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Feet and Big Brother

It is with great joy that I let you know that twelve people googled the phrase, 'make ugly feet look good' and it brought them to my blog.

For some reason the good Lord gave me ugly feet and I never knew why, but now I feel like they serve a purpose on this earth.

I never knew what the purpose was of my ugly feet, but now I know it is to help others accept and love their unfortunate feet, as we come together and try to figure out how to make them look good.

Which I have realized is impossible, no amount of foot lotion and no beautiful color of polish could make these feet look good.

Apparently I blog about my feet alot because the 11th most googled phrase to get to my blog is: Toenail Trauma. First of all what is going on in America that people are having to google Toenail Trauma? Mine was a story about cutting about my own leg with my own big toenail which is completely normal. What else is going on out there......

In other non-feet-related news, I can now officially quit complaining about summer TV. July is here and that only means one beautiful and magical thing. BIG BROTHER IS BACK BABY!!!!!

Big Brother is my absolute and most favorite reality show ever, even beating out the women of New Jersey who I have come to love so much.

I can honestly, and sadly proclaim that I have watched every season of Big Brother. There was only one season that I didn't watch it in its entirety and that was because I was in the hospital getting my lung glued to my chest wall. I think we can let that season slide. However, I did tune in for the end of the season, even though I can't tell you who won.

I also had the pleasure of getting Luke completely hooked on this show. It happened the third summer of relationship and he has never turned back.

In fact last week I didn't even tell him that Big Brother was premiering, I felt like it was a special little surprise I could give him. So at 7:00 on Thursday night I turned to CBS and there was Julie Chen in front of us in all of her glory. He seriously squealed like a little girl. BIG BROTHER IS BACK BABY!!!!!

It's the little things in life.

Or in this case the ridiculous and scandalous things in life.

Whatever works.

*For those who asked I got the dress in the pictures on yesterday's post at Maurices and the shirt at Forver 21, yes I said I was going to quit shopping there, but who was I kidding? That shirt was like $12, who could pass that up?*



  1. I've never watched Big Brother..that kinda seems crazy bc I know it's been coming on for so long! Is it too late to start? That is crazy people google that and come to your blog! I'm scared to know about mine!!

  2. That cracks me up that so many people get sent to your blog for toenail trauma! Too funny. I remember the story about you cutting your legs with your toenails and the whole time you thought it was your husband.... you are so silly ;)

  3. Crud now I have to go to F21!! ;)

    The whole feet thing totally has me cracking up!!!

    And I've never seen big brother. My mil is obsessed... Is it too late to start watching?

  4. haha! that is so funny that THAT many people came to your blog from googling toenail trauma!

    I've never seen Big Brother either...guess I'm missing out! I might have to watch it one night to what the rave is about!

  5. I LOVE Big Brother! I'm a little disappointed in the contestants this year but the whole high school clique thing is awesome. I think right now Kevin is my favorite (he makes me giggle) and I really like Lydia too but she's already up for eviction! Gah!

  6. I've never watched Big Brother! I don't even know what it's about, but I know that so many people do watch it. And too funny about feet!! You make me laugh!

  7. Ha the feet thing cracked me up!!

  8. Feet totally creep me out. I totally freak it somebody tries to touch mine. Ick!

  9. I LOVE Big Brother!!!!!! Have you ever watched the live feeds or Big Brother After Dark? If not, then be careful... it gets addicting.

    Will and Boogie.... The Donatos... The Renegades. *sigh* Some of the best alliances ever.

    May I say that it really irritates me that Jessie is back? I couldn't stand him last year... really not liking him this year.

  10. I've never watched an episode of Big Brother. It might be time to start! I'm desperate for some good tv.

  11. Girl I hear you on the ugly feet! Mine are horrible! I lost all my toe nails in college thanks to soccer so now they grow funny and I have horribly bony, lumpy feet! I blame my Dad!!

    And I've never watched a season of Big Brother! I've tried out every other reality show you ladies have talked about though, so I may have to try this one!

  12. Big brother is GREAT and girl, we love you and your feet and all... What are bloggy friends for, haha! :)

    If it helps, I have an extremely long toe that sticks out above the rest, and it's almost embarassing, haha!! :)

  13. I only watched one season of big brother but I really liked it. I should get into it again since there is not much else on during the summer. So funny about the feet! I don't think anyone likes their feet! ;)

  14. Cute blog! And I'm sure your feet are not THAT bad! My sister feels the same way, but it's truly only because she doesn't like feet in general, I believe, ha! My bestie loves Big Brother SO much. I've actually never watched it, but maybe I should!!

  15. an ex-boyfriend once told me that i have "Fred Flinstone Feet"... we are obviously not together anymore.

    i feel your pain :)

  16. how how i love me some big brother too! just found your it!


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