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I decided to Jump Rope

Sometimes I go through spurts where I just truly desire working out.

It is weird but it happens every so often, so when it comes I try and take full advantage of it.

This week has been one of those 'desire to work out weeks' so tonight after dinner I decided to pull out my ole trusty jump rope and burn a few calories. I was on a pretty good roll and took a minute to stop, open the front door and yell to Luke:

"Hey you should really come watch me, I have some swift-jump-roping-moves just like Rocky"

It was at this moment that I realized our next door neighbor who we have never spoken a word to after living by each other for a year, was standing outside her door was now looking at me.

So I of course broke the ice by saying:

"Hi, I decided to jump rope tonight"

To which she replied:

"Oh, cool"

I'm pretty sure we are on the road to becoming BFF.

After my strenuous, 5 minute workout with my jump rope I decided to go on a quick jog/run.

I started jogging outside and realized that the heating was kicking my butt so I jogged straight to the treadmills our apartment offers for free (a perk to living in the ole APT).

It seems that I always go through a season of life where I try to become a 'runner' but I always end up as a 'walker'. It is very frustrating to me.

It may be that I just don't have enough will-power but I think I have never gotten into the 'routine' of jogging (this does not count my freshman year when I was obsessed with it, this is post obsession)

So I have a question for all my friends that have found a good routine.

When do you like to do your jog/run?

Morning? Afternoon? Before dinner? After dinner?

In the past I have always done it after dinner, but sometimes I feel like it isn't the best time.

So what works for you?

Also, I HAD to stop and get a diet coke on the way home from work, but I let the ice melt so then it was like half water/half diet coke. So it still doesn't count right???


  1. When I get in the "work-out" mood, I usually work out in the mornings. But I think we are going to start working out before dinner, mainly because I want Jon to work out with me. ;)

  2. Well I know nothing about this "desire to exercise" of which you speak. Occasionally, I declare it a necessity because I can't fit into my pants.
    The only way I can work out is first thing in the morning, before anything else. Otherwise, I start to make excuses...

  3. I usually run/workout in the morning, but sometimes sleep prevails and then I do it about an hour or 2 after dinner. Morning, though, works best for me.

    Diet Coke and I are would be SO hard to say good-bye, but kuddos to you for trying!

  4. Haha i am like you. It is rare I want to work out so when I do I have to do it then. and I love that you got a diet coke!!

  5. If I don't workout first thing in the morning...I'm talking practically before I'm even out of that half-asleep, stumbling down the hallway to splash water on my face mode, then I might as well kiss my workout opportunity for that day goodbye. By the time I'm awake enough to actually function, I can always think of a million better things to do then workout!! haha!

  6. I have the same issue! When get going (jogging), I never seem to have the will power to keep going after I get tired, which is after like 5 minutes. When you figure out the secret, let me know!

  7. LOL... love the Diet Coke!

    I go to the gym on my way home from work, so before dinner. If I get home, there's no getting me back out. :) I used to work out super early in the morning, but my children and schedule don't permit that any more.

    And as far as running, I just don't do it outside. It's over 100 degrees here everyday, so that would be suicide, and like I said, I have children who need their mother. :)

  8. I work out first thing in the morning (read: before I have time to talk myself out of it)! I like getting it over with and I feel good all day long!

  9. I like to workout in the evenings. Really you should work out whenever you feel the most motivated. For me I can't do it in the mornings for various reasons. Getting to work on time being one of them, but even on Saturdays I can't seem to do it. I have this addiction to my computer and it calls my name in the mornings. :)

  10. I am cracking up about the neighbor!
    I can't wait to read all the answers to the question - I have been trying to figure out a routine myself!

  11. You and the neighbor are most def going to be BFF, I can see her now bringing you some cookies. I like to run in the morning but if it's cool enough I'll run outside anytime (but it's always hot as balls here). Jumping rope is hard so kuddos to you on that!

  12. I"m sure your neighbor secretly loves you. Deep down =)

    I work out in the evening before dinner usually. I really wish I was one of those people who could get up early to do it, but.. hasn't happened yet!

  13. That's so funny about your neighbor, and I'm just like you! I go through spurts where I want to work out, then where I would rather die than work out. It's so funny! And I'm a true walker not runner too!

  14. totally a morning girl. It stinks to wake up, but if I can do it, nothing feels better to know I got my workout run out of the way and the whole day lies ahead of me, workout-free!

  15. i like to jog never. but i'm proud of you for being good about it!

  16. ugh... jogging kills me. i like it early in the morning, but i can't wake up. it just feels the best early in the morning.

    so... it's okay about the diet coke. it happens. i'm having one right now. shh!

  17. I do not jog in the morning, mainly because I don't eat in the morning and I tried my one hour jog one morning and nearly passed out cause I was running on empty. I like to jog late afternoon or an hour after dinner, ya know after my food has digested! :) You can do it girl!! Stick with it I mean!

  18. Jogging/running and I never mix. My knees really start to hurt after like 5 minutes of it.

    However, I highly recommend the Elliptical machine. On a cardio level, it's like you're running, but it's much easier on your joints.

    I'm an evening workout person. For like 3 months straight, I tried working out in the morning. No bueno.

  19. BB (before Brody) I used to workout after I got off work at 3:30. By that time I had enough energy from a day with kids at school to really burn some calories. Now AB (after Brody) I run in the mornings. It seems to work well because I run on an empty stomach which is supposed to help you burn more calories/fat throughout the day. Clearly I need to burn more fat if I eat 560 calories worth of sugar cookies and drink diet coke like water. We would be the best of friends in real life with our dc addiction.

  20. Ha ha ha that's awesome. I love awkward moments with neighbors. Running... it's always been EASIEST to run in the evening, but I always felt really productive if I did it in the morning, but I would have to wake up so early to that it was I forgot about it later on in the day and it didn't have as much meaning. So I say evening. But who am I kidding? I have REALLY run i like over two years. oh well.


  21. I go in the morning...when I go...then I hate myself for putting my stiff body through it. BUT that way I don't talk myself out of it.

    LOL...I talk like I do this frequently...which is not the truth...

  22. At least you have some kind of desire....I'm tellin' you girl, I got nothin'!!!

  23. Hi Megan! I think the key to jogging is not to give up. I'm a wanna-be runner too. Sometimes I feel like I want to jump in front of a moving car, and sometimes I feel like I can run a marathon (or at least a 5K, LOL). I'm not sure when the best time is though. I love the conversation with your neighbor, I'm sure she's jealous of your "rocky moves!"

  24. Love your jump rope story!! That's hilarious that your neighbor caught you! HA

    I would love to do my workouts in the mornings but there's no way I'm getting up that early, so I wait to go for my runs when I get home. I'm normally out the door by 6-6:15. I used to go after dinner, but then I felt all bloaty and would get a sick feeling after eating.

  25. After dinner, but not that often, and I've never been obsessed.


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