown, but seriously refer to me as your friend. =)

    Love you sweet girl,

  34. lol I know exactly what you mean about just calling them "friends". I usually will just say, "This girl I know had that happen to her." (or whatever the situation is). Or if I get a comment from someone and bring up in convo with a friend I'll just say, "Someone told me today that ____" LOL Makes it was less complicated.

  35. I've only been blogging about a month, and I can already SO relate to this. It's so hard when you tell a story about something, or where you found out about something, and say "oh from a blog friend." You get THAT look, if you know what I mean.

    I've started saying, "I know a girl who dot dot dot", since I get follow up questions with the I know a friend thing. Like, so where do you know her from? haha.

  36. And I just saw that my word verification for that comment was "no win". Which is so true for describing blogging friends to non blogging friends! :)

  37. I so get this and do the same thing! I love my blog friends and I'm so thankful to "know" each one....including you!!

  38. that happens to me all.the.time. i'm always telling some story that seems to be connected to something i read about on a blog. and then they ask me who i'm talking about and it's so awkward explaining yourself!


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