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Weekly Weekend Update

This weekend was filled with a whole lot 'o' nothing.

Friday night Luke and I went on a date night. We went to one of our favorite local Italian restaurants because we had a $50 gift card. Nothing better than a free dinner with the hubs!

Then we rented Benjamin Button. I am sad to say that I fell asleep halfway through the movie.

For some reason on weekdays when I go to bed I sit there WIDE AWAKE until around 2am but on Friday's I ALWAYS fall asleep around 10:30. So weird.

Saturday was filled with shopping, jogging and trying not to think about Diet Coke.

For some reason in the past year I went from a diet coke every now and then, maybe 3 times a week, all the way to 2-3 DC's a day. Something is seriously wrong with that amount of consumption of Diet Coke.

So in an effort to get the ole metabolism back up and kicking I thought I would try and get rid of the diet coke habit.

I have only gone crazy a couple of times. Including a stint in the kitchen where I debated whether I should run to the local convenience store to get a quick diet coke fix, back and forth back and forth for about 10 minutes until I finally just grabbed my purse, sunglasses and keys and told Luke I would be right back as I went flying out the door like a mad woman.

I made it all the way to the car, when I then decided it was ridiculous and I could go one day without a sip of a diet coke.

When I walked back inside Luke simply rolled his eyes at me. He understands and embraces my craziness.

The good news is I did find a month old diet coke in the back of the fridge that had about a tablespoon of liquid left.

It was disgusting.

And a quick shout out to all my Harry Potter peeps, I totally love the first book. I am almost done with it and I can't wait to read the rest of the series, I heard it just gets better and better.

I couldn't decide what system I wanted to use while reading the books I had 2 choices:

1. Read the series all the way through and then watch the movies all the way through
2. Read the first book watch the first movie read the second book watch the second movie and so on.

I think I decided to go with option 2. Any thoughts on this?

Hope you had a great weekend!


  1. i did option two and like it that way. the movies arent nearly as detailed or as good as the books, but i liked them as sort of a review of the book.

  2. I can not believe you took a sip of an open diet coke left in the fridge from a month, did you gag? I hate when I realize that we are out of soft drinks, water just doesn't cut it with soft drinks, ya know? I also fell asleep in the middle of BB, I haven't even gotten to the good part when Brad Pitt is, well, himself! I need to finish it! Glad you had a great weekend and I can totally see you flying out the door, that mad me laugh, out loud actually, where my husband just told me to be quiet.

  3. I like the way I'm sitting at the computer drinking my second diet coke of the day and it's midnight. Perfect. Thanks for making me feel so good about myself. Hahaha!!
    Glad you had a fun date night with your man!

  4. Hi Megan. I recently gave up ALL artificial sweeteners...period! Started losing weight while drinking lots of water and sugar sweetened drinks with meals. Google "side effects of artificial sweeteners." Will scare you to death! I actually went through physical withdrawal. If you decide to quit them all together, beware...they are in everything labeled "light"...bread, yogurt, ect.

  5. You crack me up with your diet coke addiction! I used to drink Dr. Pepper ALL of the time, but now I don't drink any soda at all. I promise it gets easier and you find yourself not even wanting a coke anymore.

  6. I love DC too. And Harry Potter! If I were starting now I would read a book then watch the movie, but thats just my preference. Enjoy! And good luck with the DC.

  7. I love that you ran out to the car to get a DC and changed your mind. This totally sounds like the kind of impulse I would have.

  8. I did your option 2 also...the books and movies are VERY similar until you get to the Goblet of Fire, then you'll just have to get over the fact that they are different...but still OH SO GOOD!!!!!!!

  9. I know nothing about Harry Potter so no advise there. I don't really drink soda either but I do love an occasional diet dr pepper although I always regret it when I get the burps, tmi. ;) ps. you won the giveaway! ;)

  10. It's funny, but of all the people that I know, anyone who is addicted to a soft drink, it's almost always DC. It's so funny!

  11. I fall asleep every time a watch a movie on the weekend too! It makes me feel like such an old lady!

  12. If I were just beginning to read the HP books, I would read the books first and then watch the movies. I found that the movies are a bit of a let down, especially the first two. Reading the books straight through keeps the magic, where as whenever I've watched the movies, it loses it. Hopefully this makes a little bit of sense!

    So glad you're enjoying them!! I can't wait to hear your thoughts as you read through the series! This is kind of making me want to go back and reread the series!!

  13. I picked up on the Harry potter thing after the 3rd movie. I read a book, then watched the movie. Basically, your 2nd option!

  14. Good luck with the Diet Coke!! As for HP, I read all the books & then watched the movies (mainly because I started reading before any of the movies existed). I personally liked it this way & the books are all much more detailed than the movies so I liked to have my own imagination of what was happening instead of having a movie color my views. Have fun!

  15. I am glad you loved Harry Potter! Option two sounds like the best to me!
    Have a great day!

  16. i've tried way too many times to give up my diet coke addiction. just doesn't work!!!

    and i'm debating whether or not to start reading the harry potter series... you may have inspired me!

  17. I'm so glad you like the Harry Potter books!

    I watched the first 5 movies before reading any of the books. Then, in between movies 5 and 6, I read the series. I just saw the 6th movie this weekend (twice).

    Beware.... the 3rd and 4th movies have been altered from the books. The books are much better. A lot of big details were left out of the movies, imo.

  18. I started reading the HP books back in 1999 before the movies were even being filmed! I definitely recommend reading all the books before watching the films. The magic that J.K. Rowling has in her writing is amazing! The movies are awesome as films, but don't have the same effect as the books do. Either way, both parts of the HP franchise are fabulous!

    I LOVE DC too! I've started substituting Crystal Light for diet coke and while it doesn't stop me wanting DC completely, it does help!

  19. I am so addicted to Diet Coke too!

  20. I started reading the books wayy back before the movies. The movies have a lot less detail but are still great!! Since you only just started, definitely go for option 2, so you can keep up with things better!

  21. Yeah for free dinners! And I have not read the HP books, I have seen all the movies...but I'm sure that all the books are way better! They always are!

  22. Happened to run into your lovely blog. Diet coke...I totally get! I have been all soda free for 2 months. Whoop Whoop! I agree with the Harry Potter system...option2. :)

  23. I've never been a big DC fan but I've heard a lot of people get hooked quick! I kind of want to give HP another try. I think I fell asleep in the theater during the first one and that was it for me!

  24. up Diet Coke is quite a goal!!! I have tried to give up my DP and I just can't do it!
    I wish I would have known you weren't busy this weekend....we went to Edmond and I SO wanted to see if you had time to get together...but then we got busy and the time just went too fast.
    Next time we will have to do lunch! :)

  25. i just told you my benjamin button story. not such a great movie.

    and harry potter... i haven't read any of them, but i'd probably want to do it that way, too. read a book, watch a movie. read a book, watch a movie.

    i had my first diet coke since having hudson today. and i have to say... i missed the water. not sure i love the diet coke anymore.

  26. Good luck with giving up DC. I've had other friends who did it and they feel SO much better now!

    I cant wait to start reading the Harry Potter books!


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